Grimm Season 3 – Season Review

Grimm Season 3 Nick David Giuntoli shirtless

This is what Grimm needs more of.

It’s a shame that my memory of season 3 is mostly coloured by the end of it.

And that spells trubel.

Yes. “Trubel.”

TL;DR Adalind again does her best to carry the actual plot, while Nick and co play police procedural back at home; Rosalee and Monroe’s romance continues to be the dull, pointless affair that it is; a new Grimm is introduced (and she’s rubbish); nothing truly of value occurs until the closing minutes of the finale.

If you can get through all the slush to make it to the finale, anyway.

The actual plot this season concerns the machinations of the royals, and in particular, their interest in Adalind’s baby. Adalind both has her baby and gets her powers back, and has some tense stand-offs with the current Big Bad Royal, Viktor. She finds allies in Captain Renard and Nick’s mum (and Nick and the gang. Ish), but ends up betrayed. You know, the usual. She closes out the season by reverting to villain status and stealing Nick’s powers. Just like he did to her. How poetic. Elsewhere, Nick, Hank, Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette deal with the usual run-ins with wesen criminals and such. Minor subplots include: Nick and Juliette’s relationship deteriorating; Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding preparations; Wu kind of finding out about wesen; Renard and Adalind’s on/off romance; and a punky new Grimm named Trubel (yuck).

I knew she was Trubel when she walked in. Because her name was in the episode title.

While this season made a wise choice to eschew the Juliette-heavy subplots of yesterseason, I just can’t get over how uneventful Grimm is. Over 22 episodes, the only actual progress was the introduction of Trubel, the Adalind baby saga, and… Oh. That’s it.

I’ll give Grimm points for sticking to its police procedural roots as much as it can, but you can’t have your soap opera cake and eat it, too.

Especially when that soap opera moves so slowly, and is so boring.


Why I hate this season:

Rosalee and Monroe spend their entire season fretting about their wedding. Who the fuck cares? Adalind’s having her baby ripped away from her, Nick is almost getting murdered every other day, and these two vanilla losers are talking guest lists and dresses? Holy shit. They even go so far as to face prejudice from their parents over wesen race-mixing. And they knowingly endanger their wedding (which, given the amount of attention they give it, is supposed to be really goddamn important) by insisting that Nick be there. When they know that if he’s discovered to be a Grimm by the mostly wesen guests, that all hell will break loose.

Their solution to this? Have Nick wear sunglasses at the wedding so the wesen can’t see him recognise them when they face-shift. Guess what Nick forgets to bring with him to the wedding?

The real lowpoint of the season comes with the introduction of Trubel, the crappily named new Grimm on the Portland block. She absolutely screams desperation for Grimm. She’s basically a knock-off of Sin from Arrow, but at least Sin never got elevated to main character status. She’s all young and pretty and androgynous and moody and feisty. The problem is, they hired someone who apparently doesn’t know how to act. “Slightly pensive” is about as strained as she gets, even when trying to save Nick’s life by crashing a wedding.

And also, that name. Like, wow. New low.

Sorry for whingeing about the “rape is okay if the victim is male” thing for the third time in about a week, but Jesus, Grimm takes it and runs with it. In the finale, Adalind uses a spell to impersonate Juliette. Among other things, she gets Nick to have sex with her. Juliette is initially mad because she thinks Nick had sex with some random other woman (she finds unknown female underwear in their bedroom). When she and Nick realise that Nick was tricked into having sex with Adalind, Juliette continues to be the disgustingly self-righteous cunt of a bitch she is by still being mad at him about it. If you reversed the genders, and had a male antagonist tricking a female protagonist into having sex with him with malicious intent, then there’d be a fucking shitstorm. But no. Nick’s a guy. A woman impersonating his partner and him having sex with who he thinks is his partner and then it turning out to be a psycho witch is totally a reason to be mad at the man. Yep. Good work, Juliette.

Nick is kind of like “Oh, that sucks,” and immediately gets over his rape. Because he’s a man, dammit. Honestly, Grimm, what the hell?

The royals and their goons are supposed to be feared and super threatening, but they are embarrassingly ineffective at achieving any of their goals.

Wu gets close to being in the wesen loop when he encounters one, but gets yanked back by a withholding Nick and Hank. Just come on, already

Sebastien was my darling fancy man and now he’s dead.

I’m still often confused by who the target audience of Grimm is. When you’ve got the fluffy, innocuous love story of Rosalee and Monroe taking up most of the season, it’s kind of fucking jarring to then have Trubel hacking a guy’s head off, or Adalind mutilating the body of an old witch and then turning her insides into jam and rubbing it on her pregnant belly. This isn’t Hannibal, NBC.

Oh, and Grimm gets to make it to season fucking 4, but Dracula gets dumped after 10 episodes? We are all to blame for this.


But it’s not all bad:

David Giuntoli is still, like, really pretty. If NBC took a page from the CW book and had a gatuitious shirtless scene every episode, I wouldn’t complain as much.

The guy who helps Adalind escape Europe is also pretty delicious. And unlike poor Sebastien, he’s still alive.

Adalind is still the best thing about Grimm. Her baby drama plot was the only reason to keep pushing through the actionless main plots of each episode. Now that we’ve exhausted so many wesen types, here’s hoping season 4 can finally break free and become the melodramatic, epic, arc-heavy beast that it deserves to be.

Adalind’s tenuous relationships with pretty much every main character are a delight. She’s just one perceived slight away from turning villainous on them. And by the finale, she does. Her rape of Nick has taken away his powers. Although, I am worried that Trubel will have to step up and fill his shoes while Rosalee and Monroe work on finding some Deus Ex Machina reason to get them back. More Trubel is more trouble.

The CGI is holding steady at a “not awful” pace. Grimm is even increasingly using practical effects for wesen action scenes, which I’ll always be grateful for.

The violence, while confusing, is juicy and fun. A sign of more mature content to come, I would think.

Wu closes out his season by finding a book of wesen stuff in Nick’s house. Come on, Wu. Get a clue.

Trubel crashes Rosalee and Monroe’s wedding in the finale in a rush to get a cure to Nick for Adalind’s sex poison. When the guests see she’s a Grimm, they mob her. It’s nice to see ordinary wesen are still capable of lynch mobbing at a moment’s notice.

Nick’s mum comes back for a while.

There were no super crazy wesen like the glow stick otherkin from last season.

Oh, and we didn’t get it this season, but isn’t it high time for a main cast death?

Grimm season 3

Pretty much anyone but Nick is fine with me.

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17 responses to “Grimm Season 3 – Season Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I kind of liked Theresa, mostly for her kind of silly nickname.
    Though I partly watch Grimm for the ridiculous stuff they tend to be doing to German. It’s nice that, for a change, they appear to mock English. ^^;
    So I forgive them that Truble only scores like 2 out of ten on a ‘looking like a badass punk’ scale.

    I agree that Adelind was the one who got the burden to carry the plot.
    Plus, in a kind of stupid way? They could have just filled her in on the plan?
    At least after it’s been carried out?

    About Juliette blaming Nick for the rape,… well I figured that the characters are – simply put – stupid. Dim like the night.
    It wasn’t even someone elses underwear on the floor, it’s been freaking hers!
    Adelind stole it to brew the potion. So she grew all judgemental on Nick for about seeing her undies lying on the floor … agh.

    Most disappointing tho bout the season is that it kinda lacks a finale?
    Okay, Nick is depowered,.. but pretty much every other open plotpoint is wild open. Plus a couple of new ones. I’d like some closure between seasons oO;

  2. guest says :

    please get rid of juliette, i completely hate her. she is annoying, cold and whiny.

  3. Don says :

    I agree about Monroe’s stupid wedding. But, I love Trubel, the name, the character and the actress…perfect..a breath of fresh air! Finally, the international plot is taking more screen time. It’s the most interesting part along with Trubel’s development. I see good things for the future if they keep going along these lines. Well written..what their doing with Sergeant Wu is solid, too. This show keeps getting better…(if you hate it so much, quit watching and commenting)

  4. Joanna says :

    Whoever hired this ‘trubel’ girl needs to be fired.
    Whoever come up with the name ‘trubel’ needs to be fired.
    I thought I hated juliette but no
    Please kill this girl off quick as you can

  5. Joe says :

    Honestly, I’m more on the opposite end from you with regard to your opinions on the characters. I’m sick and tired of Adalind. SO DONE. She keeps doing the same thing over and over!
    *Performs evil action because royal man tells her to and they’ve been getting busy*

    *Evil action doesn’t so much work out because main protagonists prevent it >>>>OR<<<< Evil action does work out and we get stuck in a worthless crappy plot twist for half the freaking season while Rosalee and Nick work it out in the spice shop and the writers think of the next big idea*

    *Nick pisses off Adalind further in messing up her plans* AND REPEAT!

    Even the baby thing wasn't anything new! She started acting somewhat civil almost but only AFTER SHE WAS GOING TO SELL IT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. I even caught myself thinking hey maybe they wrote it like having the baby is going to be what makes her want to switch side before I remembered she was going to sell it a few episode ago.

    Why do you like Adalind's character? To me she seems unpredictable, crazy, and downright psychopathic. I watch game of thrones too and that kind of show teaches you how to love to hate a character but I don't even love to hate Adalind. I hate when she comes on screen, I thought the whole "new mother on the run from angry family" cliche was a huge waste of time ESPECIALLY considering the baby just freaking disappeared with Nick's mom at the end of all that and no one important was killed in the process, and frankly I just don't like her moody, 11-year-old girl who isn't getting what she wants attitude and how she ALWAYS blames everything on Nick. He's got a hard enough life I mean damn just cut her head off and be done with it!

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yeah, I don’t think anyone in Grimm is much of an example of rationality and good decision-making.

      I liked Adalind mainly because she was mean and blonde.

    • Teylen says :

      Adalind might be evil for most part of her life but she has been trying to be reasonable. Stealing her baby away to have it ride of with Nicks mom and refusing to telling Adalind jack shit about it wasn’t the brightest idea of trying to enforce good behavior in Adalind.
      (my original thought when it was revealed how team Grimm handled it was about the line “great, they managed to find the single one person who’s as bad if not worse than adalind”)

  6. Anna says :

    The whole Adalind story arch and her acceptance into the fold and as Nick’s liver after all she attempted to destroy in these people’s lives is what is killing Grimm. Could you honestly imagine forgiving someone and becoming a liver to someone that tried to kill your friends, you, and destroy your previous relationship. Oh let bygones be bygones guys, I have a baby with the woman that shspeshifted into my fiance and raped me. No biggie. :p

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