The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Review

The Originals Tatia Elena Red Door

Goddammit, Elena.

Just kidding, it’s not Elena.

But I am also sad to report that it’s not Katherine, either.

It’s just Tatia, the doppelganger whose blood bound Klaus’ hybrid suppression spell.

Nobody special.

TL;DR Lenore tries using (false?) memories to torture Elijah into submission; Mikael manages to piss off literally every other character, and they unite to beat him down for now; Camille might finally shut up about Klaus’ daddy issues, now that she’s seen for herself what a colossal pain in the butt Mikael is.

Not before she tries her hand at psychoanalysing him. It’s received poorly.

The major plot this episode follows Mikael as he wakes up after getting subdued by Klaus last time, and kidnaps Camille, who also happens to be holding the invinci-stake. Klaus is, naturally, pretty fucking pissed off about it. He manages to catch up to Mikael, but ends up with the invinci-stake in his chest. Luckily, Davina and Kaleb (who she now knows is Kol), use some witchy whatever to temporarily remove the invinci-stake’s power. Hayley and Marcel eventually show up, and together the group manages to get Mikael to retreat for now. Meanwhile, Lenore keeps Elijah chained up and uses her magic to reveal to Elijah memories from back in their old village. They’re about Tatia, the doppelganger who Elijah was in love with back then. Lenore says that she herself didn’t kill Tatia, which is what everyone had always believed (because her blood was used for the hybrid suppression spell), but that Elijah killed her. Lenore uses Tatia as an example of how Elijah damages every pretty girl he comes across or some junk. It’s overreaching, probably false crap. Which is par for the course for witches.

And Esther is the original witch, so she’s the original lying, generalising douchebag.

So yeah, it’s another rollicking, solid episode of The Originals.

Lenore is a shitcunt to Elijah, her son. But I’m pretty sure the show wants us to feel that way about her.

They can’t possbily expect us to lose faith in Elijah. Because it’ll take a lot more than questionably real “memories” for me to give up on my dream man.


Why I hate this episode:

Lenore is shit, though.

Does Esther know that all this torture and coercion is only going to lead to resentment (and, given the show we’re in, murder)? She can’t possibly think this is going to help anything.

She also wants to put Elijah into a new body to help him be reborn. Oh no she betta don’t. Elijah is beautiful just the way he is, thank you.

Tatia appears to be fond of the old doppelganger pitfall of brother-loving love triangles. She has a thing for both Klaus and Elijah. Gross.

Mikael was able to overcome the curved knife torture dagger out of sheer willpower. Or, in real terms, because the plot needed him to.

Can Camille really not shut up with her psych 101 garbage, even in the face of an original vampire, who is also an original vampire hunter, who is also ravenously hungry? Good God, get a grip, girl.

Mikael compels a party full of people who are out celebrating Halloween to attack Klaus when he happens upon them. Instead of vampire whooshing through them and keeping up his pursuit of Mikael like he should have, Klaus spends far too much time making sure to kill every last, innocent soul. Firstly: rude. Secondly: I know you lot kill people several times an episode, but the victims are usually supernatural gang members, so it makes sense that their deaths probably won’t draw a lot of suspicion. But I think the families of twenty-odd young people who suddenly go missing might be a bit perplexed. And thirdly: I suppose Klaus can join Alaric and Elena in the “vampires not using their basic vampire abilities just because” club for this week.

Oh, and Klaus only survives his bout of invinci-stake-to-the-chest because Camille crawls over and pulls it out of him, mere milliseconds before Davina and Kaleb lose their hold on the spell that depowers is. Not that I would endorse Camille’s death, but Mikael really should have killed her before leaving her alone with Klaus. Come on.


But it’s not all bad:

Camille manages to piss off Mikael and not end up dead. Despite being fed on, and having a screaming match with him about how maybe he and Klaus shouldn’t spend eternity trying to slay each other. Smooth moves, baby.

I know Tatia isn’t Elena, or even an established Nina Dobrev character from The Vampire Diaries, but seening her here has the CW crossover charm. Just like Felicity from Arrow going over to The Flash last week. And considering how intertwined The Originals’ characters were with their mama show, I hope this indicates more crossovers in the future. Because seriously, TVD needs all the help it can get from its more impressive daughter.

Nina Dobrev’s appalling English accent is endearing.

And the opening scene, a dream Elijah has of him chasing down a dream version of Hayley, who is then a dream version of Tatia, has Elijah shirtless and bloody. I’ll take him any which way. I don’t mind.

Kaleb is starting to revolt against his family, which isn’t much of a surprise for the selfish, impuslive Kol. He’s not a big fan of Vincent’s bossing him around. And when instructed to murder Davina to prevent her unlinking Klaus from his sire line (Lenore needs him linked), he decides to out himself to Davina and pledge to her that he won’t kill her. What a sweetheart.

Mikael gets a few morsels of sympathetic backstory when he tells Camille about how he did love Klaus until he found out that he represented his wife’s infidelity. And then Klaus’ actions did lead to his youngest son’s death. And then Klaus did kill his mother, Mikael’s wife. And then Klaus did end up turning his entire family against him for hundreds of years. So yeah, dude kinda has a point.

He is also a hell of a determinator. It takes Klaus, Camille, Marcel, Hayley, Davina, and Kaleb to unite against him to merely force a retreat. I reckon the only character who would be able to take him one-on-one would be his dear wife. And I cannot wait until that showdown.

Davina ends up with the invinci-stake after the kerfuffle with Mikael. And the depowering spell was temporary, so she’s done well.

Oh, and Camille is horrified when she watches Klaus get invinci-staked. Good. Maybe that will give her the push she needs to pick up the pace in wooing him.

The Originals Klaus dead white oak stake Red Door

Well, he’s a vampire, so I suppose that means he’s still dead even when he’s not “dead.” Oh, shoosh. You know what I mean.

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 5 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I really hope all the “memories” are just BS. I really don’t want Elijah to turn into a mopey Stefan or something.

    AND HELL NO ELIJAH IS STAYING IN THE BODY HE HAS OR I SWEAR TO GOD. I’m still praying Kol get’s his body back.
    But I need my token Canadian actor to root for.

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