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Lily Allen URL Badman

Nah. Models are usually good at shutting up.

I’m not here to deconstruct every tiny little thing that there is to dislike about Lily Allen.

I’m not even here to complain about how her video for URL Badman defeats its own logic by having our supposed basement dwelling mouth-breathers be trendily dressed, young hipsters.

No, there is a very simple fatal flaw at the heart of URL Badman. And it is hypocrisy.

The first lines of the chorus are (while portraying the voice of said URL Badman) “I’m a URL, BAD, MAN, with no empathy.” The crux of the entire song is that these URL Badmen are unempathetic, whingey, nitpicky losers with nothing better to do than complain about media they consume.

And she’s right. We are.

But it’s that line about empathy that makes her entire argument idiotic. This is Lily Allen logic: criticise others for having no empathy, then immediately demonstrate the inability or unwillingness to consider and acknowledge other’s feelings and opinions. She tells us how wrong it is to be unempathetic, then dismisses any dislike or criticism as “da haterz lol.”

Oh, Lily. Try harder next time.

And stop feeding the trolls. Surely someone as well versed in Twitter fights as you should get that by now.

Learn to love the haters. We’re here to keep you going. Because without you, we’d be nothing.


PS: How sad is it that the woman who brought us The Fear has fallen so far, and so self-unaware? I’d rather be a URL Badman than post-2009 Lily Allen.

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2 responses to “Lily Allen: IRL Bad Woman – Blog”

  1. Anonymous says :

    She went cray. More cray than post-murder Aria and that’s saying something. At least we still have The Fear.

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