Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

Under the Dome Rebecca burning crops butterflies

“I fucking hate butterflies.” -Rebecca

Butterflies? Yes, butterflies.

From last week’s attack of the killer magnetism, now it’s all hands on deck to take down the butterfly menace.

They’re like a locust plague, but cuter.

TL;DR The town is momentarily worried about a butterfly plague; Angie’s murder is investigated, with inconclusive results thus far; Big Jim continues to be Captain Benevolent; the 2 new love triangles are taking their goddamn time.

If we’re gonna have them, let’s just bloody have them, then.

So the plot is another “random, bizarre catastrophe arises, only to be simply defeated in the same episode with no lasting repercussions” deal. Rebecca notices the butterflies are experiencing accelerated life cycles, and will devour all the crops in the dome, like, super quickly. She uses the caveman-approved method of burning the problem away, until Big Jim is like “Farmers have pesticide, you know. Fuck.” So Barbie flies a crop duster and clears that shit up. Rebecca’s inner pyromaniac must be devastated. Meanwhile, Angie’s murder becomes known, and Junior and Joe don’t take it too well. When Drowning Girl becomes the prime suspect, they go to take revenge on her. Luckily, Julia and Sam have deduced that Angie must have been attacked by a big, strong man, and step in before J&J can do anything cool. At Angie’s funeral, Big Jim uses his newfound faith and idealism to win over the people. The episode ends with Rebecca (who we know is Miss Rational) telling Big Jim that Chester’s Mill’s supplies, even after being saved from the evil butterflies, aren’t enough for the current population, implying the imminent need for a cull.

Pfft, I already saw that on The 100.

After having a flawless first season by my nitpicky standards, this early intro to season 2 of Under the Dome is making me nervous. That’s 2 problem-of-the-week episodes in a row. Half of our main characters are simply stuck on the butterfly eradication plot line. It does very little to further their characters are their own arcs.

It’s just something to keep them busy.

Too filler, too fast.


Why I hate this episode:

Barbie does nothing important all episode. He has a cry-hug with Joe near the end of the episode to console him before Angie’s funeral. But for our central character to be stuck with the padding plot all episode is pretty insulting.

Big Jim comes out with a little more than Barbie: he gets a chance to demonstrate his new, non-evil side a tiny bit. But still, he’s our other most important character (our antagonist, at that), and he doesn’t do anything.

The cockpit green screening when Barbie is flying the plane is pretty rubbish, too.

Rebecca is a fucking psycho. Instead of discussing a plan to kill the butterfly caterpillars with anyone, she just starts setting fires. She explains her reason for dismissing the possibility of using pesticide is because she doesn’t believe they’ll have enough time to get it done. If it’s a choice between actually destroying all your crops, versus possibly saving some of them, I think it’s worth considering, ho.

Rebecca has some wacked out crazy eyes thing going on, too. Freaky.

Drowning Girl is an obnoxious amnesiac character. I don’t give a shit about her at all. She just wanders around in a daze and sleeps in ditches. She’s blank. She’s dull. Until we find out who/what she is, I’m not interested.

Julia still isn’t concerned that she came from the point in the lake where she dropped the egg.

Julia’s monarch status is mildly alluded to when she puts her hand on a window and a bunch of butterflies are drawn to her. But she and Barbie, like, laugh it off and move on. I thought this whole monarch thing was going to be more important than “be the one to drop the egg into the lake.” Anybody could have done that. What makes Julia so special?

I’m not buying Big Jim’s rapid transformation from egomaniacal, murderous bad guy in charge into sweetheart, “for the good of the people” leader. All because the dome spoke to him one time. Who’s going to be our antagonist, then?

The gang sees the bloody handprint on the locker Angie had looked into before she was killed, but it’s locked now, so they give up on trying to get into it. Really? Break out a crowbar or something. Jesus.

Being an EMT apparently makes you qualified to be a Medical Examiner. Thanks, Sam.

Barbie scrapes a wing of the crop dusting plane along the dome wall while flying it, with little impact. Cute.

Oh, and Sheriff Phil. No, thanks.


But it’s not all bad:

Junior and Joe are appropriately upset about Angie’s death.

The scene where Barbie consoles Joe with his own tale of loss is nice. Manly tears and all. I was waiting for a kiss, but I suppose you can’t have it all.

The most relevant development out of the whole saga is Junior’s belief that he himself might have hurt Angie. He got blackout drunk last night. He initially accuses Big Jim of killing her (Big Jim does have a history of that kind of thing), but Joe says he saw Big Jim at home (Joe, Norrie, and Carolyn are staying with Big Jim, remember) during that time. When Junior finds Angie’s missing bracelet where he had slept last night, things aren’t looking good. He goes to Sam with his concerns. One alcoholic to another.

Sam shows Julia his scrapbook drawing of Drowning Girl. It’s Pauline’s, Junior’s mother, from 20 years ago. How mysterious.

Julia finds Sam being related to Big Jim to be a huge turn off. Picky, isn’t she?

If Big Jim really has gone soft, I’d like to put my vote in for Rebecca to be the new antagonist. She’s got the crazy eyes and pyromania for it. And a killer sense of pragmatism. Cull away, baby.

Joe is wildly crushed by Angie’s death. I felt bad for him. And also for the fact that we’ll have no more Britt Robertson. I cry with you, Joe.

Big Jim passes up an opportunity to kill Barbie. The plane runs out of fuel, and Barbie is about to crash. Big Jim lets him know about a backup fuel source, which allows Barbie to land safely. Maybe he is truly committed to this new leaf.

Best line of the episode goes to Rebecca. Barbie and Big Jim are bickering over who should get to fly the plane (Big Jim knows the area, Barbie is a vastly more experienced pilot), so Rebecca takes Big Jim aside to talk some sense into him (remember, either way, this is a very dangerous mission): “They (the people inside the dome) need a leader, not a martyr.” End martyrdom.

Oh, and Joe almost shoots Drowning Girl, which is probably the coolest thing he’ll ever do. He takes the gun out of Junior’s hands after Junior hesitates. That’s a first for Junior.

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6 responses to “Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I was happy when fucking moronic Linda died… but now we get Rebecca and her stupid face… #CantWin
    Also… Is it weird that I just wanted to hug Junior all the time? He’s a cute psycho…

  2. Dom says :

    The most annoying part was the fact that the ‘Drowning Girl’ wasn’t actually wearing shoes in the previous episode.. how the hell did she leave a shoeprint if she wasn’t wearing shoes??!

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