Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review

Under the Dome egg cave chasm pink Zenith

Look at Julia. Being a bad influence and shit.

Well well, Under the Dome. Nice to see you finally find some outward momentum.

It only took us 7 episodes.

TL;DR Barbie and Sam both escape the dome and end up in Zenith; Sam reconnects with Pauline, Barbie reconnects with his father; Big Jim pounces on Barbie’s apparent death and wins more support from the idiots of Chester’s Mill; Julia and the Four Hands realise the chasm may indeed signal hope of a way out from under the dome.

You get to make an awesome, suicidal leap, and you escape the dome? That sounds like fun. Take me there.

The episode begins with my concern from last episode: Barbie needing proof that Sam killed Angie. So Barbie tries some amateur spelunking to reach the bottom of the chasm and retrieve Sam’s body. But twist, he falls to his “death,” but actually awakes unharmed in Zenith. He is soon attacked by some thugs whom he had promised to do a job for prior to his dome situation, and is forced to carry out some spy mission on an energy company owner. But twist, that energy company owner is Barbie’s dad, and Barbie convinces him to find a way for Barbie to get back to the dome to tell Julia he’s alive. Meanwhile, Sam chews the fat with Pauline. Lyle also came through the chasm, but because he’s not a handsome main character, he’s now stricken with near-catatonia. Poor, ugly guy. Meanwhile, back under the dome, Julia recruits Joe to help fly a drone down the chasm to seek out Barbie and Sam’s bodies. When it disappears, Joe calls in the other Hands and they fondle the egg to produce another projection of Zenith. This gives them hope that Barbie may be alive. And Big Jim finds out about Barbie’s “death.” After bitching at Rebecca for not telling him about it sooner, he then organises a memorial service for Barbie, which earns him respect from the dullards that Chester’s Mill calls “residents.” Julia is, understandably, concerned.

Big Jim is just like Mr Burns: when he’s trying to be good (well, by what he perceives the dome’s standards of “good” are), he’s even more evil. Good. Keep it up. Genocide is only an inflated god complex away.

After last episode’s relapse into threat of the week territory, I couldn’t be more pleased that Under the Dome has so vastly expanded its scope now.

Barbie and Sam are outside of the dome, dude. That’s progress.


Why I hate this episode:

Naturally, the first thing Barbie wants to do once he’s outside of the dome is to go back to it (and go back in, I think?). Instead of, you know, going to the authorities or something and working with them to figure out how to reverse engineer his escape chasm. Or at the very least update them on the siutation underneath. Barbie: a true hero to the people.

Also, really, Barbie? You’re going to rapel down a magic, bottomless pit? Smooth.

Sam being alive was kind of a given, but goddamn. Way to weasel out of having anything with lasting impact occur to these characters. Oh, you’re a confessed murderer of a young woman and you leapt to your death instead of facing the consequences of your actions? No biggie, you’re fine. Go have coffee with your not-actually-dead sister.

Speaking of Pauline, she isn’t super remorseful about that whole “I made you think I was dead for 9 years but I kept in contact with my psychotic high school boyfriend instead of you lolz” thing. She’s alarmingly dull. Even by Under the Dome standards.

She’s also got her martyr badge on, claiming that everything she did was to save the town. Oh, shut up. If she was under the impression that the dome would follow her, then why did she move to another fucking town? Shouldn’t she have become a noble hermit? Rude.

This is a minor thing, but considering it involves Natalie Zea’s character (one of the better parts of the first season), I’ll include it. The thugs who harangue Barbie to complete the job he promised them mention in passing that they knew Barbie had been out doing a job for Max. So, Barbie is a random thug-for-hire? I thought he was Max’s bitch? And are his skills so in demand that rival gangs would hire him and risk him leaking info to each/either gang? And the only assignment we’ve seen Barbie on is his botched debt collection hustle of Julia’s husband, which seems rather beneath this apparent badass, mercenary super thug. This doesn’t add up.

Barbie tells his dad that he loves Julia. Bitch, according to a news billboard we see in Zenith, it’s only been 17 days since the dome appeared. Hold your fucking horses.

Oh, and for how unsubtle Under the Dome usually is, there was one little thing about the ending of the episode that my mere pea brain couldn’t put together. Barbie and his dad walk past a red door that looks like a cellar door, that’s somewhere on his dad’s property. It has a glowing, yellow handprint on it. What?


But it’s not all bad:

We’re outside of the dome. Finally. And not just one character out, but three (if you include poor Lyle). It’s a bloody miracle. There’s only so much of Chester’s Mill and its braindead residents that I can handle, you know?

Julia thinks Barbie is dead, and is appropriately distraught. I both felt for her, and laughed at her (two week relationship, remember?). It worked for me.

Big Jim’s menacing of Rebecca is classic Big Jim evil. I’m glad it’s coming roaring back. I’m still mourning the loss of the possibility that Rebecca would be a new villain, but I’ll settle for a power-desperate Big Jim for now. And who knows? Rebecca could switch back to her decimating ways soon enough.

The Four Hands actually put their superpowers to good use and discover that there is hope for escape/Barbie’s survival yet. Not before Joe gets to show off his not-so-awesome drone piloting skills, though.

Melanie and Junior’s romance seems to be gaining traction. Take note, shippers.

All Lyle does is say Melanie’s name over and over. Sam informs Pauline that Melanie has been resurrected, too. Melanie Melanie Melanie! Is what Lyle says.

When Junior rejects the idea that Sam murdered Angie, Melanie is like “Nah, I reckon he could have, though.” She gets it.

Barbie sees some graffiti on an ad for his dad’s company’s new headquarters. The graffiti has the hashtag #dometruth. The logo appears to be dog heads. You know, like hounds? Of Diana? Conspiratorial.

Oh, and Sam seems a little too calm, don’t you think?

Under the Dome Sam Pauline hug Going Home

I can live in hope.

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8 responses to “Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 7 – TV Review”

  1. happy horse says :

    Get a fucking life dude, you watch way to much crap. Concerning under the dome however..you seem to think it’s funny and unbelievable, guess what : IT IS A FICTIONAL STORY. God I hate these people that keep asking themselves ‘yeah but why this and that’. Why would that person do that boohoo? Because the person that writes the script tells the actor to do so DUMBASS. Go make your own movies otherwise.

    • Amadan says :

      why are you even here, you should know what this blog is about… who’s the dumbass here?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      So not a very happy horse, then?

      As for characters doing things that don’t make sense, I’d be okay with that if the setting of the story was in a place where sense was irrelevant. Like, I wouldn’t have a go at Adventure Time for characters being wacky and bizarre. But Under the Dome is presented as a social realist story. A source of the drama is from the reactions of otherwise ordinary people to extraordinary circumstances.

      So when the characters make decisions, jump to conclusions, or act in any way that conflicts with the established situation and motivations, then I’ll crack a whinge, yo.

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