The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 – TV Review

TVD Kai bear Do You Remember The First Time

And I’m not referring to Kai. Because he’s obviously a twink.

Well, at least Elena has something new to be indecisive about.

Instead of her indecision being about choosing a Salvatore brother, now she can spend episode after episode unable to decide on whether she wants her memories back or not.

And even flip flop within minutes of herself within the same episode, too.

She’s a multitasker, that one.

TL;DR Elena decides she wants her memories back, but then she doesn’t; Damon is expectedly confused and frustrated; Trip gets killed; the Caroline/Stefan ship is still afloat; Big April is Kai’s sister; Bonnie is keeping up her pledge to prevent Kai from escaping ghost world.

If there’s one thing Bonnie is, it’s vindictive. And a Deus Ex Machina. And a sexy scowler.

Elena likes to pretend she’s the main character of this show, so the episode is mostly absorbed by her continuing will-I-or-won’t-I over regaining her loving memories of Damon. Damon manages to beat her down enough for her to try. Then, at the slightest difficulty, Elena runs screaming from it again. Which is typical of her work ethic. She finds mild solace in Liam’s eyebrows, but even he’s kind of done with her because he can’t let that corn maze thing go. Meanwhile, Matt managed to capture Trip after last episode’s car crash, and he, Enzo, and Stefan interrogate him on his little vampire hunting band. They are forced to hand Trip over to his cronies after said cronies kidnap Liz, but Enzo is a bit cheeky and turns Trip into a vampire behind everyone’s backs, so when he goes over the Mystic Falls boundary, he dies. Nothing is lost; everything is gained. Thanks, Enzo. Meanwhile, Caroline and Stefan have a bit of a tiff over their relationship status; Liv and Tyler get five seconds of screentime to remind us that they’re still a thing; Bonnie gives Kai the run-around to stop him from getting back to the real world; and Jo (I’m gonna name upgrade Big April. It was time) confirms to Alaric that she had a homicidal brother who tried to kill her one time, and then she and Alaric get busy.

With sex, I presume.

So, like a broken record, I’ll say it again: this episode is pretty fab if you can ignore everything that has to do with Elena.

Is it possible to just kill off Elena for real, and then somehow bring Katherine in to replace her? Nina Dobrev would still be in every episode. Nobody would lose.

Think about it, CW.


Why I hate this episode:

Elena flip flops all over herself this episode. She starts off the episode by telling Damon that she’s not interested in regaining her memories. She then goes together with Liam to the hospital fundraiser. Then Damon gives her a hard time at the fundraiser, so she changes her mind and agrees to let him try to jolt her memories back in by taking her to the last place they said “I love you.” Which happens to be near the Mystic Falls border. His pretty story doesn’t work, so Elena does the first smart thing she’s done in about four seasons and goes over the border so Alaric’s compulsion might wear off. And then it does, and she gets a tidbit of a flashback. Which is clearly the right time to flip flop again and melodramatically decide to ditch the plan. Again. God damn. Nobody is worth this much trouble, Damon.

The compulsion plot hole that Lydia, one of my brave commenters, brought up last week (if Alaric died then Elena’s compulsion should have worn off. Just like Elijah’s death allowed Katherine to escape the tomb he had compelled her into) is dismissed this episode: Alaric didn’t actually die. He almost died, but Jo saved him. So the death=uncompelled rule was bypassed. Weak.

Matt squanders whatever points he earned by capturing Trip when he later gets all sad and sooky over Trip’s death. Trip was a crazy vampire hunter who you barely knew, Matt. Shut up. And Matt was even disgusted when he learned that Trip’s contingency plan was to kidnap and threaten to murder Liz. What are you crying for?

Liam is like a dog with a fucking bone over the corn maze girl thing. Shut up. Also, just compel him to shut up, Elena. God.

Stefan is surprised when Enzo informs him that Caroline has a hard-on for him (for Stefan, that is. Damn pronouns). Didn’t she make this clear enough with her speech about her hope that his return to the gang was in any way motivated by her? How did Stefan miss that obvious hint? Hell, is it even a hint if she bloody said it straight-up?

Oh, and witches now have the ability to store away their magic whenever they want. Jo mentions that she did it, so she doesn’t actually practise magic anymore. And then Bonnie does it so that Kai won’t be able to siphon her magic away and leave ghost world. How convenient.


But it’s not all bad:

Kai is a lot of fun when he’s evil and in control (and hurting Bonnie is just icing on the cake), but I also enjoy his maniacal frustration. Bonnie stores all her magic in a teddy bear that she discreetly sends through the portal to the real world while Kai isn’t looking. Your move, Kai.

Damon finds the teddy at the end of the episode, and takes it as hope that Bonnie is still okay. Now that Elena’s momentarily out of the picture, it’s time for Bonnie/Damon to finally happen.

Enzo is this episode’s true diamond in the Elena rough. He’s the major proponent of Trip’s torture (with tacit approval from Stefan, and grim acceptance from Matt), and outdoes everyone by secretly vampirising Trip so that he dies during the handover. He’s a keeper, Caroline. Forget about mopey old Stefan.

He gets best line of the episode when Caroline calls him to get him to promise not to kill Trip, as his death will mean Liz’s demise:
Caroline: “What took you so long to answer the phone?”
Enzo (very matter-of-factly, too): “My fingers were covered in blood and the touch screen wouldn’t work.”
His familiarity with modern technology is admirable.

Second best line of the episode goes, suprisingly, to Elena, when Damon orders Liam to go fetch Elena a glass of Chardonnay: “I hate Chardonnay.” Holy shit, Elena and I just agreed on something.

After her rescue, Liz kinda teases Stefan and the whole Caroline thing. Stefan then gets Caroline to admit it to him that she wanted his dick for a while, but isn’t interested anymore. Stefan’s ambivalent reaction gives me hope that she might yet get to go for a ride. Even if it’s brief.

Damon closes out the episode by deciding Elena is probably better off without him. Ya think?

Damon is at least glad that Alaric is alive, and no longer a vampire.

I’ll reiterate what a pleasure it was to see Elena use her brain and willingly send herself over the Mystic Falls boundary in an attempt to rid herself of Alaric’s compulsion. Just a little flicker every now and then is all I need, baby. To keep me going.

Alaric goes back to Jo’s place after the fundraiser and notices a massive scar on her stomach. She tells him that her brother tried to gut her with a hunting knife when she was little. I look forward to her reunion with Kai.

Tyler is working as a waiter or whatever for Liv at the bar, as a way to repay her for saving him from the werewolf curse. It’s a start. And she still seems open to romance with him, so it’s a good start.

Luke mentions to Liv that their father has summoned them back to their coven, but she’s not interested in going. Would it be too much of a stretch to make them part of the Gemini coven, too?

Oh, and there is one good thing about Liam: I can’t wait to watch him die.

TVD Liam eyebrows Do You Remember The First Time

“They’re my only defining feature.”

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3 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Weak indeed. Lazy writing, that’s all that is. They just need something else for Elena to whinge about.

    And seriously. Enzo is like, the only one actually getting shit done.

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