Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 – TV Review

Revenge Louise bikini Meteor

“And Daniel can have total access to them.”

Yes, Louise. You’re stunning. We know.

But there are more important things this episode.

Like David Clarke going public with his resurrection.

TL;DR David goes public, but his true intentions and alliances are muddy; Victoria seizes the opportunity to be with him; which doesn’t sit well with Emily, who is first over the fucking moon that her dad is alive, then enraged at Victoria’s hustle; Louise starts digging her claws into Daniel; Charlotte can’t make a decision about anything.

Except pill popping. Which, let’s face it, is what really matters.

So things start off pretty chill this episode. Emily and Nolan are kind of upset over Emily almost getting stabbed in her sleep, but reasoning that Charlotte might have hired this supposed assassin, Emily refuses to pursue any police action (despite Nolan and Jack offering to help. It was probably Victoria, anyway, right?). Bizarrely, David goes a bit loopy and ends up getting himself arrested for shoplifting. Jack sees him in a police line up and freaks the fuck out. But before he can warn Emily, Officer Hunter (his first name is actually Ben, but Hunter sounds better) has already called in Emily to help ID the maybe perpetrator of her break-in. Emily recognises David, and freaks the fuck out. It isn’t long before David’s fingerprints are matched, and David Clarke’s secret is out. David spins the Feds some bogus story about how Conrad had been keeping him prisoner for ten years, and even Victoria has trouble swallowing that one. He concludes the episode by announcing he’s going to be spending time with Victoria and Charlotte, his family. Emily isn’t pleased. Meanwhile, Louise entrenches herself in Daniel’s life by officially hiring him as her financial advisor. She tries a few tentative attempts at seduction, but he’s not very interested. Margaux has kind of fixed her hair, so he’s only got eyes for her. I get it. And Charlotte tries to slip away from Victoria’s machinations, but is reluctantly dragged back in once the David circus explodes.

Charlotte is even a hindrance to herself. What a surprise.

Well, the Revenge season 4 assault continues, as this is yet another eventful and salacious episode.

Victoria pulled a shotgun on Emily last episode? Whatever. We’ll top that by having Emily going through the ultimate “holy shit” moment when she sees her not-dead dad in a police line up, which also happens to be to find the man who tried to stab her while she slept.

Keep it sudsy, Revenge. You’re doing an incredible job.


Why I hate this episode:

The only thing that causes a significant dip in quality for the episode is the ending set up, where Victoria lords it over Emily at the press conference that David will be spending time with her and Charlotte, his family. Emily even goes all rage face and furiously laments that Victoria got to him first. Bitch, all you have to do is go up to David, be like “Hey, I’m actually Amanda. Also, I’m the one who orchestrated the clearing of your name and I’ve dedicated my adult life to avenging you. Also, I’m rich and powerful now and Victoria is a super cunt and Charlotte is crap.” And David, barring any actual mental instability, would be like “Cool. Fuck you, Viccy.” Cue happy ending with Emily, David, and Nolan celebrating on a yacht somewhere. Keep it simple, Emily. Just tell David the truth.

Charlotte, naturally, is of no help to the episode. She tries to run away from Victoria because her hold on David is all false and shit. But then Victoria makes her feel bad about being a drug addict, and Charlotte hangs her head while returning to the fold.

Emily is also still refusing to take any action that might hurt Charlotte. Emily knows that Charlotte did try to burn her alive. And she greatly suspects that she hired an assassin to give it another go. Do something, Emily. Gosh.

Oh, and Louise needs to be more forward with Daniel. She wastes a perfectly good “close your eyes while I get you a ‘present'” opportunity by actually giving him a present. No, baby. That’s the moment where you get into your lingerie and tell him to open his eyes and then seduce your way to your revenge against his mother. Don’t you know how these things work?


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, she has already pulled the old “prance around in a white bikini and make him put sunscreen on your back” trick. We need more of that.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the episode is Emily’s reaction to seeing David in the line up. Not only is she overjoyed that he’s alive, she’s also conflicted because he’s the guy who almost killed her last night. And, although she doesn’t say it, I imagine that she’s probably thinking to herself that all these years of revenge to get justice for her dead father might be a little OTT when it turns out he was alive the whole time.

Jack’s “holy shit” moment shortly before Emily’s is also worth a mention. I would have freaked out, too. Interestingly, Jack awkwardly dashes away from the police station later because he doesn’t want to speak to David yet. Hunter is confused, and so am I.

As opposed to Charlotte, Daniel is keeping up his decision to fuck Victoria off at every opportunity. He finds out she’s gotten a loan from Margaux (who, it turns out, did it so Victoria would be indebted to her. Not just out of the kindness of her heart), so when Victoria sees him later to offer him a wad of cash, he turns it down with prejudice. He also insults her relationship with Pascal, reasonably claiming that it was financially motivated. Victoria’s pain at his words brings joy into my life.

Victoria finds David’s explanation to the Feds about Conrad imprisoning him to be curious. Especially considering Conrad’s been dead for the last six months, so she knows at the least that David has been out somewhere and doing something during that time. David is similarly suspicious of her, assuring her that he will no longer be anyone’s prisoner, not even hers. Can you feel the love?

Oh, and the tantrum might be overblown, but would you want Emily and Nolan united against you to reclaim their respective father and mentor? They were destructive enough to Victoria when they thought David was dead. Now these blonde bitches have something at stake.

Revenge Emily Nolan Meteor press conference

Buckle up, Viccy.

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