Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review

Under the Dome Barbie Hunter

On the outside, he’s more into perky little nerd boys who happen to look like models. As are we all.

Just kidding. Nothing that spectacular could ever happen on this show.

I’ll just have to settle for some lukewarm conspiracy dramz.

TL;DR Barbie’s dad knows much more about the dome than he’s letting on to Barbie; Barbie manages to contact Julia and tell her he’s alive; Phil makes a poor attempt at getting revenge on Big Jim; Sam and Pauline bring Lyle out of his stupor, and we find out there was one prophetic postcard that Pauline never got a chance to send.

Of a red door.

Barbie’s mission on the outside of the dome is the most pertinent this episode. His dad and his company, Aktaion, turn out to be the ones who can get the Internet signal through the dome, so Barbie sends Julia a message about the chasm being safe. Daddy-o doctors it, though, to include a note about bringing the egg with her should she choose to leap into the chasm, which is something he shouldn’t have known about. Hunter, the hot nerd guy, contacts Barbie (he’s Aktaion’s head computer whatever person) and offers help. So Barbie sends Julia another message, and they meet up at the dome wall. There’s just enough time for Barbie to tell her it’s not safe out here before the military arrests Barbie for breaking the safety perimeter. Meanwhile, Julia and the kids are excited to hear that Barbie is alive. Which is dampened for Julia when Barbie gets taken away. Meanwhile, Big Jim assumes the position of sheriff. Junior and Rebecca help him investigate some vandalism that’s targeting him, which turns out to be perpetrated by a disgruntled Phil. Phil is foiled before he can do any harm to Big Jim. And Sam and Pauline spring Lyle from the psychiatric hospital and pump him full of a drug that restores his faculties. He confirms to them that the postcards document all the happenings from inside the dome, and Pauline produces the final one, of a red door, which she would have sent but the dome’s appearance prevented it.

I’ll bet they’re all seething that Melanie gets to be young and hot, and they’ve all grown up to be bitter, ruined adults (and murderers, in Sam’s case. Attempted murderer for Lyle).

I’m going to be generous and not fatally fault this episode. There’s no bogus “threat of the week,” a hot new character is introduced, and Barbie actually manages to get to the dome wall within one episode.

It’s efficient.

Soulless and empty, but efficient.


Why I hate this episode:

I have no fucking idea where this Aktaion/Barbie’s dad conspitard mumbo jumbo is going, and that worries me. More and more I’m getting Lost vibes from Under the Dome, and that’s a route nobody should be going following the utter implosion of that once-compelling show. With only a handful of episodes remaining for the season, I can only hope that Under the Dome properly goes somewhere with this idea. And quickly.

Sam, Lyle, and Pauline’s subplot is unbelievably dull. There’s not a single grain of excitement to be found anywhere among these three. I think I liked Sam better when he was slaughtering teenagers. Jesus.

Hunter is our token “computers are magic” Deus Ex Machina. And considering we still don’t know what the dome is or how it got there, then hey, maybe they are?

Big Jim manages to very easily patch up his relationship with Rebecca, despite his near maniac menacing of her just last episode. I’d like to believe this is hope for Rebecca’s descent into villainy, but my dream of her becoming the new Queen of Evil in Chester’s Mill is basically dead. Settle for being our exposition fairy, Rebecca.

Despite all being convinced that the chasm is the way out of the dome, none of the kids give it a go. I understand Julia’s reservations, but I was hoping one of Joe, Norrie, or Melanie would be impulsive enough to try.

Barbie rides ten miles under a military truck while hanging on just by his fingertips. Yeah, no.

Why bother introducing Lyle’s near-catatonia, only to immediately inject him with a super drug that instantly cures it? What a waste of time.

Really, the entirety of Chester’s Mill’s population should just funnel themselves through the chasm and escape. Who cares if the military or Aktaion are waiting to scrutinise them on the other side (which they aren’t, as shown by Hunter only catching Barbie on the playground surveillance camera by chance because Barbie went back. And Hunter was doing that of his own volition, not as part of an Aktaion or military monitoring plan)? You’ll be out of the dome. Julia should just spread the word and get that happening.

Oh, and Hunter turns out to be the mastermind behind Hounds of Diana. I was hoping for something a little more impressive than a solitary IT guy.


But it’s not all bad:

Julia can stop sulking about Barbie’s death before she even gets a chance to start. Thank God.

Big Jim turns out to be the sleeper hit of this episode. His little “Who’s been vandalising my shit?” subplot is par for the boring course of Chester’s Mill drama, but when he sees Julia communicating at the dome wall with a very not-dead Barbie, that little evil glint in his eye comes shining through. Let it, baby. Let it.

His Three Musketeers efforts with Junior and Rebecca help renew their trust in him, so he’s even got some minions ready.

I’m glad Phil didn’t forget about Big Jim throwing him under the bus, but I don’t see why he bothered with all the hooplah. Just shoot that bald bitch in the head and be done with it.

Impulsive they may not have been, but the kids act smart in this episode. They’re eager to conclude that the chasm is indeed a portal to Zenith, and before they receive the second email from Barbie, even formulate a plan with Julia to send a physical message to Barbie. Way to be useful for once, guys.

I really want to know what all this red door shit is about.

Barbie’s dad knowing about the egg is alarming. Could the dome be Aktaion’s doing? He also has surveillance photos from inside the dome on his computer.

When going through the postcards with Pauline and Lyle (Lyle brought them with him), Sam surreptitiously omits the one depicting Angie’s bloody hand on her locker. I lol’d.

Sam is initially disinterested in helping Lyle out of his stupor, and is ready to go start a new life. You were so close, buddy.

Oh, and I must commend Barbie for being able to write backwards so swiftly.

Under the Dome Barbie writes on dome wall not safe out here

“Close enough.”

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