The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6 – TV Review

TVD Alaric dies

I feel that, bro.

I’d probably hurl myself across an anti-magic barrier to kill myself, too.

Or get into a car crash with Trip and accidentally get flung across an anti-magic barrier. Whatever.

The point is, it’s a holiday from Elena.

TL;DR Trip one-ups his capture of Ivy from last episode and captures Damon; the gang end up in peril when trying to stop him from killing Enzo and Damon; it works out okay; Elena spends the whole episode sooking about whether or not she wants to remember loving Damon; Jeremy is all poopy-pants about Bonnie still being dead; Big April comes out as a witch.

Bonnie is now obsolete. Thank God.

The episode deals with two very powerful things: 1) Trip’s quest to hunt down and eradicate every vampire (which is basically all our main cast); and 2) Elena being indecisive about emotions she doesn’t know about. Very serious stuff. For Trip’s part, he does manage to kill Ivy, so he gets off to a running start. Enzo doesn’t give up any info, but Ivy’s phone leads him to Whitmore and Caroline. But Damon is at the loft waiting for Elena, and is captured. Caroline, Elena, Alaric, and Stefan rally to stop Trip from ferrying Damon and Enzo back into Mystic Falls, working in teams of two. Stefan and Alaric are the ones who get in his way, but a car crash leaves everyone but Stefan over the border and dying. Stefan saves Enzo and Damon, while Big April, having been revealed as a mostly benevolent witch earlier in the epsiode, arrives and chooses to give Alaric first aid instead of pulling him the two centimetres back across the threshold. He dies, but Big April’s first aid saves him. Which means he’s not a vampire anymore. Which means he can no longer un-compel Elena’s memories. Which is inconvenient, because after much indecision, Elena decides she would like them back after all. Oh well. Meanwhile, Jeremy has a teary over the seeming permanence of Bonnie’s death (Damon lies and says he never saw her in the other plane or whatever). And Caroline decides she’s done chasing around Stefan’s penis.

Should have gone for Damon. He’s easy.

The above synopsis appears to make Elena’s contribution to the episode small, but believe me, it (infuriatingly) isn’t.

Not only is it yet more time for Elena to wangst about whether she wants to like Damon or not, but it spits in the face of her actions mere episodes ago when she made the monumental decision to have her own memories altered in the first place.

Someone just needs to put her down, already. It would be a mercy killing at this point.

Mercy for us, that is. The viewers.


Why I hate this episode:

I can’t even be bothered discussing Elena’s shit at this point. All you need to know is that she’s wishy-washy, and wasteful of our time.

The real sticking point for this episode for me was the gang’s plan to prevent Trip from entering Mystic Falls. Stefan and Alaric set up their road block metres away from the border of the anti-magic zone. So guess what fucking happens when Trip, a rightfully paranoid vampire hunter, gets spooked when they try to pull him up? He slams his foot on the accelerator and shoots the couple of inches forward to land inside his safe zone. A zone that also kills his attackers. Jesus. Why couldn’t they have set up even a hundred metres or so futher up the road? Then this wouldn’t have happened. Trip would have crashed into their car, and he would have been the wounded lamb while Enzo, Damon, and Alaric pounced on his human ass. Fuck.

Then you’ve got Big April’s hilarious failure to just pull Alaric back over the threshold of the anti-magic zone and back to auto-healing safety. No, instead she applies paltry first aid to the massive gash in his gut. This takes forever, with Stefan even watching on anxiously after saving Enzo and Damon. Bloody hell, boys. Just vamp whoosh in there and get him. Even Big April, a puny, delicate woman, could muster the strength to drag Alaric back over the line, no? Alaric isn’t that big, honey.

And it’s not like she didn’t know what was going on. Because she was told. And how hard would it have been for Stefan to be like “Hey, bitch. I’m a little tired. But just pull him over here, K?” Whatever happened to teamwork?

The most insulting part of all is that by stuffing a handful of gauze in Alaric’s gut, Big April is somehow able to stem a fatal injury. Because her doctoring is just that good. Fuck off.

Sarah is as obnoxious and tangential and ever. She partners with our existing “what the hell do we do with this guy/he should have died ages ago because he’s useless” character, Matt, to create a black hole of disinterest.

Matt doesn’t plan to bust Enzo out of Trip’s dungeon until Trip announces he’s only giving Enzo one more day to talk, and then he’ll kill him. Rude, Matt. And also, Enzo might be stoic, but was Matt really going to gamble with the possibility Enzo might talk, just to satisfy his own spite? Good grief.

Alaric has some moral spiel to Damon about how he won’t un-compel Elena unless she asks for it. I’m all for consent, but Elena doesn’t even have access to the memories that would give her the relevant information to make that decision. That’s like a prosecutor saying to a judge “I know you’ve only heard my side of this case, but just go ahead and make a decision anyway. That’s cool, right?” Nah, man.

I was disappointed Big April turned out to be a boring old witch. Fingers crossed she’s some mutant witch type like Kai. Because if she isn’t, well, we know how well regular witches survive on this show.

Damon is expecting The Power Of Love to be able to knock Elena’s memories back into place. Knowing TVD, it will.

Oh, and back to my griping about the Trip interception plan, the gang actually immobilise their cars to play the ruse of having their cars breakdown. Like, Caroline bursts a tyre on hers and Elena’s car. And Stefan rips engine parts out of his. In what way was that necessary? Hell, if punching out tyres is so easy for vampires, Alaric and Stefan should have just ambushed Trip’s truck and burst his tyres. Worst plan ever, everyone. What were you all thinking?


But it’s not all bad:

It’s a Bonnie-free episode. Now all we need is an Elena-free episode.

On the quick topic of Bonnie, Damon follows in Jeremy’s footsteps and calls Bonnie’s voicemail just to hear her voice. Aww.

He tells Stefan the truth about what happened in ghost world, but he and Stefan feed the lie to everyone else that Damon was simply alone over there. Damon suggests to Jeremy that the reason he didn’t see Bonnie was because she’d moved on. I’m looking forward to more Jeremy rage face when he finds out he’s been lied to.

The highlight of the episode comes kind of unexpectedly near the start, when Ivy totally dies when Trip drives her into Mystic Falls. After initially writing her off as a nothing prop character, and then coming to the reluctant realisation that she was going to be developed (all of last episode, anyone?), I was pleasantly shocked when she was so unceremoniously knocked off. It was effective.

Big April, though mortal as she may be, could turn out to be a new fave. She’s good looking, has a sweet job, is a stalker in all the right ways (she followed Alaric, which is why she was around to save him), and is a reasonable person about things. Although she’s not thrilled that Elena and Alaric are vampires, she’s mature enough to recognise that they both put their bloodlust aside to help victims of the corn maze disaster. Rather than, you know, eat them. And she’s fine with that. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a reasonable character on this show.

Enzo ends up with best line of the episode, which relies on his best attribute. He and Damon are in Trip’s paddy wagon, and Damon is curious about Stefan having turned Enzo in to Trip:
Damon: ” And why would he do that?”
Enzo: “Probably jealous of my accent.”
I know I am.

Second best line goes to Damon near the end of the episode, who is finding his own ordeal of the last few months is being discounted in favour of Elena’s: ” I’m so tired of hearing about how hard it was for.” Me, too.

Elena is at least glad for Alaric that he no longer has to be a vampire. And it’s a double bonus, because Elena is denied her memories. Which is something she wants. And I don’t ever want Elena to have something she wants. Even if that something is rational or productive to the show. Becuase I’m mean.

Stefan tries to make up with Caroline, but she is so, like, totally done with that noise. The Caroline/Stefan friendship has been one of the most enduring and admirable of the entire series. But then they added shipping to the mix, and it’s now just a pain in the butt. Good choice, Caroline.

Oh, and Damon is unimpressed to find Elena’s dorm has been excised of all photos of him. He’s eager to change that.

TVD Elena stick figure photo

I know that dig was lazy, but I had to.

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6 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Manon says :

    Ok, something is bothering me. We know that every character that entered Mystic Falls is now free of compulsion and got his memories back (Sara, Tripp…). Elena could at least give it a try, she might remember Damon. And if she doesn’t, there is a chance she dies before being able to walk the line, and it’s a win win.

  2. Lydia says :

    Not only that, but remember that Katherine broke Elijah’s compulsion when he was ‘killed.’ So shouldn’t Elena just immediately remember now that Alaric isn’t a vampire anymore?
    Just another reason why Kat was 100x better.

    Also, why the fuck does Elena have framed pictures of HERSELF in her dorm anyway? Who does that?

    And finally, I have more thing to comment on. Dude, aren’t you Australian? And you’re jealous of his accent? His comes second to yours, in my ears. Just be thankful you’re not an east coast Canadian, where everyone insists you sound like a fish-monger, pirate hillbilly.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      My knowledge of the Canadian accent extends mostly to the humorous pronunciation of the word “about,” but I’m glad I can add “fish-monger, pirate hillbilly” to my reference pool.

      And yeah, I thought to myself for a second about whether Elena’s compulsion would wear off when her compeller died. But TVD plays things so fast and loose with how compulsion works, that I didn’t know if anyone would back me up.

      Maybe next episode there’ll be some line of dialogue about how although Vampire Alaric died, because Alaric is still alive anyway, the compulsion still applies. That, or TVD itself has forgotten about how Katherine escaped the tomb after Elijah’s death.

      • Lydia says :

        Fish-monger, pirate hillbilly only applies to the east coast though. Don’t make the mistake of calling an Ontarian that. They’re just knock-off Americans.

        TVD it seems, has forgotten Katherine completely. And that’s not acceptable.

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