The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review

The Originals Wheel Within The Wheel Klaus Ansel impaled

Limp and lifeless.

Ah, so it’s time for the obligatory dull, flashback episode.

Well, the even-more-flashbacks-than-usual episode.

With special guest star: more daddy issues.

TL;DR Klaus’ werewolf real father is now back alive and in New Orleans; Klaus rescues Elijah after enduring endless lectures from Lenore; Camille goes undercover to spy on Vincent; Hayley tracks down Jackson, finally; Oliver dies.

Aww, he was the hot one.

So everyone is still pretty worried about Elijah (and, to a much lesser extent, Oliver) being missing. Klaus decides it’s a one-man rescue mission, and goes off alone. Esther tracks him down so she can spend most of the episode wasting his time with backstory. She tells him about how she loved Klaus’ werewolf father, and how Mikael wasn’t always a total monster (though, she is upset to hear that Mikael is kickin’ ’round New Orleans these days). She offers to put Klaus into a new, werewolf body. Klaus, petulantly, denies her. Lenore ends up letting Klaus rescue Elijah, but Klaus does happen to run into Ansel, a new werewolf friend of Jackson’s who is also Klaus’ real dad. That oughtta stir up some more daddy issues. Meanwhile, Hayley goes to Marcel and Gia for help tracking down Oliver, who might be able to tell them where Elijah is. She also goes out into the bayou and attempts to recruit Jackson, but he don’t want none, son. She does get his werewolf friend Ansel to help, and together they manage to free Oliver from a scheduled execution. Oliver dies anyway from a spell, but Jackson is now convinced to take his position of Alpha Wolf back. Meanwhile, Camille realises who Vincent is. Marcel and Gia provide cover for her while she works her womanly wiles against him. And some more flashbacks also reveal some of Esther’s own backstory.

It invovles siblings, magic, and first born children. Standard TVD-verse stuff.

You know, despite this being a slower-paced, flashback-heavy episode, particularly compared to the rest of the season so far, it still works.

Lenore’s huff and puff finally has a context to it: her sister was an evil cuntface who will claim all of Esther’s firstborn children, if not straight-up all of her children, because of a deal Esther made in desperation to have a family.

I think even Rumple would find that a bit cruel.


Why I hate this episode:

Still, Esther agreed to the fucking deal, didn’t she? What an ass. The end of the episode shows the flashback where Esther has to hand over Freya, her firstborn, to Bitch Sister, and Esther is all weepy and regretful. Honey, you’re the one who agreed to these terms. Shut up.

Also, what a risky deal. If Esther was unable to have any children beyond Freya, then the deal would have been for nothing. She’s lucky she found the time to have 20,000 more kids before the age of forty.

Oliver’s death doesn’t have the impact I think it was supposed to. Oliver has spent his time on this show being mostly a villain, and then a third-tier ally (below even Gia. Who sucks). Aside from his occasional shirtlessness, there’s nothing about Oliver I will miss.

Why on Earth isn’t Vincent suspicious that Klaus would have told Camille about him being Finn? He appears to be completely oblivious. Despite the fact that he and Camille mainly talk about how close Camille is to Klaus. Don’t you think it’s worth being a little bit careful that he would have shared the info with her, V?

Likewise, Klaus hasn’t told Camille that his vengeful big brother is rolling around town in a super witch body. Poor communication on all sides on this one.

Gia gets bitten by a werewolf, and Marcel makes a big deal about spending his very limited supply of Klaus blood on curing her. I don’t care about you yet, Gia. Hell, you’re so bad that you’re starting to make Josh look good. Good God, help us.

Hayley and Oliver get cornered by Aiden and his werewolf army when trying to flee the graveyard. Oliver is just like “Could you not, tho,” and Aiden’s team parts like the Red Sea. Good security detail there, Lenore. Very reliable.

Lenore’s assertion that she only tried to kill Hope last season to stop Bitch Sister from showing up is such a get out of jail free card, it isn’t funny. “Don’t worry, I only tried to kill your baby because it’d make it safer for everyone lolz.” Shut the fuck up, you absolute abomination of a woman. Victoria Grayson doesn’t even compare. And that’s saying something.

Oh, and Lenore flat out tells Klaus that the reason she fell in love with Ansel back in the day was because Mikael became bitter and withdrawn after Freya’s “death” (Esther told him she’d died, rather than tell him the truth). Bitch, that was your fault.


But it’s not all bad:

More Original family members! I love it. This show is still hurting from Rebekah’s departure. Let’s bring in Freya and Bitch Sister to plug some gaps.

Bitch Sister may be a bitch of a sister, but I can’t argue with her wickedness. And let’s not forget that Esther accepted her absurd deal. I can’t wait for her to show up and wreck some shit.

The golden moment of the episode comes at the end. After all of Lenore’s nagging and offering and basically never shutting up, she finally asks Klaus, who is in the middle of untying Elijah, why he refuses to listen to her. Klaus drops the fucking bomb on her like she so deserves, and earns himself a monumental best line of the episode (maybe the series) for it: “Because you came for my child!” Now, I’m usually all for infant abuse (look at the kind of stuff I used to say about Henry from Once Upon a Time), but Esther’s relentless attacks on baby Hope were despicable. And Papa Wolf Klaus is too sexy to give up. Right on, dude.

Lenore also seems to be unaware that Hope is alive. Which is good.

Camille also seems to still believe that Hope is dead. She regrets not getting involved sooner in the final stages of last season’s drama, and blames herself for not putting a stop to the events that led to Hope’s death. So now she is determined to undermine Vincent, even at her own risk. She is perfect, basically.

Hayley finally remembered Jackson exists, so that’s something. He’s been hiding out in the bayou ever since he rejected Francesca’s offer of a moonlight ring and fled for his life. He ran into Ansel out there, and they’ve been buddies ever since.

Esther brought Ansel back to life from the Other Side a few months ago with the intention that Klaus get to know him and come around to her idea of living a mortal, werewolf life. For the moment, Klaus is still rejecting the offer (because it’s pretty fair to reject anything the would-be murderer of your newborn child has to say). We’ll see.

Klaus does indeed rescue Elijah, so thank goodness for that. It’s yet to be determined if Elijah will wake up and be in agreement with Esther. I’d like to believe that he’s better than that. So I will believe that he’s better than that.

Klaus’ mentioning of Mikael to Lenore means that Lenore now knows Kaleb has been withholding stuff from her. Ooh.

Camille’s dinner questions to Vincent aren’t the least bit subtle, but I applaud her bravery.

With Jackson back in the game, as well as the clear evidence that the werewolves’ allegiance to Lenore will falter at the slightest provocation, I think we might be seeing an end to werewolf subservience to the witches very soon. It’s about time.

The song that plays near the end of the episode is the same song from Chloe’s death scene on Harper’s Island. I don’t care if nobody else notices.

Oh, and I could watch Klaus choke the shit out of Lenore all day.

The Originals Wheel Within The Wheel Klaus chokes Esther

No matter how far Klaus will inevitably fall as a character, we’ll always have this scene.

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8 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    If the writers are trying to make us feel sympathetic towards Esther, they’re failing. God, she’s such a bitch. I really hope no one takes her deal, or is even tempted to take her deal. Please save us the melodrama.
    But who am I kidding. This is a TVD spin-off.

    I also have a feeling that the bitch sister will be the villain of season 3.

    I also agree with the best scene thing, BTW. Made the monologues so worth it, and also hopefully reminded any stupid fans out there who can’t understand why he wouldn’t listen to her.

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