Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 – TV Review

Arrow Roy Guilty

Sadly, no.

Roy’s dick may not be out, but his secret is out.

His secret being that he killed Sara.

Or did he!?

He didn’t.

TL;DR Roy thinks he killed Sara, but he didn’t; Laurel’s boxing trainer, Ted, turns out to be a former vigilante and he is besieged by a disgruntled former sidekick; Laurel and the Super Friends help him out; flashback Oliver does nothing of consequence; there is yet another bowhunter in town.

Seriously, everyone. Guns exist. What’s wrong with you?

The major plot this episode concerns a recent spree killing of gang members. Oliver and the Super Friends investigate a rival gang, but all roads end up pointing to Ted, Laurel’s boxing trainer. Oliver is suspicious and jealous, but it eventually comes out that Ted used to be a vigilante, and he’s being set up by his old sidekick, whom he abandoned. Oliver and Laurel bitch at each other for a bit, but the sidekick is caught and Ted is free to keep training Laurel. Hurry up, buddy. Meanwhile, Roy reveals to the gang (Laurel included) that he thinks he killed Sara as part of some last Mirakuru hurrah episode. Everyone’s pretty upset, but it turns out Roy’s dreams are only a manifestation of his guilt for killing a random police officer during a Mirakuru episode last season. No biggie. Over in Hong Kong flashback, Oliver gets some tough love from Japanese guy and his wife while they’re on the trail of a courier for Kelly Hu. And the final scene of the episode introduces Cupid, a new bowhunting vigilante on the scene.

Because if there’s one thing fans of Arrow are gagging for, it’s more bowhunters. We definitely don’t have too many of those already.

The whole episode, much like last episode, is a bit of a time-wasting wank.

And this episode doesn’t have the virtue of being about our dear Felicity. It’s mostly backstory for Ted, and a minor reason for Oliver and Laurel to bicker.

Throw in some obnoxious Roy martyrdom, and it’s not exactly golden.


Why I hate this episode:

Ted’s not hot enough to be a leading man. Certainly not on a show where Stephen Amell is the established leading man. Laurel needs to open her eyes.

In Roy’s dream, he throws the arrows into Sara. He doesn’t fire them; he throws them with his bare hands. After he tells Felicity this, she pulls up some data she has that she acquired by using a mobile MRI device to scan Sara’s body before it was buried. It shows that someone throwing the arrows into Sara would be consistent with the injuries. What the actual fuck. Is this real life?

And then, of course, we find out Roy didn’t throw the arrows into her. So then who did? Who else out there was going through a bad Mirakuru comedown over the past few months, huh?

Isaac, Ted’s old sidekick, is out for revenge for no good reason, really. Isaac accidentally killed a drug dealer during one of their missions, so Ted told Isaac to flee Starling and never return, while he himself bore the brunt of the investigation into the murder. So Isaac wants revenge because…? It’s something about abandoment, but I don’t think “advising you to leave town and then taking the fall for a murder you committed because I’m a good boss/friend” is the same as “abandonment.”

The whole thing is only there to create a parallel between Oliver and Roy, which is loose and insultingly obvious.

Oh, and Cupid’s introductory line to Isaac, “I’m Cupid, stupid,” is so rubbish that I couldn’t believe it was happening.


But it’s not all bad:

Cupid could be Sara 2.0, and I eventually warmed up to Sara, right? So you never know.

Roy’s revelation to the gang about killing Sara, while typically melodramatic, was pretty ballsy. Laurel is, understandably, distraught. Which only furthers tension between her and Oliver.

Oliver spends much of the episode trying to decide whether or not he’ll dump Roy as his sidekick. He kind of does decide to get rid of him. But after Isaac and Ted’s relationship shows him the dangers of a hard dumping, Oliver decides to keep him on. It helps that Roy ends up not being Sara’s murderer, too.

It’s good to see Felicity fully recommitted to the Super Friends. Roy confides in her about his dreams first. Yeah, the Roy/Felicity friendship is z-tier in the stakes department, but they make a cute team.

The flashbacks imply that Japanese guy and his wife are indebted to Amanda and/or ARGUS, and that once he and Oliver complete their assignment to find (capture?) Kelly Hu, then they’ll be free. Oh, Amanda. You sneaky dealer, you.

Ted is mostly forgettable, but his interaction with Oliver does yield the episode’s best line. The investigation into the killings has led Ted and Oliver to Ted’s old vigilante base. Ted mentions that Oliver (still masked as the Arrow, remember) likely has one similar. Oliver affirms: “Mine’s bigger.” It’s a penis joke.

I hope that now that Oliver knows Ted is spending some hot, sweaty time with Laurel that he will be inspired to put more effort into getting back together with her.

Oh, and Cupid hasn’t got a stupid mask, so that’s nice for a change.

Arrow Cupid Guilty

This joke is crappy. So it suits her.

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3 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    The thing about the bow… It does have a reason, albeit an annoying one.
    Spoiler alert: Cupid is obsessed with Arrow. Like, a crazy fan obsessed.

    BTW: Ted is supposed to be Wildcat. He trains Black Canary in the comics. I actually thought it was a nice shout-out to the comics.
    Also, the boxing glove arrow thing? Another easter egg.

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