The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Originals Kol flashback Alive and Kicking

Could somebody offer Kol a napkin? Good grief.

I was worried the The Originals would use Kol, Finn, and Esther’s current incarnations as a way to weasel around booking their original actors.

This is a good start in laying that concern to rest.

TL;DR Elijah flashes back to how Klaus partied in New Orleans for a while with Kol; Cassie masses a werewolf and witch army (and is making new moonlight rings); Marcel masses a vampire army; Hayley masses a smaller werewolf following; Mikael’s presence becomes known; Camille does not appear this episode.


There are a number of equally important plotlines this episode. Elijah leads the way with his new alliance with Marcel to discover the location of the invinci-stake. Marcel leverages his friendship with Davina to reveal the truth: Davina has it. Elijah is also skeptical of the vampire army Marcel is building, yet Marcel still offers him the chance to join with him. Meanwhile, Klaus, at Elijah’s urging, takes Hayley out into the bayou so she can talk to the remaining Crescent werewolves so she doesn’t lose all sense of herself. Naturally, she and Klaus scheme to have Hayley unite them under her leadership, and they come to live at Klaus’ compound. Klaus also has tea with Cassie, and through their cryptic, sniping conversation, he realises Esther is hitching a ride inside the little Harvest Girl. Meanwhile, Davina juggles trying to find a way to unlink Klaus’ sire bond from Marcel and Josh with her love life. She and Kaleb (I spelled it wrong, as Caleb, last episode. I apologise) go on a date, but Vincent and Esther surprise ambush Davina with a werewolf attack. This forces her to play her hand with this hidden weapon of hers, which Kaleb is horrified to see is Mikael. Elijah also turns up to keep Davina safe, and she returns the favour by stopping Mikael from invinci-staking him. Incensed at the lack of trust shown him (although Kol really shouldn’t be that surprised), Kaleb withholds the Mikael information from Cassie and Vincent. And Elijah spends some time reminiscing about their time New Orleans when Marcel was a boy. Elijah was more of a father/teacher to him, which made Klaus jealous. So Klaus undaggered Kol so he’d have a party buddy. Elijah sacrificed his relationship with Marcel so Klaus could take his place, thus putting Kol back to bed and ensuring Klaus had something to live for.

Elijah just keeps getting nobler and nobler.

Apart from the despicable absence of Camille, this episode doesn’t really have anything missing.

And Camille doesn’t have much to offer these days, anyway. I’ll love her ’til the end, but reality is a harsh master.


Why I hate this episode:

I need some Camille, though.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the sappiness of Elijah’s flashbacks. And I think the whole “Elijah was Marcel’s mentor first” thing comes across as kind of bizarre. I don’t recall that ever being mentioned last season. Elijah must have a delayed memory.

This is something that TVD and The Originals have been guilty of for a long time, but it still bothers me: werewolves are so disposable. Remember, in the early TVD days, they were so rare that Damon and Stefan didn’t even think they were real. Then they started popping up more and more frequently. Now they can get slaughtered en masse, and nobody bats an eye. Werewolves can’t be made: they must be born and raised. So they’re tremendously more finite than vampires. That Cassie would just send a swath of them to die as part of a ruse to make Davina reveal her secret weapon is incredibly near-sighted.

Add that to the fact there are apparently enough werewolves to go around for Hayley and Klaus to round up their own crew, and the bounds of believability are officially over-stepped.

Also, for all her posturing, Esther is a genocidal monster. She’s putting all these werewolves and witches in danger (and sending them on suicide missions, as just noted) for her own egomaniacal scheming. She describes vampires as a plague and claims to be only out to destroy the evil she created. Bitch, you evil, too. Ho.

Was seeing Rebekah last week just a one-off thing?

Hayley says that she’s convinced Oliver to operate as her double agent: he’ll pretend to be one of Cassie’s devotees, but will report back to Hayley. Oh, Hayley. Haven’t you ever seen Mean Girls? And failing that, Oliver is a sneaky snake, anyway. Dumbass.

Oh, and Hayley convinces the hybrid-phobic werewolves to come under her leadership by assaulting their leader, then having Klaus, their arch nemesis, threaten to kill him. Then Hayley stops Klaus, which was clearly part of the whole act, and everyone, including Oliver, is apparently convinced to not only become Hayley’s followers, but to move into the compound where two original vampires live. What.


But it’s not all bad:

Elijah may just be the best man ever. And is it just me, or he become suddenly a lot more physically attractive? I have to keep a spray bottle of ice water next to me just to spritz myself every 5 minutes of his screentime.

His sacrifice of his relationship with Marcel, while preposterous continuity-wise, is so achingly noble (I know I keep using that word to describe him. But it suits him so well, don’cha think?).

His plan to find the invinci-stake is impressively clever. He has Marcel meet with Davina and ask her to do a locator spell. Then Elijah goes against the plan, supposedly, and interrupts, making her aware of the hustle. Davina refuses to help and storms off. But this was all Elijah needed: he wanted to gauge her reaction. And from her reaction, he knows that she has the stake. Clever boy. Duping Marcel into helping him is just icing on the cake.

His rescue of Davina is textbook Elijah fabulous, as well. He almost gets an invinci-stake to the heart for it, but I wouldn’t have my Elijah any other way.

Points to Davina for stepping in and saving Elijah back. Marcel advises her to leg it, but she puts the Mikael control bracelet back on and tells Mikael to fuck off. Just in time.

Marcel’s offer for Elijah to join Team Vampire seems a bit thin at this point (considering all Klaus and Hayley have done is move a few werewolves into the compound. Calm down, Elijah). But he does sweeten the deal by giving him Gia, the new recruit from last episode, as a new mentee. So it’s true: she is the new Josh. Maybe Elijah will handle her better than Klaus did Josh.

There’s already infighting between Esther/Cassie’s crew, and I love it. Firstly, Kol isn’t super stoked about being put into the body of Kaleb, a witch. Early scenes show him playing with his new powers, but he ends up missing his regeneration ability when he gets into the bar brawl later. And after being involved in a brawl that scars and nearly kills him, he’s not too pleased that Cassie and Vincent operated without his knowledge. To spite them, he claims to have been knocked out, and he didn’t see Davina’s weapon.

On the flip side, Elijah and Klaus both inform the other of the parent they encountered. Klaus pledges to kill them both. Let the family feud begin.

Best line of the episode goes to Cassie, with this hidden slice of sarcasm after Klaus tells her about how much he hates his mother: “She sounds awful.” It’s about time Esther said something that was true.

Hayley comments to Klaus that after she snooped around the Crescents in the bayou, she has learned that Jackson is simply MIA. I’ll take The Originals mentioning his name, rather than just erasing him completely, as a sign that we’ll see him again soon.

Klaus opens a bottle of wine by snapping it off at the neck with his bare hands. Even my alcoholism isn’t as dedicated as that.

Oh, and Klaus does his best to make a civil tea party seem menacing. I’ll give him an A for effort.

The Originals Klaus Cassie tea Alive and Kicking

“And yes, I would have preferred mint.”

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4 responses to “The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I am just so impressed with this show right now, honestly.

    But now that we know for sure that Kol’s old actor has no problem appearing, why can’t they do some dumb witchy shit to put him back in his old body? He is 10X cooler as a vamp, as the flashback has demonstrated.

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