Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 – TV Review

Arrow Thea upside down The Magician Nyssa

If only Thea was able to fade into the shadows like Batman.

After making sure we all know about how much of a kung fu badass she is last episode, Thea fails to use any said badassery to save herself this episode.

At least we can count on Thea to be consistent in her ability to be a constant disappointment.

Still like her haircut, though.

TL;DR Nyssa wants to kill Malcolm, but Oliver doesn’t; Malcolm claims he’s not Sara’s murderer, anyway (and I don’t think he is); Thea kind of just bumbles around and bides her time; flashback Oliver has a hissy fit at Amanda.

And we finally get our first glimpse at Ra’s. Because Nyssa is the kind of girl who runs to daddy when she doesn’t get her way, apparently.

This episode focuses mainly on the hunt for Malcolm Merlyn, who everyone naturally assumes is Sara’s killer once they learn he’s alive and in Starling City. Oliver is intent on keeping his vow to not kill him, but Nyssa, Laurel, and even Diggle are like “Hmm, maybe this one’s okay.” After Oliver gets some face time with Malcolm, who vehemently insists his innocence, Oliver is convinced that Malcolm isn’t the killer and everyone should calm the fuck down. “Calm the fuck down” isn’t in Nyssa’s wheelhouse, so she kidnaps Thea and uses her to bait Malcolm out. Oliver has to intervene, and Nyssa ends up not getting what she wants, and Oliver decides that he will protect Malcolm from anyone coming to Starling to kill him in retribution for Sara’s murder (because Malcolm didn’t do it. Probably). So Nyssa cries to daddy. Meanwhile, Thea plans to reopen Verdant, and hires Roy as her assistant manager (purely platonically). And in Hong Kong flashback, Oliver reluctantly completes a mission to take out a target for Amanda. He obtains some spy USB flash drive or something (the target was one of Amanda’s own agents), and uses it to have a whinge at Amanda about some plane she blew up. It turns out Kelly Hu’s character was Amanda’s target on that plane, but she got away and is now loose in Hong Kong.

I missed her impeccable wigs.

So yeah, I’m kind of miffed that Thea didn’t break out her sick moves and go toe-to-toe with Nyssa. Although, the possibility of rookie ninja wannabe Thea matching or even besting super assassin Nyssa frightens me a little.

I mean, I want to see Thea give it a try. But I don’t want that bitch to win, you know?


Why I hate this episode:

Instead, Thea just allows herself to be shoved around by a super assassin and possibly die from blood rushing to her brain while she’s upside down. Smart.

I expect this is all so she can keep her new self concealed for now. But I ain’t got time for that. That new haircut is too sassy to waste.

Likewise, Laurel is still yet to take up the mantle of Black Canary. Nyssa even insults her by saying she’s not worthy of wearing Sara’s jacket. And she’s right. Laurel needs to get a move on with that gym training.

I’ve still got reservations over what the point of all the Hong Kong drama will be.

For someone so haughty and dictatorial, Amanda is very easily rattled by Oliver’s little gambit with the flash drive. Why does this episode have such a dearth of badass bitches?

The only badass bitch we get is Nyssa, who spends most of her time being a reckless fool. Did she really expect Malcolm to be the only person in Starling City who would see the giant, conspicuous smoke plume she used to signal him?

Nyssa compliments Laurel on her decision to begin training to become stronger. Girl, why didn’t you offer to help train Laurel and really give her the tools she needs to succeed Sara? Also, Laurel is the hotter sister, so you should try to hit that.

Oh, and Felicity barely appears in this episode because she was busy visiting Barry over on The Flash. What a cheater.


But it’s not all bad:

For all her huff and puff and bluster and blind rage, Nyssa is still a kickass superbitch. The accent really helps sell it. And anyone who imperils Thea is a friend of mine.

Nyssa is right about Malcolm, too. He is a mass murderer. At the very least, Oliver should feel compelled to off him because he caused Tommy’s death. Who gives a shit about Thea’s feelings? This is a legitimate terrorist. Just kill him. Is your vow more valuable than people’s lives?

I enjoyed Laurel and Nyssa’s conspiracy to make sure Malcolm dies. Diggle’s shrug to Oliver about killing Malcolm sealed the deal. It’s a shame Oliver is self-righteous.

As for Sara’s actual murderer, Malcolm makes the reasonable suggestion that Ra’s could have ordered her execution. He thinks that Ra’s likely never accepted Sara as a true League member. And he might also be bitter that Sara was a big-breasted blonde who turned his daughter’s eye and led Nyssa to act like an impassioned fool all the time. I’d buy that.

Ra’s then confirms the “she wasn’t one of us” thing at the end of the episode. Basically verbatim.

It’s not officially confirmed that the man Nyssa speaks to is Ra’s, but I’m happy to say it is. His emergence from a conspicuous bath seems to be implying Ra’s’ famous Lazarus pit obsession, so I think we can call this one confirmed.

Best line of the episode goes to Nyssa, who isn’t a fan of Thea’s chattermouth while she’s got her tied up. Thea won’t shut up about her dad: “My father may be the demon, but yours is the devil.” A simple arrow to the face might have shut her up, too, Nyssa. Maybe next time?

I’m not at all surprised that Amanda Waller is the kind of person who would sacrifice the lives of an airplane load of people to kill an enemy. And I love that about her.

I’m also looking forward to Kelly Hu’s return.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure Nyssa had a perve on Laurel when she was in her boxing outfit. Fair enough.

Arrow Nyssa Laurel ship The Magician

Nyssa is straight-up. But not straight.

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3 responses to “Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    The whole time I was waiting for Thea to save herself, but no. What was the point of all that training if you’re still going to be a useless bitch, girl? It would have been a great moment for her to save herself, but no.
    At least she hasn’t been whining the whole time.

    Yeah, but Felicity being on the Flash was great. :3 I almost wanna ship her more with Barry than with Oliver, now.

    I’m pretty freaking confident that was Ra’s. Like, they showed the rings, too.

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