Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

Revenge Margaux sauna Ambush

Louise is a fan of the classics.

It’s about time we got a little slasher movie flavour back in Revenge.

It feels like an age since Tyler’s trigger-happy days.

Thank goodness Louise is also horny, smooth, and batshit insane.

TL;DR Louise is crazier than we thought; Daniel now knows the truth about Emily; Emily finally fucking reveals herself to David; David is still into Victoria, though; Nolan buys a spa for some reason.

I suppose that’s the ultra rich version of retail therapy? Real estate therapy.

The plot this episode follows Emily as she continues her investigation into what David’s really all about. She does some snooping around the beach house, and finds a knife that matches the description of Conrad’s murder weapon, and a key, which Nolan is able to figure out belongs to a safe deposit box. She infiltrates the bank (after a minor delay from Daniel, who wants to gloat about how he knows who she is now), and finds three things in the box: 1) cash; 2) a gun; 3) a USB flash drive filled with photos he’d snapped of Amanda when she was alive and in the Hamptons. Emily furiously realises he’s been around for a long time, and ends the episode by confronting him at the beach house, finally revealing who she is. He is then distracted by Victoria getting electrocuted by a fallen powerline. That bitch. Meanwhile, Louise traps Margaux in a sauna (because she’s jealous over her relationship with Victoria, remember?). Margaux then figures out that Louise and Daniel had sex, and fucks Daniel off. Meanwhile, Daniel is suprisingly magnanimous with his knowledge of Emily’s true identity, with his only interest being that she ensure he isn’t harmed in her war with Victoria. Encouragingly, he is utterly disgusted in Victoria for concealing the truth about Emily from David. As are we all, Danny. And Nolan loves hiding from the press at the spa/club so much that he buys the place.

And he also gets a little encouragment from Louise. New besties alert!

Well, I’ve been bitching about it enough. So there is no way I’m going to complain about an episode that has Emily get around to telling David the truth about herself.



Why I hate this episode:

What the hell is going on with Nolan’s subplot? What does that stupid little spa/club have to do with anything? Is Charles Shaughnessy going to be a recurring character? I don’t get it at all.

I was happier with Louise when I thought she was just an unhinged, selfish weirdo. But now she’s having full-blown hallucinations of her mother which make her try to kill wet, naked women. Leave it for Norman Bates, love. You don’t need to go to that extreme.

Jack and Hunter, on duty, discover the body of the guy Charlotte killed last episode. It looks like Emily has planted the knife of David’s she found on him. To draw suspicion away from David for the murder, I suppose. But I find it difficult to believe that Emily would have acted with that evidence so rashly. The whole scene kind of just left me confused.

Victoria wastes screentime visiting an old friend who bought a lot of her belongings from Grayson Manor, just so she can get some jewellery out of a statue she’d hidden it in. She uses a necklace to pay off a stripper Amanda used to work with to tell David that Victoria had tried to be involved in Amanda’s life. What a roundabout way to get stripper bribe money. What happened to that loan from Margaux, Viccy?

Oh, and the ending of the episode is poorly handled. I understand that Emily wants her reunion to be a momentous occasion, but it’s a little capricious of her to get upset when David rushes outside to help Victoria, who has just been goddamn electrocuted. Emily scowls all jealous-like. Get some perspective, bitch.


But it’s not all bad:

That reunion, though. So emotional. And despite David being a mostly omniscient, magnificent bastard, his face conveys genuine shock when he realises who Emily really is. So yeah, Victoria’s electrocution did kind of spoil the moment. That bitch.

The surprise standout of the episode turns out to be Daniel. I expected him to throw a shitfit when he found out about Emily. But instead, his first stop is Victoria, whom he thoroughly dresses down for withholding the truth from David, which is unforgivably despicable. And while he does go to Emily to have a bit of a whine about how she used him, he’s ultimately impressed with her resourcefulness, and at worst simply neutral to her scheming. Hell, I’m vibing that he might even become an ally. Who could have ever imagined that? I love it.

Louise continues to impress with her nutty ways. I’ll give her points for the Deadly Sauna Gambit. And with Daniel shaping up to be Emily’s new ally, Louise’s kind words to Nolan might indicate that he could have a new BFF available soon. I think Louise would make a stellar faghag.

Louise also earns herself best line of the episode. Daniel calls her to blast her for trying to murder Margaux, and naturally makes it about himself. Louise is less concerned, as she’s currently in the middle of editing a bunch of photos of her own mother to replace the faces with those of Victoria: “Ugh, men. Always thinking it’s about them.” Her psychotic nonchalance is delicious.

Second best line of the episode goes to Emily, who has come to the beach house to see only David and confront him with the truth: “Victoria, get the hell out.” Emily’s complete disregard for Victoria is a treasure I never thought I’d live to witness.

At one point earlier in the episode, David visits Emily in an effort to get to know Amanda’s friends. Emily takes the opportunity to tell him about the baby shower where Victoria pushed Amanda over a balcony. Victoria, naturally, pays off a stripper to deny it. But the balcony push was one of the few good moments of season 2, so I’ll allow its re-emergence.

Charlotte does not appear this episode.

Nolan teases Margaux about karma being a bitch when he runs into her at the spa/club after her near-death experience. Meow.

Oh, and Margaux dumps Daniel by throwing a drink in his face, following her realisation that he banged Louise. Tres bien.

Revenge Daniel Margaux drink thrown Ambush

Daniel could use some advice from Jenna Maroney.

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5 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Susie says :

    Thinking back at it, Daniel had never truly had a confrontation with Emily/Amanda about their relationship and the line between what was real or not – it was always left unexplored and they just generally hostile and had no screen time together. Would you possibly see them getting back together? Although she’s still evidently 100% done with him, I have to admit that Danny boy looked at her in a completely different light and even sounded hurt when he asked her whether she ever cared for him. I’m excited!

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      If Jack doesn’t pick up his game soon, then Emily will have to look at different man candidates. I reckon Danny boy’s in with a chance. He’d probably do it just to piss off Victoria. Which is fine with me.

    • Jessica says :

      Yes, I think there’s going to be some feelings happening with those two, just to keep it interesting. She hasn’t had any romantic interests in awhile, so it seems like they’re setting the stage. Not for long term, but just enough to wake Jack up. Come to think of it, the romance storylines are fairly absent so far this season.

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