Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 3 – TV Review

Under the Dome Rebecca red rain

I’m getting something more along the lines of “Master of Doom and Hellfire.”

Golly gosh, maybe my dreams of Rebecca becoming our new villain could be true?

At the very least, she’s shaping up to be a fantastic Evil Advisor for our suddenly-mellow Big Jim.

Set him back on the right path, baby.

TL;DR The dome does another random thing, which is easily averted after wasting 40 minutes; things are getting uncomfortably biblical; the cull is close on the horizon; Barbie and Julia continue to bicker over literally everything.

Like an old, married couple. Not bad progress for Barbie, the guy who killed her husband, like, a few weeks ago.

So now we’re on round 3 of our “arbitrary crisis of the week” episodes. This time, it’s acidic, red rain. Barbie, Julia, Big Jim, and Rebecca volunteer to go out and about to look for people in trouble. Big Jim and Rebecca get carjacked by Lyle, Big Jim’s fundie barber, who leaves Big Jim for dead in the rain, while taking Rebecca back to his place so they can rabbit on at each other about science versus religion. So enlightening. The gang eventually tracks down Lyle and save Rebecca (but not before she dumps some acid rain on his face). Then Rebecca and Big Jim discuss the cull idea with Barbie and Julia, which is just an excuse for Barbie and Julia to fight over something (she’s against it, he’s looking at things practically). Meanwhile, Norrie, Joe, and Drowning Girl are stuck in the school during the rain. Junior, who is looking for answers to his blackout, turns up, too. They discover that they have random Internet access, and Junior gets a video message from his mother that confirms she’s alive, and that Lyle has answers. There’s also some secret that Lyle, Pauline, and Sam share from 1988. Which is funny, because Joe and Norrie discover that Drowning Girl greatly resembles Melanie Cross, a girl from the Class of ’88.


So yeah, all is still not well Under the Dome. While this episode’s crisis of the week provides more opportunity for arc and character development, it’s still yet another random shitstorm that wastes all our characters’ time.

Which is kind of becoming a way of describing Under the Dome itself.

It’s not promising.


Why I hate this episode:

It’s not even conquered in a satisfying way (just like the magnetism, then?). After being freed from Lyle’s clutches, Rebecca sprays some chemicals or something in a body of water, which magically stops the rain. I know how the water cycle works, but even in a dome situation, that feels rushed, no?

The verbal tete-a-tete between Rebecca and Lyle is lowest common denominator science versus religion drivel. Blah blah religious fanaticism. Blah blah the arrogance of science. I think I’ll leave that for my drunken Facebook friends. It doesn’t help that Lyle and Rebecca are both fucking nuts.

Seriously, was Rebecca ever supposed to convince us she wasn’t the pure embodiment of evil? Those eyes, man.

Norrie and Joe are weirdly unenthusiastic about having Internet access. I suppose there’s not much they could do in the way for screaming for help (a nuke already showed that the authorities have no idea what to do), but they’re just like “Oh. Let’s check Twitter. Cool. Whatever. Ooh, emails.” Joe could have snuck a quick peak at some porn or something to make things a little more believable.

And naturally, as soon as Junior’s just about finished his world-shattering video, the Internet cuts out so he can’t hear the end of the message. Thanks, dome.

Norrie and Joe trace the source of the Internet signal to the bloodied locker that everyone else gave up on. Drowning Girl mysteriously knows the combination, but once they open it, it’s empty. Pfft. At least Norrie has a good hissy fit at Drowning Girl for being so damn enigmatic.

Norrie is jealous of Drowning Girl because she interacts with Junior. Because teen soap opera drama is what we really want.

Barbie and Julia’s bickering is a joke, right? It’s about everything. Can you two just go back to fucking and shut up?

Sam tells Junior that Pauline used to have blackouts, so Junior just assumes that his binge drinking couldn’t have possibly contributed to his memory loss from the night of Angie’s murder. Way to enable alcoholism in your nephew, Sam.

One of Norrie’s tweets is a tweet from user Hounds of Diana offering her support for a video she posted. Did Norrie post a video last season? I don’t remember that. Commenters?

Oh, and not content to bicker only with Barbie, Julia spits at Rebecca when Rebecca burns Lyle, the man who was moment away from executing her, with a bit of acid rain. Most of my knowledge of royalty comes from watching Reign, so I expect my Monarch to be a little more on board with violence, baby.


But it’s not all bad:

Big Jim may not be killing anyone this episode, but, at Rebecca’s urging, he does set up a citizen registration scheme that acts effectively as a census. Which he and Rebecca will use to determine who is an asset and who is a burden, and then knock off the undesirables. About 25% have to go. Though I expect our main characters’ percentage will be lower.

Although I’m opposed to the spiritual bullshit direction things seem to be going, Under the Dome appears to finally be going for it, so I’ll give them kudos for that at least. With the comparisons to the biblical plagues, this show might, at long last, actually have a point to make. Praise be (to Paris, that is).

Sam comes out as the surprisingly tastiest tidbit from this episode. He is involved with the 1988 secret that he, Lyle, and Pauline are supposed to be keeping. And he seems keener than those 2 to keep it that way (Pauline is directing Junior to Lyle to find answers or something, and I assume it’s related to it).

Sam also implies to Big Jim that although he’s saved his life this episode, he intends to kill him at some point in the future. Cute.

Also, considering Drowning Girl came gasping out of the lake, I’m putting my money on the 1988 secret being an I Know What You Did Last Summer deal.

Hounds of Diana is not only Norrie’s Twitter cheerleader, but is also the sender of Junior’s video message from mummy. I suppose Hounds of Diana could be Pauline, but why so cryptic, P-Bo?

For all her villainy, Rebecca does have plans to get a wind-powered electricity generation program going. She’s a villain for the people.

Rebecca also gets tortured, which I like.

Oh, and Joe and Norrie use Windows Surface tablets (with clippy-on keyboards, too) to browse the Internet. Well, now we know where the money to keep making this thing is coming from.

Under the Dome Windows 8 surface tablet product placement

Dropping a dome on a town is a pretty effective way to corner the market.

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