The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 – TV Review

The Originals Elijah smug Every Mother's Son

It suits him much better than it suits Finn/Vincent.

Now that the Esther cat is out of the bag, where do we go from here?

A passive aggressive dinner, of course.

Like, duh.

TL;DR The dinner between Elijah/Klaus and Cassie/Vincent is just an insult slinging match; Esther leaves Cassie to go possess some new witch; Marcel is using Gia to spy on Elijah; Hayley pretends that she’s able to contribute to anything; flashbacks show Esther as a nurturing mother.

You know, before the whole spending a millennium to hunt out and murder her children thing.

The main plot of the episode sees Cassie and Vincent arranging the dinner with Klaus and Elijah. I’m not entirely sure why, as all that happens is each side accuses the other of being literally Hitler. The insults get bad enough that Esther ditches Cassie’s body to get away from them. She chooses the body of Lenore as her next host, who is a witch that the boys had sent Hayley to rescue after Cassie had abducted her to prevent her from casting an identifying spell on Esther, in the event she moved bodies. Hayley sees the indentifying mark on Lenore immediately, and the boys come to her rescue. Esther doesn’t hurt them, instead offering them the chance to be reborn as non-abominations. She claims to be interested in healing her family, not obliterating it. We’ll see. Meanwhile, Marcel pushes Gia onto Elijah to mentor. Elijah is resistant, but ends up getting involved, just as Marcel predicted. Gia is a good little spy for her sire. And in flashbacks to viking times, Esther is an attentive mother to Klaus, who, as we know, never got along terribly well with his father. We learn that Esther intentionally nerfed Klaus’ strength when he was younger in the hope that he would be too weak to kill anyone and activate the werewolf curse. Instead, Klaus’ weakness is what led to all the strife with his dad, which is how Klaus snowballed into the monster we know.

If there’s one thing Esther’s good at, it’s paving the road to Hell.

There’s not a lot going on in this episode. The whole thing just seems to be an excuse to have Esther move bodies.

What new things we do learn are mainly around the flashbacks. And the “I’m bad because mummy made me weak” tantrum from Klaus comes off as a bit retcon-y. And ultimately irrelevant.

Wasn’t Klaus’ cruel treatment from his father sympathetic enough as it was?


Why I hate this episode:

As much as I love Klaus’ sick burn to his mum about how she made him evil with her Necklace of Nerfing, I’m not a fan of characters using excuses to palm off the responsibility of their own decisions. Especially not when it’s retcon rubbish like this. And especially when it’s one thousand years of decisions we’re talking about, here. This isn’t an isolated moment of poor judgement caused by misinformation or anything. Yes, parents can mould their children. But I’m not ready to excuse a millennium’s worth of evil over one parent’s well-intended failing.

Also, I love how Klaus suddenly, after having (I’ll say it again) one thousand years to stew over it, realises that the necklace wasn’t for protection. We can’t all be up to speed, now can we, girls?

I couldn’t give any volume of shits about Gia, or Marcel’s little spy game with Elijah. I’d like to believe that Elijah is savvy enough not to be sneakily won over to Marcel’s posse through the sooky machinations of some baby vampire, but this is clearly the direction the Originals is going in. Disappointing.

Klaus isn’t the only one to try on the Emotional Excuse pants. Hayley asks Klaus why Esther is so hellbent on child murder, and Klaus explains to her that she went mad from grief over the death of one of her children before Klaus was born; the death of Henrique (sp?), the other child that Klaus was responsible for the death of; the exposure of her affair with a werewolf; and Mikael murdering said werewolf. Oh, boo hoo.

Kol/Kaleb doesn’t appear in this episode.

Camille doesn’t appear in this episode (that’s two in a row. Worrying).

Davina and Mikael don’t appear in this episode.

Oh, and naturally, being the melodramatic queen she is, Hayley is considering taking Esther up on her offer of getting a new, non-hybrid body. Bitch, if Tyler can put up with it, you can put up with it. Also, Phoebe Tonkin is painfully gorgeous, and there’s no way I’d condone losing her.


But it’s not all bad:

Esther’s new position of healing her family rather than killing them is a welcome development. I don’t really believe it, but I look forward to seeing exactly what she’s going to do to attempt to complete her goal. Fingers crossed for some body-swapping comedy.

The dinner, as static as it may have been, is the focal point and highlight of the episode. Vincent arrives first, and it doesn’t take long before Klaus deciphers his very specific insults to mean that Finn is inside his body. Finn does a bit of judging of the boys before launching into what he’s really been dying to ask: why the fuck didn’t Elijah ever un-dagger him over all these 900 goddamn years? Elijah, contrary to his usually noble self, doesn’t give a damn about Finn’s feelings and calls him pretentious and dull. It’s like an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race: Untucked in here.

Once Cassie arrives, the real shit goes down. Klaus has always been pretty convincing with his whole bratty baby act, and he doesn’t disappoint with his towering smackdown of Esther’s good intentions leading to centuries of pain and suffering. Cassie actually recoils in shame at his words. Yeah, she then sort of uses that moment to fling herself over into Lenore’s body, but I’d like to believe he cut her deep, baby.

I liked Cassie as Esther’s host. She was cold and biting for a teenage girl. But Lenore is a bit of a sassy black woman, so that should be a lot of fun.

Alice Evans, like Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol last episode, indeed does appear as Esther in the flashbacks. So we know that she is likely available to reprise her role outside of flashbacks. I’ll bet it’s only a matter of time before they’re out and about in present day New Orleans.

Speaking of Kol, best line of the episode goes to Klaus, who flatly doubts Vincent’s insinuation that Kol’s ear is being bent by Esther: “Well there’s no way Kol would listen to anything other than his ego.” Given Kaleb’s duplicity last episode, I’d say that’s fair.

Oliver has so far proven himself trustworthy as a double agent for the boys. Vincent kidnaps Lenore because she was speaking to Elijah, and he tasks Oliver with torturing her to find out why. Oliver calls in Hayley to come take Lenore away. The good news is that Hayley gets to beat up Oliver (sadly, offscreen) to make it look like she was liberated by some feisty witches.

In flashbacks, we see that Mikael once impaled Klaus through the shoulder with a sword during a duel. Esther and Mikael are not beacons of good parenting, are they?

Esther’s plan to convince her children to take her offer of new life will involve destroying everything they love. Her next target is Marcel and his vampires. Go on, then.

Oh, and in the interest of getting Alice Evans to take her rightful place as Esther, Lenore is a non-main character in a CW show that isn’t aged between 15-26 that’s muscled and perfectly manicured. Which means you know she doesn’t have long to live.

The Originals Lenore Esther starlings Every Mother's Son

Just kidding. She’s actually just summoning a flock of birds to mask a getaway. Which is far more absurd.

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  1. Lydia says :

    Elijah makes EVERYTHING look good, you know what I’m sayin’ hmmhmm.

    I’m pretty sure Henrik is spelled as such.

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