Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 – TV Review

Arrow Felicity Draw Back Your Bow

And do I see goddamn ankle straps on those shoes? Good grief.

Cupid doesn’t do a very good job of bringing love into the air.

Ray only kisses Felicity at the last minute. And not even Cupid herself manages to get into Oliver’s pants.

Romance is dead in this town.

TL;DR The Super Friends tread water by taking down Cupid; Felicity starts crushing on Ray, but he’s more interested in her business acumen; Roy has a cry over his police officer-killing guilt; the Hong Kong flashbacks illuminate nothing; Ray is on track to becoming the Atom.

When I look at Brandon Routh’s phsyique, “atomically tiny” doesn’t exactly come to mind. Felicity would agree with me.

The major plot of the episode is filler, in which Oliver and co must put a stop to Cupid, aka Carrie Cutter, who is a homicidal fangirl on a quest for Oliver’s dick. Oliver’s dick has gone into hiding recently, so the Super Friends just chase her around for a while before capturing her and handing her over to Lyla to be in the Suicide Squad. Very humane. Meanwhile, Felicity and Ray get closer together. He could be flirting, but he could also just be enjoying her professional capabilities (she helps him win over some business client. Typical corporate stuff). Meanwhile, Roy sooks around and is cheered up by Oliver. Meanwhile, Thea hires a douchebaggy new DJ for Verdant’s reopening, with hate-flirting ensuing. And the Hong Kong flashbacks show Oliver and the Japanese guy’s wife working together to try to save Japanese guy, but he was never really in danger at all.

But Oliver does learn a vaulable lesson about doing his own laundry. I think it’s a wax on/wax off/Karate Kid type situation.

So yeah, this episode is nearly entirely irrelevant to anything else going on.

But Cupid/Carrie turns out to be quite the firecracker (shaking off her stupid opening line from last episode). Even when Arrow does filler, at least it’s tight and neat.


Why I hate this episode:

Yeah, Carrie is a one-note character. Her only trick is “I love the Arrow and am super crazy about it.” But that could have been fun as a minor arc over a few episodes. It’s disappointing that her kookiness is burned out all in one episode.

And Oliver doesn’t even attempt to maybe get up in that. Not even for a little bit. Come on, man.

Diggle is a huge shipper-on-deck for Oliver/Felicity, and isn’t shy about letting it be known. I found his approach to reminding Oliver to be in love with Felicity to be heavy-handed. Also, Laurel/Oliver OTP. You know that, Diggle.

The Hong Kong flashbacks are worthless. All they do is give a vague hint that the Japanese couple had to flee gangsters or something in Japan. That’s it. Oliver and the wife’s rescue operation for the husband is literally futile, because he was never in peril.

Why did Thea hire a shithouse DJ after doing auditions? It seems that she simply didn’t misjudge what her crowd would like: the DJ she hired is just straight-up rubbish. Why did you hire him, then?

Carrie’s psychologist insults Oliver’s outfit. Bitch, no. I mean, yeah, he could probably show some more skin. But shut up you face.

Felicity’s hair for the dinner with Ray is an unflattering up-do. And her makeup sucks.

A basement-dwelling techie who Carrie uses finds out that the Arrow’s headquarters must be at or near Verdant by compiling the Arrow’s response times around the city and finding the likely point of origin. That’s a pretty huge discovery that appears to be wasted on a throwaway character (who Carrie also murders).

Oliver considers giving Carrie to the Suicide Squad to be a better option than going to prison. I’m pretty sure there’s not a single thing humane about the Suicide Squad, Oliver. Didn’t you watch that episode?

Oh, and Felicity walks in on Ray doing that jumpy pull-up bar exercise thing that Arrow is famous for. It’s a pale (literally. Because Brandon Routh could use some fake tan) imitation of Oliver.


But it’s not all bad:

He’s got good pecs, though. I’ll give him that.

And despite his seeming aloofness, he does plant a kiss on Felicity at the end of the episode. At the exact time Oliver walks in looking to make up with her. Oh, CW.

Cupid does well enough in her job of stealing the show this episode. She’s unhinged as hell, and has the competence to back it up. The highlight comes when she and Oliver are in their final showdown, and she handcuffs him to some subway tracks. She wants them to get hit by a train together so they can be together in the afterlife. I love her lunacy.

Her actual backstory turns out to be refreshingly uncomplicated: Oliver, as the Arrow, saved her from one of Slade’s goons during his siege of the city last season. A little mental illness later, and here she is.

I hate to say it, but an episode without the procession of wangst coming from Laurel was a breath of fresh air. Will I be forgiven?

Thea and Douche DJ have a kiss, so it’s nice to see her maybe moving on from Roy. I suspect that Roy will chuck a shitfit when he finds out. But hey, that could result in a Roy/Thea ninja battle. You never know.

Speaking of ninja skills, Japanese guy’s wife has them. I wonder what kind of mob boss they ran afoul of?

The joke about Oliver not knowing how to do laundry is predictable, but it works.

Captain Boomerang appears as the episode’s stinger. He’s going to have something to do with the Arrow/The Flash crossover event next week. I’m pretty keen.

Oh, and the real revelation of the episode is Ray’s private little project of his A.T.O.M. exo-suit. As long as his chest doesn’t shrink, I’m good.

Arrow Ray Palmer ATOM exo-suit Draw Back Your Bow

Would it cost more or less than a Real Doll?

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7 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I am so beyond excited for the crossover.

  2. Bryan says :

    I think that the point of the flashback scenes was so we could see Katana (forget her “real name”) use the Soul Stealer for the first time. She is a character in DC comics. The sword is magic.

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