The Originals Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review

The Originals Ansel impaled Chasing The Devil's Tail

Hey, you’ve gotta be known for something. And getting impaled is Ansel’s something.

It’s glorious.

Klaus is finally learning how to put his daddy issues to bed.

Mikael’s turn, please.

TL;DR Ansel and Klaus’ bonding time ends murderously; Camille leads a scheme to capture Vincent; Marcel captures Kaleb; Kaleb and Davina get up to alchemy; Elijah wakes up and doesn’t appear to be drinking the Esther Kool-aid. 

Because Esther is shit. I thought we’d covered this already?

So seeing as Klaus is the main character, I suppose we’ll start with his plot first. He ventures out to find some plant that will wake Elijah up. Along the way, he runs into Ansel, and despite Klaus’ disinterest, Ansel insists on some father/son bonding time. Things go okay enough until Ansel tells Klaus he knows hope is alive (Ansel used to stalk Klaus from the Other Side), so Klaus has to kill him. Practical. He manages to wake Elijah up, and he seems fine. Meanwhile, Hayley, Camille, Aiden, and Josh hatch a plan to use Camille’s sex appeal to capture Vincent. Hayley recruits Jackson, too, and they manage to chain up the eldest Mikaelson. And Kaleb takes Davina to some old witch tomb and enlists her help to make a new dagger (like the ones that put the Originals down, but don’t kill them. You know the ones) with the power of alchemy. Marcel later catches up to him and captures him. The episode ends as Marcel and Hayley present their Mikaelson prisoners to Klaus and Elijah.

Now all we need is Rebekah, and the Fab Five will be together again.

I’m just happy that this episode has absolutely no positive outcomes for Lenore.

Her two minions are captured. Her old lover is killed (again).

She even slumps down in tears and cries.

It’s a win for everyone.


Why I hate this episode:

Ansel really should have anticipated Klaus reacting badly when he revealed he knew Hope was alive. If he has indeed watched everything Klaus has done for the past millennium, he should have seen that coming. No great loss, then.

When Klaus leaves to go hunt down his medicine plant, he charges Hayley with manning the fort and protecting Elijah until he comes back. So Hayley immediately fucks off to the bayou to console Jackson while he grieves for Oliver. Bitch, that’s irresponsible.

The gang working on the Vincent capture plan seem to be suffering from the same mental block as the cast of Arrow: just use guns. Vincent almost rips Hayley’s heart out because the team tries to take Vincent on physically. Jackson saves the day by shooting Vincent through the chest with an arrow. If they were ready to impale him with a goddamn arrow through the vital organs, I don’t see why they couldn’t have just kneecapped him or something. It would have been quicker.

I still don’t see why Hayley can’t continue on as werewolf Alpha. Who needs Jackson?

Jackson is still in love with Hayley. Gross.

Oh, and we don’t get to see nearly enough of hot, sweaty Elijah moaning and writhing in bed while having his nightmare. What a disservice.


But it’s not all bad:

Klaus and Elijah’s bond is still strong. Klaus tells Elijah he can’t go on without him while he’s waking up from his nightmare. And in Elijah’s dream, Elijah envisions Klaus helping him up. This is family, Esther. Not you and your witchy bullshit.

Klaus’ murder of Ansel is difficult for him. Although he respects that Ansel likely does want to get to know his son, Klaus can’t take the risk that Esther will use their relationship against him. And points to Klaus for very efficiently taking care of the problem.

Kaleb reveals to Davina that, as Kol, he was a witch before he became a vampire (which precedes a spiel about how he has always missed having magic). I suppose he and his siblings were Esther’s children, so it makes sense. I never thought of it like that.

Kaleb used to crave magic, so he ran around with Davina’s ancestors for a while and did some alchemy-esque experiments to create magical objects that even non-witches could use. Which is where he gets the inspiration to start designing a dagger that will actually put Klaus down. To give Davina time to figure out her unlinking spell before they kill him, of course.

Kaleb appears to be doing right by Davina. But Marcel, ever the vigilant protector, doesn’t give a shit, because he abducts him and offers him to Klaus and Elijah at the episode’s end. I don’t care how snazzy his accent is, Kol should never be trusted. Good one, Marcel.

Lenore’s tears over Ansel’s (re)death are delicious.

Lenore mentions that she needs Camille for her plan (Vincent was planning on luring her back to the base). I wonder why?

Camille gets to shake off her puny human status and majorly contribute to a takedown this episode. She is the major instigator of the Vincent plan, and provides a box of anti-witch weapons from her uncle’s stash.

The plan involves Camille pretending to get attacked by a werewolf while out on a date with Vincent. Hayley plays the hooded mystery wolf, and she actually has to bite into Camille’s neck to sell the story. Camille earns herself best line when she comments on her feelings during that very moment: “I always thought having a woman’s mouth on my neck would be more erotic.” Didn’t we all, Cami.

The plan goes mildly awry when Vincent figures out Aiden is duping him, leading him to knocking out Aiden, snapping Josh’s neck, and nearly using magic to tear Hayley’s heart out. Jackson then appears and does his best Oliver Queen impression by shooting Vincent. Then Camille seals the deal by slapping some anti-magic shackles on Vincent’s hands while he’s stunned.

Oh, and Camille is super proud of herself about it, too. As am I.

The Originals Camille Chasing The Devil's Tail

Camille: making Matt look like rubbish.

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4 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Time and again the writers insist Kol is the “wild one,” so no amount of accent had me fooled.

    I am honestly really impressed with how efficient everyone was in this episode. Like, for the first time in a while they actually accomplished a lot of shit.
    If only it didn’t mean we’re probably going to be hit with some filler episode follow ups.

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