Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 – TV Review

Revenge Daniel Disclosure

This is what having an extortionist coke-whore dipshit of a sister will do to you.

I would say that if you didn’t hate Charlotte by now, then this episode gives you much more reason to start.

But that’s crazy.

There’s not a single person alive who doesn’t hate Charlotte by now.

TL;DR Emily comes clean to Charlotte about being Amanda Clarke, so Charlotte tries to murder her; Daniel and Margaux ruin Gideon; David kidnaps Victoria because he loves her; Jack has another locker room scene with his new partner.

They know their place.

So the major plot of the episode starts with Emily and Nolan scrambling to find Victoria now that she’s flown the cuckoo’s nest (the psychiatric hospital) before she can tell everyone all of Emily’s secrets. Emily first goes fruitlessly to Daniel, then tries Charlotte for info. Charlotte, having just found Gideon cheating on her and joking about how dumb she is, is threatening to jump to her death. Emily tries to talk her down, but Jack and his partner tackle her to safety. Then Jack brings Charlotte to Emily so she can fill her in on the whole “I’m your sister” thing. Charlotte, being Charlotte, decides to throw a tantrum, and later lures Emily to the Stowaway, knocks her out, then sets it on fire with her inside. Seems reasonable. Meanwhile, Daniel and Margaux flawlessly destroy Gideon (and, unfortunately, hook up a bit). Meanwhile, David kidnaps Victoria and says he wants to pick up where they left off. Proving that cuntishness must be in the Grayson genes, Victoria uses David to her advantage by telling him that they can’t be at peace while Emily is still an obstacle. Of course, she omits the fact that Emily is actually his daughter.

Grayson women are the worst. Give us back the men. But not Daniel. Give us back Conrad. And maybe Victoria’s hot son.

Although I came close to bitch slapping Charlotte’s face on my TV screen, I will hand it to her: she knows how to get the blood boiling.

At least now I hate her because she’s being a fucking shitstain and scumbag. Not just simply being dumb or an obstacle.

Hate: for the right reasons.


Why I hate this episode:

But omg Charlotte, right? First, her obviously dubious, drug dealer/abuser boyfriend (booty call?) turns out to be as slimy as his hair is. What a shock. Which means she should totally try to kill herself, obviously. Then Emily reveals that she still has an alive sister, and Charlotte’s response to that isn’t to try to kill herself, but try to kill her sister. Not for a very good reason, either. Charlotte’s just kind of mad that Emily wasted so much time not getting to know each other. Yeah, honey? I don’t think burning Emily alive is going to help that.

She’s probably still also ridiculously pissed off about the kidnapping. Get over it.

Margaux and Daniel getting together romantically is just hideous. How can she downgrade to him after being in love with Jack? Respect yourself, Margaux.

Though, her lack of self-respect remains evident in her abominable new hair. Good grief.

The takedown of Gideon is far too seamless. It went perfectly, and only took one episode. And Nolan didn’t even have to step in to help. I fully expect that Gideon won’t be out of action for long. And now he knows you got him arrested for drug smuggling, things won’t be pretty. Almost as un-pretty as Gideon himself.

Seriously, Gideon is not hot enough to waste all this time kerfuffling.

I’m worried that David’s mysterious absence and prison cell thing will link back to the Initiative somehow. Please don’t.

I also couldn’t give any kind of shit about his epic love for Victoria. It’s preposterous that he’s buying anything she’s selling him.

Speaking of, ol’ Viccy might just take the cake from her arsonist daughter with her unholy duping of David into going after Emily. I knew Victoria was a soulless material girl, but I didn’t think even she had it in her to scam the love of her life into killing his daughter. If she does, I’d be impressed. And filled with self-righteous fury. Just yet another reason it’s gonna be hard to root for Victoria seeking revenge against Emily, if that is indeed the direction Revenge is heading.

Oh, and Charlotte’s killing of Emily just happens to involve setting Jack’s bar on fire? Rude.


But it’s not all bad:

The last we see of Jack this episode, he mentions he’s on his way to the Stowaway for maintenance reasons. So it looks like we know who Emily’s saviour will be.

I’ve got to give Charlotte points for going off the psychopathic deep end. Maybe this will be the start of something new for our resident ball and chain? Or, it might finally give Revenge reason to bump her off. Either way, I’m happy.

Likewise, I’ll give Victoria some credit for using David to unknowingly destroy his daughter. I don’t know what their scheme will entail, but given David’s previous scheme with Conrad involved stabbing, I’d guess it’s something along those lines. Good luck.

On the more vanilla scheming front, Margaux and Daniel do an admirable job with their extermination of Gideon. It starts off with a little tyre popping. Gideon’s on Margaux’s case, though. So they knock things up a notch by sabotaging a lunch appointment Gideon has with a LeMarchal board member by having a girl reveal Gideon’s coke-dealing side. Which is also picked up and reported on by a reporter Daniel just happens to be having lunch with at the same restaurant at the same time. Gideon is still onto Margaux’s shit, though, and threatens to kill her like he killed the hooker he dumped in Daniel’s bed. So Margaux calls the board, arranges a second chance meeting, and books Gideon on a flight. Except that was all bullshit, and she stuffed drugs in his bag so he’d get pinched by the sniffer dog. Case (apparently) closed. Well done, you two.

Jack’s police partner is firming as a new source of intrigue. He seems unusually interested in Emily. He claims this to be out of attraction to her, but I get a more investigative vibe out of him. And he’s suspicious of how she was at exactly the same place Charlotte was during her suicide attempt, when she had no good reason to be there. I wonder what he really wants? Also, I still don’t know what his name is.

Victoria’s fear for her life while being in David’s custody is just darling.

Nolan opposes Emily’s revenge efforts with the loose Victoria, but is completely on board for tracking the bitch down. So reliable.

Oh, and much like Emma in this week’s Once Upon a Time, we were oh so close to seeing one of the perpetual thorns in our sides killed off. Better luck next time, Charlotte.

Revenge Disclosure Charlotte suicide jump

Please! PLEASE!

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  1. Anonymous says :

    The amount of bitch by the Grayson women was great.

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