Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6 – TV Review

PLL Emily angry face

“This is definitely not a rage stroke.”

Yes, A’s back, bitches.

But we’re not sure if they know everything.

But it’s A, so, you know, they do.

TL;DR A’s back; Alison freaks out; Aria is still paranoid about her manslaughtery little secret coming out; Roma Maffia is on the girls’ shit; Hanna has boy troubles; Jenna wasn’t in the house explosion.


So this is when we plot:

Hanna gets the most play this episode. She swings between having melodramatic relationship drama with Caleb and Travis (who dumps her), and being conflicted over Alison’s decision to flee town in wake of A’s return. Hanna’s all for Alison fucking off (because, let’s face it, she’s a drainer), but A is like “I’ll kill you if you leave, though.” So Alison’s staying put. Deal with it, Hanna.

Spencer talks to Peter, who swears he totes didn’t kill Jessica. Although he refuses to confirm where he and Melissa were that night, Spencer and Veronica buy it. But Veronica still wants a divorce. Surprisingly, Bethany Young, the girl in Alison’s grave, is firming up as being connected to Jessica’s death.

Because Ezra, while Aria is visiting him, is delivered a drawing of Bethany’s from her time at Radley that depicts Jessica getting attacked by a ground demon. This is all secondary to the scandal of Aria and Ezra’s reunion, natch. And Roma also being obviously aware that Shana must have shot Ezra, and getting closer to linking the girls to New York.

And Emily gets Paige to out Lucas and Melissa as Mona Hit Squad co-conspirators. She also chucks a shitfit when she thinks Alison is leaving town. Because she wants that V, yo.

But Alison doesn’t go down without a fight, does she?

It was a nice holiday from A. I just wish that Mona’s Hit Squad had actually, you know, accomplished anything. They made Alison momentarily uncomfortable at school with that edited video, but otherwise, they’re small fries compared to our returned A.

Back to the ridiculous, over-the-top, murderous shenanigans, then.



Why I hate this episode:

A can’t even kill Jenna right. Nobody was in the house when it exploded. It’s discussed by the girls that A must have exploded the house for other reasons. Which, knowing how absurdly omniscient A is, is likely true. But come on. If carnage there must be, then carnage there must be.

The suggestion of going to the authorities with the truth is again shot down. Because that would be too easy.

Hanna wastes a lot of time moping about over her boy choices. Couple that with her stupid hair, and you’ve got a recipe for “I don’t give a shit.” And of course she preferences her fellow mope-a-lot, Caleb, which results in Travis giving Hanna the flick. And Caleb says he isn’t even going to stay in town for very long. Hanna needs to break out a pros and cons list or something.

Caleb refuses to talk about what happened in Ravenswood. It’s a blessing, because Ravenswood is puke. But I think he owes some answers to Hanna, at least.

Aria and Ezra are back together. This comes as a surprise to Spencer, for some reason.

Also, Aria and Ezra are back together.

Peter: “I won’t tell you what shady shit Melissa and I were up to, but we defs didn’t bury no bitch.” Spencer and Veronica: “Okay.” No, honeys.

Spencer, again, falls apart at the idea that her parents would break up. Priorities, girl. Come on.

E Lamb is back. Because struggling to remember peripheral characters from seasons past is my favourite thing to do.

A promises later in the episode that they’ll kill Alison if she leaves town. But before that, they already try to kill her when she’s packing up her stuff in preparation to leave. Not giving the warning before enacting the punishment is fucking discourteous, cunt.

Oh, and Caleb and Hanna grimly swig from a flask together. Much rebellion. So off-the-rails. So Hanna’s basically an alcoholic now, ABC Family?


But it’s not all bad:

Hanna’s one redeeming quality this episode is her enthusiasm for helping Alison escape Rosewood. It’s really the most logical thing to do (until the death threat later), and it’s mutually beneficial, because having Alison around is shithouse for everyone. Good try, Han.

The most pertinent development of the episode is Bethany’s drawing. We know Bethany couldn’t have killed Jessica (because she’d been dead for 2 years), but if Bethany clearly had a murderous mission against Jessica, then I suspect that someone related to Bethany probably carried it out for her. Which means someone knew Bethany was in the grave before it was announced by the police.

E Lamb is the source of the drawing’s delivery. It is implied that he knows quite a bit about Bethany, but is unable to divulge anything to Spencer when she visits him because Big Brother is watching. A is not above murder, Eddie. Better spill while you still can.

Speaking of murder, A is back in a big way. They send Alison video footage of them burying Jessica alive to taunt her. That’s fuckin’ rough. A is knocking things up a notch.

They also have a good go at choking the bratty life out of Alison. Unfortunately, Emily intervenes.

Roma is the only competent cop in town, as she makes it known (though not in so many words) that she has deduced Shana to be Ezra’s shooter. She’s also breathing down Alison’s neck on her and the Liars’ whereabouts on the night of Shana’s death. Time for this kidnapping malarkey to be exposed, I hope.

Spencer and Veronica are moving back home, and Peter has decided to move out. That must be a relief for the set crew.

Paige’s reward for telling Emily about Lucas and Melissa’s involvement in Mona’s Hit Squad is a dead rat in her locker. Oh, Mona.

Spencer does not support Aria’s reunion with Ezra. Because she’s a rational human being.

Best line of the episode goes to Alison, who rightfully considers Hanna’s soap operatics to be secondary to the imminent danger she’s in: “Don’t worry. After I’m gone, you can go back to focusing on your little love triangle.” Are you listening, Hanna?

Emily goes against Hanna and fights for Alison to stay in Rosewood. She almost gets another shot at sealing the deal with Alison, but Alison plays the “let’s not make things awkward” card and chooses to merely sleep in Emily’s bed. So Emily stays up all night resisting the urge to jump her. Don’t fight it. Let the impulse carry you.

Aria applies to be a volunteer at Radley so she can investigate some deets on Bethany. Pragmatic.

The A stinger shows A setting off to deliver some condolence flowers to Bethany Young’s family. Although hooded, A puts on a funerary veil, which all but confirms that it’s a female.

Travis finally gets some balls and shoos Hanna off, like she deserves.

Oh, and she doesn’t do a whole lot to stop him. Which is good, because he can do so much better than present-day Hanna.

PLL Hanna Travis break up

Caleb has found his winning formula.

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  1. Anonymous says :

    How many encounters have they had with A and they still haven’t knocked him out once.

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