Devil’s Due – CBF Review

Devil's Due Sam eats meat in supermarket

A demon-impregnated girl’s gotta do what a demon-impregnated girl’s gotta do.

I think the Devil’s due to have a better movie than this watered-down, unoriginal schlock.

At least it’s shorter than that endless, unbearable marathon of a Rosemary’s Baby redo with Zoe “I just wanted a holiday to Paris” Saldana.

The plot is your garden variety demon pregnancy deal. Sam (Skye from poor, poor Terra Nova) and Zach are newlyweds who unknowingly have a ritual performed on them while on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Sam gets pregnant shortly thereafter, and begins exhibiting demon possession symptoms. 90 minutes of credibility-pushing found footage later, and Sam has the baby (through self-inflicted C-section), the cultists slip off with it, and poor Zach gets picked up by the cops for apparently killing his wife. Cece from Pretty Little Liars plays Zach’s sister, if you’re interested.

I hate this movie because not a single shred of it is new (and I’m pretty sure Paranormal Activity has cornered the market on found footage for now. Let it breathe); and not only is it not new, it’s not compelling even as an intentionally direct genre piece; and it has a cookie cutter unhappy ending. Which, again, is pathetically not new.

But it’s not all bad because Sam has an deliciously violent descent into involuntary actions, which include not only the mentioned self C-section, but also a massacre of some unfortunate teens who happen upon her eating a deer in the woods; the two boring main characters end up either dead or imprisoned, so there is some justice; and Sam, a vegetarian, eats meat while under possession. That’s what you get, Miss Bland.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 stars.

And points to these cultists for being unafraid of technology. Just because you use voodoo to summon the Antichrist, doesn’t mean you can’t have access to some high-end kit.

Devil's Due cult


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