Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 – TV Review

I hope you weren’t interested in being sympathetic or understanding towards David in any way.

Because you won’t want to be anymore.

TL;DR David fucks over Nolan because he thinks Nolan fucked over Amanda; even the characters are getting sick of Emily not just announcing herself to David; Charlotte kills a guy, bitch burns Victoria, maybe reveals Emily’s secret to Daniel, then leaves town (Charlotte’s most productive episode ever!); Louise sets her jealousy sights on Margaux; Emily finds a new reason not to talk to David: because he might be a huge liar.

At least this reason is decent. It’s a shame Nolan has to get punched in the face first.

This episode is Nolan’s time to shine, as he and David supposedly make up. Well enough, at least, for David to invite him to the set of the interview Margaux is setting up for moral support. Nolan is happy that senpai has noticed him. Until David ambushes Nolan by calling him in front of the camera during the interview (which is live), and publicly putting him on blast for not giving Amanda all the money he was supposed to. Nolan, still reluctant to reveal the truth about Emily, cops it on the chin. David later comes to Nolan’s house to punch him in the face in private. Because he’s a gentleman. Meanwhile, Emily has been finding David’s whole reappearance a bit curious (no shit), and ends up finding that his “Conrad held me captive” story is probably bogus. She also gets an SOS from Charlotte, who accidentally kills the guy who kidnapped her last episode (evidence from the kidnapper also lends credence to Emily’s suspicions of David). Emily helps her clean it up, and also shares with her that Victoria killed Aiden, which sends Charlotte on a crash course to fucking Victoria off, possibly telling Daniel the truth about Emily, and leaving town. So she’s finally doing something right. Meanwhile, Daniel is getting suss vibes about Louise, who is now turning her crazy towards Margaux, who appears to have the relationship with Victoria that she wished she had. Meanwhile, Hunter’s turned his investigative obsession from Conrad’s murder to the death of the guard who helped him escape. Jack isn’t too keen about it. And Victoria’s high over David’s slamming of Nolan is soured when Charlotte serves her a dose of reality about what a terrible human being she is.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t know, Victoria.

Despite Emily’s continued failure to just talk to David, I think we should all take this opportunity to give Charlotte the pat on the back that she has been so desperately overdue for.

Now leave, and never come back. Please.


Why I hate this episode:

David’s betrayal of Nolan is so rough. God knows why Margaux would arrange a live TV interview with David, a man who is suffering from an apparent decade in crazy-inducing imprisonment. How reckless.

The takeaway of David’s whole burn on Nolan seems to be that Nolan is kind of pissed off that Emily’s lies have ended up hurting him, instead. Nolan, you had plenty of opportunity to tell David the truth about Emily. She clearly isn’t going to. Just do it. Goddamn.

Victoria keeps insisting that she isn’t telling David the truth about Emily to protect him. Even Charlotte isn’t dumb enoug to buy that. If it’s not passing the Charlotte test, it’s not going to pass any test.

Emily is so committed to not talking to David that she has Nolan hack the FBI database so she can watch his interview recording. Good grief.

Charlotte is ungrateful enough to accuse Emily of murder while she’s helping Charlotte clean up a guy she herself just killed.

Hunter’s interest in his investigations turns out to be purely so he can solve a big case and get a promotion. Which sucks, because I was hoping he’d be a secret Conrad love child or something. Anything to help fill the gaping, fabulously cruel hole that Conrad’s death has left us.

Victoria is the only person David trusts. What a fool.

Oh, and Charlotte’s kidnapper isn’t the most professional. He had sex with her the night before. Yeah, not a great idea to get your DNA all over the rich, white girl who you’re kidnapping, honey.


But it’s not all bad:

The kidnapper does smack Charlotte around a bit, so there’s that.

And I know it’s Charlotte, but damn that girl knows how to accidentally kill a kidnapper. She pretty much beats the scrawny little loverat up, then knocks his head against a step on the floor that kills him instantly. Nicely done.

And she has the smarts to call Emily for help. So I’ll give her points for that.

It’s a good thing Emily came, too. Because the kidnapper, who was using Charlotte as bait to lure out David, had a neat little file about David. Which included a photo of him out and about during the time he was supposedly chained up by Conrad. This is what pushes Emily to keep digging, and leads her to find that his drippy basement cell was actually staged. Now Emily doesn’t believe a thing David has said, and the world is better for it.

I wish David was intentionally evil like Conrad, because his takedown of Nolan on live TV could almost be worthy of the Grayson patriarch’s greatest hits. In any case, it’s still marvellously cruel. The highlight being Margaux’s little satisfied smirk from the sidelines, as she is naturally appreciating what a scoop it is.

Louise is almost caught out on her shit this episode. Her story to Page Six about Daniel turns out to be positive press about his financial management skills, but once Victoria hears about it, she warns Daniel of what Louise is likely out for. Daniel brings it up with Louise, who tries to wave it off as best she can. The last we see of her this episode is when she begins stalking Margaux. I hope she goes fully bunny boiler on her.

The highlight of the episode comes from the lips of Charlotte, surprisingly. Emily has informed her that Victoria murdered Aiden, and Charlotte has had enough of Victoria’s shit. Charlotte gives Victoria the reality check she needs by refuting Victoria’s claim that all her scheming has been to keep the family together. Because it’s actually only driven them apart. She also puts Victoria in her place about Pascal’s death, reminding her that Emily didn’t kill him, and that in fact he only died because Emily was investigating Victoria. Who knew Charlotte had that in her?

Charlotte also pays a visit to Daniel before leaving town, and tells him they need to talk about Emily. We don’t see the conversation, but I can hope, right?

Hunter and Jack’s lame subplot about the crooked guard who helped Conrad suddenly dying recently turns out to be useful when they investigate his garage. The neighbours said they’d seen a man living there recently, and then they find a double infinity symbol carved into the wall. Jack’s “oh shit” face says it all.

Best line of the episode goes to Charlotte’s kidnapper, who isn’t fooled by her chit chat to him: “I know what you’re trying to do here: spout off a bunch of personal details to make yourself seem like a real person.” See, not even the minor character who gets killed by Charlotte believes that Charlotte is a real person.

Oh, and Emily gives Charlotte a note that she reads in the car leaving town but we don’t get to see. I wonder what else she had left to tell her. Especially after calling her a rock bottom skank earlier on. Because that kinda covers everything.

Revenge Damage Charlotte note

It’s doing wonders for Thea Queen.

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10 responses to “Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I can see Nolan having a Japanese nosebleed thinking of Patrick’s chest, he’s hot.

  2. Jessica says :

    Am I forgetting, or wasn’t Nolan originally telling Emily to hold off on revealing herself to David? But this episode he was acting all put out that she hadn’t mentioned it. He could’ve at least acknowledged his change of heart.

  3. .... says :

    I can’t believe Charlotte had the hide to call Emily a cold blooded murderer when she tried to kill her at the stowaway and she killed that guy.
    It also annoys me how she said about all the horrible things Emily did to her and her family. All Emily did was kidnap her, that’s it and considering everything the Grayson’s have done to Emily, that’s nothing.
    Charlotte is very hypocritical and I hope she’s gone for good.
    By the way, I love this website because after watching Revenge, I always feel like having a rage.

  4. HL says :

    I hate David Clarke and it makes more sense why he was in love with Victoria. No wonder Charlotte is such an asshole – she was spawned by 2 assholes. I miss Conrad.

    This blog and the comments after the episodes have been so much fun. I missed out on Revenge when it was on TV, but I’m watching it on Amazon Prime in 2021 and it is great to know my feelings on the show were shared! Thanks

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