Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 – TV Review

Revenge Margaux Contact black and white dress

So Frenchy, so chic.

Who knew that Emily finally telling David who she is would actually drive them further apart?

For fuck’s sake.

TL;DR David was kidnapped and held by someone, and he wants to distance himself from Emily to keep her safe; Louise’s craziness is starting to show, and Nolan and Margaux team up against her; Daniel also dumps her; Victoria, unfortunately, survives her electrocution; Jack attracts the romantic attention of an FBI agent.

And Hunter is jealous. Both professionally, and because she’s hot.

So yeah, Emily finally coming clean to David doesn’t help her much. David spends the first part of the episode waiting on poor little electrocuted Victoria. Emily does get in to see him, but he explains that he never came for her all these years because some rival of Conrad’s kidnapped him and forced him to do “terrible things” under threat of his daughter’s execution. They’re still after him now (moon tattoo guy, remember), so he wants Emily to stay away. It’s a good thing she doesn’t, though, because she saves him from an attack later on. So David reiterates that he wants her to let it go. Oh, David. Haven’t you watched this show before? Meanwhile, Daniel gets fed up with Louise’s shit (attempted sexual assault will do that to a guy) and dumps her as a client. Her new BFF status with Nolan is also soured when he finds her psycho scrapbooking. Nolan takes up an earlier denied request from Margaux to help dig dirt on her. And FBI agent Kate comes to town to investigate moon tattoo guy as a suspect in Conrad’s killing. She brings Jack onto the case, which angers Hunter and worries Jack (he’s scared she’ll find out the truth). But Kate seems quickly satisfied that moon tattoo guy is indeed Conrad’s murderer. And she also wants that sweet, Jack dick. Hunter is, predictably, unamused.

He just wants that dick all to himself. Is that so unreasonable?

Again, my Initiative sense is tingling. We’re heading back down the corporate conspiracy rabbit hole, and I don’t like it.

I suspect that if a rival of Conrad’s is the one who held David all this time, then it probably isn’t the Initiative. Because they had Conrad on their team. That’s a conflict of interest, honey.

Which means we might have another ridiculous organisation of super criminals/terrorists/capitalists on our hands.

That, or the Initiative was playing both sides. Which is even more eye roll worthy.


Why I hate this episode:

Really, David? After all the shit Emily’s been through in your name, and you’re just gonna give her a pat on the head and an “It’s not safe,” and send her on her way? You arsehole. Your daughter, who you haven’t seen since she was a child, and who you thought was dead, is alive. And not to mention super competent when it comes to taking down the baddies. Make it work, jerk.

David also ascends to the lofty heights of ungratefulness while earning himself this episode’s worst line:
Emily: “I punished your enemies. I cleared your name!”
David: “I never asked for your help!”
It’s a worst line not because it’s poorly delivered or doesn’t fit, but because it takes a cold, heartless dump over everything Emily has struggled through. All under the guise of “protecting” her, which is patronising. Boo.

David aside, the plot line I’m still stumped by is Nolan’s purchase of that club/bar place. He goes through some workplace sitcom esque drama when his bartender quits. And even Margaux makes a big deal out of his purchase. How is any of this important right now?

The bartender scene becomes relevant later when Nolan realises just how bad public opinion of him is after David’s interview ambush, which is what motivates Nolan to join forces with Margaux (he trades her his hacking skills for some positive PR work). But it’s like, when was the last time Nolan even gave half a shit about his work? The last time any of that was mentioned was during the My Clone crap. And that was last season.

Louise is dumb enough to leave her iPad out on the table for Nolan to take one measly swipe through her photos to see her collage collection. Thank goodness she’s pretty.

Louise’s attempt to trick Daniel into sex is pretty despicable. To Revenge’s credit, Daniel acts like a normal human being and throws the cunt out. Rape doesn’t look good on any gender, LouLou. Might want to take that one out of the playbook.

Louise is still getting haunted by apparitions of her mum, too. No, thanks, Revenge. It’s not necessary.

Oh, and Louise’s long game was to become impregnated by Daniel (it’s what mummy ghostest advised). Bitch, you’re a squillionaire heiress hottie. You’re not a Centrelink bogan. You should be above that.


But it’s not all bad:

The whole scenario does give us an opportunity to see Daniel undressing and getting into the shower, so I can’t knock it for that.

Despite the absurdity of David’s explanation of kidnapping and duress, it appears to be true. A memory flash shows us Moonchild (moon tattoo guy will henceforth have his official nickname) presenting an out-of-frame David with a photo of Amanda, and telling him he’s now a grandfather. I suppose we’ll just have to see how the whole thing plays out.

The surprise highlight of the episode is when Daniel comes to visit Emily later on. While he does take some opportunity to be all smug about how he knows what’s going on now, and kind of shames her for all her deception, there’s a pleasant undercurrent of flirting while he pep talks her into not giving up on David. And dare we say, a desire to get back together? With Aiden out of the picture, and Jack being less than attentive, I say go for it, Danny. They always were a good looking couple. And maybe now they can be a bit more equal.

Daniel continues his impressive streak by having yet another bitch session at Victoria later because he blames her for making him emotionally stunted. She attempts to weasel out of it by saying back in the wake of the Flight 197 drama, she was made to choose between hurting David or hurting Daniel, and she chose to save Daniel. But Daniel tells her to STFU and is D-O-N-E with her. Good.

David also takes a moment to tell Victoria off after realising that she goaded him into almost murdering his daughter in her sleep. Victoria, also on a streak (a weasel streak) has a cry about how she was scared Emily would lock her up in an asylum again. Oh boo fucking hoo. David, sadly, seems to be buying this for now. But it’s a start.

Emily saves David (and, by unfortunate extension, Victoria) from some goons who are out to bring him back to wherever he escaped from. She slides out from under Victoria’s hospital bed and pummels them. Like a goddamn super spy.

Kate is subpar at her job and is only interested in getting her hands on some hot man meat. So I feel like a strong connection to her.

I’m gonna take a rare moment to sympathise with Hunter this episode. Yes, he’s a big baby. But he’s got a point about how Jack got preferential treatment from Kate, despite Hunter being much more learned on the case. Don’t worry, Hunter. With any luck, Kate will be into threesomes.

With Louise out of the BFF picture, I’m hoping for Nolan to now turn his focus to Margaux. They’d be an impeccably dressed, bitchy blonde duo, don’t you think? Margaux needs him to dig dirt on Louise’s congressman brother. I’m keen.

Best line of the episode goes to Emily, who is doing God’s work by keeping Conrad in our hearts and minds: “Conrad Grayson was a monster. The world doesn’t care who killed him, they’re just happy he’s dead.” I guess I’m not part of the world, then.

Oh, and Emily ends the episode by telling Nolan she’s done with David and her mission blah blah. He is incredulous. And for good reason: because Emily is so not done, as we see when she secretly enters a hidden torture chamber with one of the guys she beat up at the hospital earlier.

Revenge Emily hot poker Contact

She took the words right out of my mouth.

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