The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22 – TV Review

TVD Elena Caroline Home

Those were the good days.

Much like Gossip Girl, it seems The Vampire Diaries isn’t handling its 5th season too admirably, either.

Well, at least not since the death of Katherine.

It doesn’t help that the season finale of TVD’s spin-off was about 20 times better than this, either.

TL;DR The gang kill Marcos and the Traveller menace; everyone gets resurrected; except Damon, who doesn’t make it back in time; Elena cries; the episode (and season) end as Damon and Bonnie are engulfed by the collapse of the Other Side.

Fading to white was a nice change of pace.

The plot of the episode focuses on the Mystic Falls gang getting their scheme together to murder all the Travellers (who have taken over Mystic Falls) simultaneously, thus overloading Bonnie again and allowing their fallen comrades to snap back to reality. Enzo ropes in Silas as the one to teach Bonnie and Liv the Traveller spell; Sheriff Liz makes all the Travellers congregate at the Grill to get them in one place; Jeremy and Matt start a gas leak under the Grill; Damon intends to kamikaze run his car into the grill to set off the explosion. Once Bonnie gets overloaded, all our heroes are supposed to touch Bonnie and come back to life. Simple, right? Actually, yes. Except Damon drags his heels, Bonnie is a weak bitch, and Luke stops Liv’s chanting (because it’s killing her) before Damon has a chance to fondle his way back to the land of the living. Oops. The episode ends in a cut to white as the Other Side tumbles down. Meanwhile, Marcos almost catches onto Liz’s scheme and she gets hurt in the explosion, but Alaric and Damon save her from the debris; then Alaric comes back to life because he reaches Bonnie in time. Meanwhile, Lexi hangs out with Stefan on the other side, but ends up refusing to be resurrected because she’s found peace. Meanwhile, Tyler is okay, somehow. And Elena ugly-cries over Damon’s death.

Don’t worry, honey. He’s one third of the lead cast. He’ll stick around. I also totally called it on Stefan getting resurrected the very episode after his “death.”

I think the worst aspect of this episode, and this season as a whole, was how low stakes everything is. At least last season we had the cure up for grabs. This time we’re just fighting the Travellers because they happen to be a bit pushy and nosy?

And when you’ve got your “dead” main characters literally queueing up to go through the revolving door of life that is Bonnie, it’s impossible to respect any “hard” decisions The Vampire Diaries makes.


Why I hate this episode:

Also, where was Jenna? She deserved to come back to life more than anyone. Rude.

And seriously, they actually have a queue for Bonnie to resurrect them. A queue. Naturally, everyone is a selfish arsehole and they all jump it, but come on, TVD. Really?

Lexi is the only one to actually give a shit about Bonnie’s wellbeing in regards to, like, dying from resurrecting people. Not that Bonnie deserves any consideration, but these people (well, some of them) are supposed to be her friends.

Liz somehow manages to evacuate the entirety of Mystic Falls on the basis of a supposed gas leak. These people will believe anything, won’t they?

Bonnie is a turd to Silas. After he’s helped them by teaching them the spell, he starts getting sucked away into oblivion, along with Enzo. Bonnie saves Enzo, but she yanks her hand away from Silas at the last second out of spite for him killing her dad. Why even bother saving Enzo? She could have knocked out two problems right there. Then maybe you would have had enough energy to save Lexi, too. Bitch.

Qetsiyah also doesn’t show up. Rude.

When Julian dies, Tyler appears to Bonnie to pass through to the Other Side. But Julian himself does not appear. Plot hole.

There’s still no word on what happened to Katherine. She didn’t get sucked into Other Side oblivion, because she didn’t get a chance to pass through Bonnie to reach the Other Side in the first place. I’m glad that this means she has a decent shot of returning, but I want to know now, dammit.

Yeah, I’m glad Alaric is alive. But he’s just another character whose impactful, “permanent” death has been conveniently reversed just because.

Elena insists on joining Damon on his kamikaze run for no reason other than “I luv u babby.” Pointless. And also a strain on Bonnie. Way to take resurrection tickets away from people who actually needed them, cunt.

Tyler isn’t a hybrid anymore following his resurrection. Dear God, not more “I don’t like turning into a werewolf” angst.

The Originals’ finale really was so, so much better.

Oh, and Elena does the biggest, ugliest cry over Damon’s death that I think she’s ever done in the series. Oh, get over it. I’m sure you’ll find some other bullshit magic crap to get him back soon enough. What’s Davina up to?


But it’s not all bad:

Here’s the list of people who got resurrected:

  • Luke (he also died first this episode. Thanks, Caroline)
  • Enzo
  • Tyler
  • Elena
  • Stefan
  • Alaric

Not a bad haul, hey?

Luke died when Caroline killed him as a way to motivate Liv to help perform the spell they needed. It’s basically her only contribution to the episode, so kudos, Caroline.

Her other contribution comes when Stefan breaks down in tears at news of Damon’s for realsies death. She consoles the fuck out of him.

Which would probably please Lexi, because she’s a confirmed shipper-on-deck for Stefan/Caroline. I’m tired of fighting it. Let them get it over with.

Speaking of Lexi, she is the surprise standout of the episode. When Marcos comes hunting after Bonnie to be resurrected, she stops him in his tracks and beats him the fuck up. Then he gets promptly sucked into oblivion. Satisfied that she’s done her good deeds for her lifetime (finally), she finds peace and goes to the afterlife or whatever.

Stefan gets best line of the episode when he and Caroline are talking about her being missing from the resurrectees: “She didn’t come out. Neither did Marcos, and I know that’s not a coincidence.” He knows she’s a tank. Because she is.

Grams also claims to have found peace, and rejects Bonnie’s offer to resurrect her. She also drops a tidbit about having made some deal or assurance that Bonnie would be okay following the collapse of the Other Side. So I suppose that’s how she and Damon will weasel out of it next season.

Liz tries her best to ditch the Travellers at the Grill and flee, but Marcos realises something’s up. So she pistol whips his face off to make him settle down. Sadly, he wakes up and catches her, and she gets caught in the explosion.

But she doesn’t die, and Alaric and Damon use their Ghost powers to save her from the rubble. Aww.

Elena glimpses her own charred body in the car wreck. If only things could stay that way forever.

Stefan crying over both his best friend and his brother leaving him made me feel sad.

Marcos demonstrates the boundaries of the magic nullification to Liz by chucking Julian into the null zone. He de-hybridifies, which causes him to burn in the sun for a minute, then his neck snaps. It’s slapstick gold.

Oh, and Bonnie and Damon, despite their admitted disdain for each other, are glad they have somebody to face the great white of oblivion with. Those Bonnie/Damon shippers from seasons of yesteryear will rejoice.

TVD Bonnie Damon oblivion Other Side Home

How did you even phone home here? The reception is terrible.

TVD Elena unflattering ugly cry face Home

Keeping the tradition alive.

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13 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Alisha says :

    Do we really need Caroline to have fucked every male cast member besides Jeremy? Not to mention, it’s only going to lead to Elena remembering she still desperately loves Stephan, reminding us once again of what a selfish cunt she is. oh shit I might start despising this show as much as glee! The only thing that could redeem this situation would be if Stephan tells Elena to fuck off for Caroline. Then I would be on board for sure.

  2. Lydia says :

    I am so fucking pissed off with TVD. Killing off Damon was the last straw for me. Sure, they may have ruined his character, but at least I could see him on screen, and reminisce about the good ol’ days of season 1. He was such a boss in season 1.
    I’ve always said that I would stop watching if they ever killed him off. Looks like this is it for me, because I was serious. Even if Alaric is back, which I’ve wanted since he died, it’s not enough.
    I’ll still read your blog though. If he ever comes back, I’ll pick it up again. MAYBE.

    And I’m already royally pissed at CW, because they decided to not renew the Tomorrow People, which actually turned into a pretty solid show! And it ended with so much promise for a season 2! What the fuck?! They’re renewing GLEE.
    Fucking assholes.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Damon will definitely still be on the show.

      And I did end up watching all of The Tomorrow People, and you’re right. It did get better. I would have liked to have seen another season of that over Reign getting fucking renewed.

      Goddammit, CW.

  3. HM says :

    The Originals was a more solid show overall this season… TVD is dominated by stupid love bullshit, and its characters have become so predictable. I mean, Elena is the definition of predictable. Also…. when Stephan died she didn’t shed a tear, but she almost cries herself to death when Damon dies. WTF.

    AAAAAAAND the one character I wanted to come back to life was Lexi… and she doesn’t. And Jenna should have been there, but everyone on that show has basically forgotten she existed. I’m sure the actress that played her could use a little paycheck.

    And although we don’t see it… I think it’s pretty obvious that all the vampires that returned did so as humans. So that’s some angst for season 6.

    All this shit to bring people back to life… meanwhile Davina draws a circle on the floor with chalk and does some chanting and Mikael is immediately brought back. Liv is a weak piece of crap…. and still she’s better at witching than Bonnie ever was. XD

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yeah, that’s pretty hilarious. Davina is just like “Eh” and can resurrect Mikael with no consequences. Bonnie has to spend a whole episode wincing and crying over how difficult it is to bring people back to life, with Liv almost dying from the spell.

      If the Mystic Falls gang networked better with the the New Orleans crew, they could get so much done together.

  4. stop hating evrything! says :

    jenna didn’t go to the other side, she found peace!

  5. Phoebe says :

    Goddamnit, why can’t Tyler just stay hybrid.

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