Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 10 – TV Review

Under the Dome The Fall Angie returns

“And I know everything. Because I’m a dome projection. Sorry to disappoint.”

Angie just be mad that Melanie be movin’ in on her man, gurl.

No, really.

TL;DR Apparition Angie is a cock blocker; Big Jim zigzags between being vulnerable and being selfish; until he accidentally loses both the egg and the escape chasm; Melanie falls ill once the egg is gone; Barbie and Julia’s plans to negotiate the egg to his dad for the town’s evacuation is kaput; Melanie is totally Barbie’s illegitimate sister.

Called it.

So the plot sees Barbie reuniting with Julia, as Pauline reuintes with Big Jim (tensely), and Hunter hangs out and does geek stuff (and nobody is that excited to see Sam, really). Barbie brings the dome gang up to speed, and the adults seems to be okay with a plan to strike a deal with Bad Dad: the egg in exchange for the town’s evacuation. Big Jim secretly has his own designs to sabotage the plan and forsake everyone except his family, and figures chucking the egg into the chasm will prove profitable. It doesn’t, as the chasm is now just an ordinary chasm with a spike pit at the bottom (which Phil figures out soon enough), and the egg is now MIA. Melanie, who earlier had come to the realisation with Barbie that they were siblings, collapses. Which puts Junior’s murderous vengeance plan against Sam on hold (Apparition Angie also lends a hand in stopping him). And Pauline, who has spent most of her episode painting prophetically in a haze, flies into despair as her visions cease following the disappearance of the egg.

Oh, honey. Nobody cares.

Well way to ruin a perfectly viable escape route for everyone, gang. Good work. God, these people are idiots.

I don’t even see why anyone is even bothering to strike the deal with Bad Dad in the first place. Just send the townsfolk on through the chasm. Bad Dad’s surveillance team at the playground is, like, 2 guys on a bench. I doubt they’ll be much opposition for a few thousand people who will do anything to escape their living hell dome life.

Just fucking go, you dipshits. Just go!


Why I hate this episode:

Big Jim is motivated by his own desperation to save his family and not wait for negotiations to take place blah blah blah. Just fucking go. You know the chasm works. Just. Go. Who gives a shit about the egg? Just go.

Pauline continues to be the most annoying, obstructive character ever. Her prophetic painting is what spurs Big Jim into action. All she does is shriek and bore, in equal measure. If any Rennie needs to die, it’s her. Good God.

Hunter acts shady and lies to Joe and Norrie for no apparent reason. Knowing how dull and predictable Under the Dome is, he’s probably actually working for Bad Dad for real. All this conspiracy crap kinda pales in comparison to the working escape route that everyone argues about for the entire episode. Maybe I’ll care more about Hunter and his search for Internet access now that the chasm is closed.

Apparition Angie stops Junior from avenging Real Angie’s death. Rude. She’s also mindlessly indecisive about Junior’s love life. She wags her finger at him for liking Melanie, because it only led to horror when he liked her. But then she later claims that Junior never really loved her, anyway, and all he wanted was to possess her. Make up your mind.

And if Apparition Angie is a projection from the dome, then it should have noticed how massively different Junior has become post-season 1, and should be giving him a break.

Big Jim is way too courteous to Pauline. If there was any person who I would believe Big Jim to be insanely, murderously furious at it’d be the woman who faked her own death just to move 2 towns over, and still kept in touch with her old high school boyfriend while letting her own husband and son think she’d died. Take her down. Be the Big Jim we know you are deep inside.

Rebecca puts on her science teacher badge again and notices that the seasons inside the dome are changing faster than normal. Who cares?

Oh, and Barbie and Melanie being siblings is not only obvious as hell, but it’s also some more soap opera melodrama that we don’t need.


But it’s not all bad:

I do get to bask in the accuracy of my assumption. As easy as it was.

Junior almost holds to his goal of getting revenge on Sam. He beats his ass up, and is about to axe his head in when Apparition Angie shows up and bitches at him. Junior chooses not to finish Sam off, unfortunately. But I can’t imagine a man who murdered a teenage girl has much longer to live on a network show. Karma will find you.

Although Big Jim ends up planning his own version of the escape, mostly everyone is in agreement with it. Melanie is the only one who resists. But Melanie sucks at everything, so her opinion doesn’t matter. Isn’t Julia the monarch, anyway? Who cares what Melanie thinks about the egg.

Norrie and Joe exclude Hunter from their search for the egg, despite him helping to build the device to find it. I lol’d.

Oh, and I’ll give Phil points for being the only person who actually gave escape-via-chasm a go. Yeah, he had incredibly bad timing, but dude was being proactive. Kudos to you, Phil.

Under the Dome The Fall Phil impaled

At least until the dome needs to use you as a projection.

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