Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review

Under the Dome egg pink stars

We’ve waited so long.

Well, it was a nice break, but we’re back to the “random dome threat of the week” formula.

Luckily, it’s nothing the fish-brained, gullible people of Chester’s Mill can’t fix.

TL;DR Big Jim manages to make everyone forget about that whole genocide-by-flu thingie and reposition himself as the preferred leader of Chester’s Mill; the tunnel underneath the school doesn’t have Lyle in it, but it does have a bottomless chasm that Sam now gets to call home; Joe and Norrie make up or whatever; the kids track down the egg Julia jettisoned, and it shows them a vision of Zenith.

Can’t the dome just send them a text or something? These astral projections seem so laborious.

The random dome threat of the week this episode is a rude dust storm. Due to the dome being semi permeable, and therefore the reason the town is still getting air coming through, everyone panics that the dust will clog the inner wall of the dome and suffocate Chester’s Mill. Big Jim spearheads the undertaking to erect a windmill to spray water into the air to wet the dust so it falls back to earth (and hopefully not turn it into flying mud, which is much worse at clogging things up). After some hesitation from the townsfolk, the plan goes ahead and is a great success, which means that whole “I tried to kill you all” thing is swept aside. Julia’s absence from the proceedings is due to her and Rebecca trying to come up with a way to rescue Sam and Barbie, who get trapped in the sub-school tunnel after a trap set by Lyle goes off. Sam and Barbie bicker for a while before coming to a bottomless pit that defies all reality. They bicker some more, and then Barbie figures out Sam killed Angie, and intends to kill the remaining members of the Four Hands. Sam chooses the abyss over being brought to justice, and jumps. Naturally, Julia and Rebecca break through too late. And the Four Hands (joined by replacement member Melanie) raise the egg from the lake and use it to spit out a hologram of Zenith’s obelisk.


I’d be more upset at the return of the threat of the week, but the other subplots actually work well to support the valuable, ongoing arcs.

I think we’re finally making some progress.


Why I hate this episode:

Big Jim’s plot is still worthy of ridicule, though. Firstly, the resolution to it is as fucking dumb as Rebecca’s plan for the acid rain. Much like Rebecca just sprayed a bit of water into a lake and kickstarted the world’s speediest water cylce, Big Jim’s water windmill takes the dust out of the air in the entirety of the dome in a matter of seconds. I understand that for the sake of a TV episode that they wouldn’t show a larger scale operation, but it’s so goofy. This dust storm is apparently going to clog every single socket of the dome’s inner wall and kill everyone. Then 2 seconds of water spray in one, tiny corner of the town makes it all go poof. If your danger is going to be life-threatening, make it so.

Also, wasting water? Tch.

Also, flying mud is going to make everything filthy. Tch Tch.

Big Jim sways the townsfolk to his side by being all like “Julia cares more about saving her boyfriend than saving the town.” Bitch, they’re also trying to track down Lyle, who as far as everyone knows, is a murderer. Don’t be omissive. Don’t be Anita Sarkeesian.

I know the dome is a bit on the wtf side of things, but for the most part, everything about its physicality has been grounded by reality. Until now. Now we just have mystery tunnels and mega chasms that would breach the expected outline of the dome. If it wasn’t in the cement tunnels, it shouldn’t be here.

For all his murderous villainy, Sam can’t even commit to the part. After being found out by Barbie, he makes a big show about how he intends to kill himself after his holy work of demolishing the dome (via child killing) is complete. Or to let himself face justice. To your martyrdom, I say “no, thank you.” Abolish martyrdom.

And then he doubles down on the commitment issues and jumps into the chasm instead of facing justice.

Joe and Norrie’s little soap opera needs to go take the egg’s place at the bottom of the lake. I hope their little make up session means it’s put to rest for a while.

Rebecca reveals some sob/backstory to Julia about how she gave up on a bright future to stay and keep her sick dad company, which is why she’s a lowly high school teacher and not the brilliant scientist she was clearly destined to be. IDGAF.

Oh, and Big Jim tells Julia that democracy is not an option in Chester’s Mill. I guess that means the people’s support of you isn’t worth anything, then?


But it’s not all bad:

Sam is exposed and dealt with very efficiently. Barbie goes into the tunnels with the intention of questioning Sam, but he gets super lucky when they end up trapped on the edge of the chasm. All it takes is a glimpse of the scratch marks Angie left behind and he’s set. To Sam’s credit, he totally owns up to it (annoying martyrdom included). And hey, now that Sam has told Barbie of the prophecy of the Four Hands’ deaths precipitating the destruction of the dome, maybe Barbie will pick up where Sam left off? Or at least blab about it to everyone and give someone else the idea. Big Jim would do it.

The kids’ little egg fun times subplot doesn’t reveal very much (ooh, Zenith’s obelisk. Shiny), but it’s moving in the right direction. Melanie has replaced Angie, and by the Four Hands combined, they are able to magically raise the egg from the bottom of the lake, and also activate its projection. I imagine the group will go around holding hands now. Wouldn’t that be cute?

Sam’s other revelation is that Lyle killed Melanie in 1988 (according to Sam, at least). He says they were freaked out that Melanie was so cosy with the egg. Lyle attempted to get it away from her, but accidentally pushed her to her death. Seeing as Sam says it was an accident, as opposed to totally throwing Lyle under the bus for uber murder, I’m inclined to believe it.

Melanie flirts with Junior because he reminds her of a young Sam. This leads to Norrie picking up second best line of the episode when she sees them: “Do you hit on literally everyone?” Norrie’s just jealous that she’s stuck with Joe, when she could have had Junior’s pretty face.

Best line of the episode goes to Barbie, who happily tears down Sam’s good intentions and promises harsh reprimand: “And your justice is gonna be whatever Junior will do to you once he finds out.” I would have liked to have seen that.

Barbie and Sam find Lyle’s gear in the tunnel near the chasm, but not Lyle himself. I assume he’s also taken the plunge (although, likely not intentionally). Good. I was sick of his fundie, fugly face.

Julia and Rebecca mix chemicals to blow free the path in the collapsed portion of the tunnel. Bitches gettin’ shit done.

Oh, and I’m interested to see if anyone believes Barbie when he tells them what Sam revealed. It’s pretty convenient that his love rival not only turns out to be a child killer, but also just happened to commit chasm-cide. Unleash the drama.

Under the Dome Sam suicide bottomless pit chasm

I wouldn’t put it past him.


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