Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review

OUaT Helga frozen Ingrid The Snow Queen

That cold-hearted bitch.

You do realise what this means, don’t you?

Marian is a filthy little copycat.

God. She can’t even die originally.

TL;DR Ingrid accidentally killed Helga, and Gerda imprisoned Ingrid in the urn because she was scared; present day Ingrid/Snow Queen poisons Emma’s mind into thinking her family fear her magic; which they kinda do; Robin finds himself unable to drop his feelings for Regina; Operation Mongoose is slow going.

What do you expect when Henry’s in charge?

So the episode is titled “The Snow Queen,” so it’s time to learn some more about the Snow Queen. The flashbacks show how Ingrid, Helga, and Gerda were steadfast in their sisterly bond, and in concealing Ingrid’s ice magic. When they grow up a little, Ingrid tries to run away because she can’t envision a normal life for herself, but the sisters stop her and suggest they go see Rumplestiltskin for help. He gives them the magic-suppressing gloves and the urn, in exchange for their friendship/sisterhood ribbons. Things are well until the Duke from Frozen, who has been trying to romantically impress Helga, turns his affections on an unwanting Ingrid. Magic ensues, and Helga ends up in the crossfire, getting turned to ice and shattering. Horrified, Gerda imprisons Ingrid in the urn, then has the rock trolls erase the memories of everyone in Arendelle. What a loving sister. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Snow Queen allows herself to be captured so she can get some one-on-one time with Emma. She convinces her that her family fear her magic powers. This is mildly proven when Emma has a magic-slinging tantrum and David and Snow do indeed seem fearful of her. Emma runs away like a little girl, and Snow Queen gloats over a scheme well done. Meanwhile, Robin tries to give up on Regina, but the allure of her is too strong. And Henry’s attempts to snoop around Gold’s shop bear no fruit.

Gold is a strict, boring boss.

Unlike Henry, the episode itself manages to bear a lot of fruit.

We now know exactly what happened to Helga and Ingrid, and unless there’s some more superfluous details, I think we’ve pretty much wrapped up all the flashbacks we need for Ingrid’s life pre-Elsa.

Here’s to progress!


Why I hate this episode:

Ingrid’s backstory is extremely similar to Elsa’s from Frozen: queen-to-be cursed/blessed with ice magic powers; spends her life as a recluse to avoid exposure; becomes jealous when her younger sister gets male attention; accidentally freezes said younger sister’s heart, despite said younger sister actually being on her side. The only major difference is that Ingrid’s sisters were in constant close contact with her. And look how bloody evil she turned out. Maybe Anna should be thankful that Elsa always kept her at bay.

Also, I love how Gerda totally flips the fuck out on Ingrid. They’ve spent, like, twenty years being super supportive of Ingrid and her magic. But the second it scares her, Gerda imprisons Ingrid forever in an urn and has everybody she ever knew forget about her. I understand that she just saw Ingrid kill Helga, but jeez, Gerda. Take a breath or something.

Snow, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty have some mummy/baby group meet-up thing. It’s clique-y and gross. And Snow kinda doesn’t want Emma to hold her baby. So it looks like Snow Queen has a point.

When Rumple tells the sisters that his price for the magic items he’s offering them is their sisterhood ribbons, Helga and Gerda are opposed to it. Damn, ladies. This guy’s offering you not one, but two items to help improve your sister’s life, and you don’t want to part with the cheap little ribbons you thought were cool when you were eight years old? Rude. Ingrid rightly points out that they’re just symbolic, anyway.

Although, maybe not. Snow Queen goes to Rumple in Storybrooke and makes a big deal about getting her ribbons back. You know you can just go make some more or something. If they’re for Emma and Elsa, they won’t know the difference, honey.

I’m insulted that Emma and Elsa believe their meek little shackles spell actually succeeded on Snow Queen. How naive are you, Emma? After all this fucking time, too.

Oh, and the deal for getting the ribbons back involves Snow Queen telling Gold the one thing he doesn’t know about how to use the Sorcerer’s hat box thing. Naturally, she whispers it to him so we can’t hear. How selfish of her.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, Gold seems delighted by whatever it is, and says he’ll take great pleasure doing it. Which I presume means he gets to kill someone. Hopefully Marian?

The flashbacks with the sisters are the most important part of the episode. I can almost see why Snow Queen is so desperate to get her family back together. They were a solid unit up until the killing and urning. The highlight of their sisterly bond would have to be when Helga appears after Ingrid rebuffs the Duke’s advances. The Duke lies to Helga that Ingrid came onto him, but Helga doesn’t believe that shit for one second. Sadly, Ingrid chooses that moment to get all smite-happy and try to murder the Duke, thus accidentally killing Helga. But it was a nice moment up until that point.

And for all her misplaced zeal, I’ve got to hand it to Gerda: she’s not afraid of taking the nuclear option when she needs to.

Snow Queen tells Gold she knows what his ambition is: to use the hat to neaturalise his reliance on the dagger, and to move onto conquering the rest of the world outside Storybrooke. Go on.

Snow Queen’s ambition, conversely, is to give Gold what he needs to get out in the big, bad world, so she can have Storybrooke under her thumb and all to herself. Go on.

Hook has observed that Gold seems unconcerned with everything Snow Queen has been doing. So he’s on track to discovering their alliance.

Young Ingrid is portrayed by the psycho little girl from the last season of The Walking Dead. Appropriate.

Henry wants to move Operation Mongoose along, but he’s getting nada from Gold. All Gold has him do is menial cleaning jobs. I lol’d.

The Duke is as charming as he was in Frozen.

Will seems to have a sad-on about his love life, implying that Red/Anastasia is gone or dead or something. I hope this means we’ll get a Will flashback episode, which will allow us to see my dear, toffee-nosed bitch again.

Will meets up with Robin at Granny’s diner and apologises for his past transgressions with him. He tries to give him a pep talk about how Marian, despite not being much of a fan of the outlaw life, never gave up on Robin. So Robin shouldn’t give up on her. Thankfully, Robin is more interested in sticking his tongue down Regina’s throat.

Oh, and he does.

OUaT Robin kissing Regina The Snow Queen


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3 responses to “Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I was kinda confused by everyone scolding David and Snow.
    Emma did just accidentally heat a bottle of milk and she did blew a darn big whole in the sherrif station, combined with the potentially deadly light show.
    I’d be scared too XD
    Burn her at a stake, please?

    Regarding Will, could be that its before the events of Wonderland?
    I am confused because Wonderlands Ending was sooo incredibly happy, yet on the otherhand, given he got drunk and cuddled the Alice in Wonderlandbook, he does appear to have a heart. On a note,.. I think it might be more comforting to him to watch the Anastacia movie. Got a happier ending for the red queen 🙂

    Tho it isn’t Disney.
    I think I got most creeped out by the baby group when I noticed that one Baby was dressed as Mickey Mouse @.@

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