The Originals Season 1 Episode 22 – TV Review

The Originals Genevieve death season finale

I’m with ya, Gen.

Thankfully, The Originals’ season finale isn’t anything like Glee’s.

Because The Originals is actually a sensible, decent television show.

TL;DR The baby is born; pretty much everyone fights the witches to get it back, and they do; all the vampires except, like, Marcel end up dead; because Davina resurrects Mikael; Josh and Marcel’s werewolf bites get healed; Hayley gets killed and transitions into a hybrid; Klaus sends the baby away for its own safety.

With Rebekah. Yeah.

So we pick up where we left off last episode: Hayley with 3 witches in her crotch. Klaus catches up to them, but they subdue him long enough to get that baby squeezed out. Monique then slits Hayley’s throat, and the witches flee to the cemetery to perform the ritual to kill it. Elijah and Klaus give chase, and are eventually joined by a transitioning Hayley (the baby’s vampire blood something something). Marcel turns the tide of battle with the witches (thanks to some secret weapons that Camille gave him) and rescues the baby. In return for his help, Klaus heals his bite. Elijah, Klaus, Hayley, and Marcel all decide the baby will only be safe if they fake its death and smuggle it out of New Orleans, which they do. Rebekah pops back in to share a touching moment with Klaus as he hands over his daughter to her. Aww. Meanwhile, Davina gets to work resurrecting Mikael. But she doesn’t need him right this second (she heals Josh on her own), so she locks him up until she’s ready. He does feast on all those injured vampires, though (au revoir, Diego). Meanwhile, Genevieve tells the gang that the ancestor who has decreed the baby must die is our favourite homicidal mother, Esther (then Hayley kills Genevieve. Expectedly). Klaus officially calls all UST off with Camille for her own safety. And the episode ends with the final Harvest girl coming back to life, but being inhabited by Esther.

Sadly, no Sophie. Goddammit.

Really, though, what a fantastic finale to a fantastic first season. I fully expect The Originals to take a TVD turn into ceaseless, arbitrary crises that somehow avoid killing the main characters at every turn. But for now, we have The Originals Season 1.

Queen of the spin-offs. A top 5 darling. Making its parent show look bad.

Take a bow.


Why I hate this episode:

I want my Sophie, though. I’m not joking about that.

Jackson also gets oddly excised from this episode. Not that I miss seeing Jackson around, but he’s kind of important, right?

Davina’s whole subplot about resurrecting Mikael gets slapped aside before it has a chance to do anything. She heals Josh by collecting some of Klaus’ blood from the fight he and Marcel had, so it’s not like she has any imperative. She still brings him back to life, though. But then, in what I assume is some kind of compassion considering Klaus just had his baby born, she stuffs him away in her old church loft room until she’s ready for him.

Also, Marcos’ little magic eradication trip doesn’t reach New Orleans. How disappointing.

Monique reasserts what a massive, wet hairball she is when she randomly slits Hayley’s throat after taking her baby away. Sadistic little shit.

Much like Luke and Liv, Monique and her Harvest girl sidekick rely far too heavily on the power of stretching their hands out at their enemies. When they’re stopping Hayley and the boys from reaching the sacrificial altar, they’re all like “Rah rah we have the power of all our ancestors behind us. We’re unstoppable.” Then Klaus spears the fuck out of Blondie and that’s that. All over. Ridiculous.

Camille helps Marcel treat all the werewolf-bitten vampires. I’m pretty sure a puny human around that many soon-to-be-starving and crazed, hallucinating killing machines isn’t a great idea, guys.

When Davina gathers up Klaus’ blood to heal the vampires, she is upset to find out it’s only enough to save one. She chooses Josh over Marcel. Pfft.

I know Esther wants to kill her children because they’ve caused centuries of bloodshed and misery, but I don’t believe that she would be callous enough to order the murder of a baby. Leave the sadism for Monique, girl.

Mikael tells Davina she needs to channel the baby (it’s a miraculous event, so has lots of power or something) for the resurrection spell, which she supposedly does. We don’t see any effects of it, though. Why even bother including that explanation?

Hayley plays martyr when she claims she’d rather die than drink her baby’s blood to complete transition (only baby’s blood will do. Because Hayley’s inconveniently special like that). Then she later drinks, like, a couple of drops from the baby’s finger and that’s all she needed. Why whinge, whiner?

Marcel tags in for the martyrdom show when he cries to Klaus about how all the current carnage is his fault: it snowballed from the time he originally brought Mikael to New Orleans, thus creating the conflict between himself and Klaus and blah blah blah. Save it for someone who cares. That is, shut up.

Klaus (and I presume Hayley?) name the baby “Hope.” Ugh.

Oh, and Klaus really needs to get his shit together with Camille. Marcel’s pretty, but he’s not the main character. You need to aim high, Cami.


But it’s not all bad:

Klaus does get to deliver the best line of the episode when giving her the ol’ brush off, though: “You had me pegged from the start: a man damaged by his demons. And those demons are not dormant. They are hellbent on killing me and everything I find beautiful. And you… You are beautiful.” Damn right she is.

The real gasper of the episode is Rebekah’s brief return. After the gang have decided the baby needs to be sent out of New Orleans to keep it safe, Klaus meets with the one person who would be suited to the job: Rebekah. He’s fulfilling at least part of her wish to live a normal life and raise a child. Their tender moment together is emotionally affecting, even for somebody whose sphincter is as bitterly clenched as mine.

Klaus hops in for second best line of the episode with these words for his sister: “In spite of our differences, Rebekah, there is no-one I would trust more with my daughter’s life.” I don’t know. What about Elijah? He’s pretty noble.

Elijah gets a standout scene. Of course, he’s devastated when he comes to the church and finds Hayley dead (for now). But it’s later, in the cemetery, when he truly breaks down. He angrily admits to Klaus that he finally let down his guard and chose to be in love with somebody, and now it’s all gone. I want to comfort you, Elijah, but when I kiss the TV screen, you never react. I’m feeling like this relationship is a little one-sided.

Genevieve redeems herself before she dies. She apologises to Klaus during the birth, and promises to make the baby’s death quick. After she and the witches are foiled at the cemetery, they string Genevieve up. She again apologises to Hayley and Elijah, and asks they pass her message onto Klaus. She informs them that Esther is the one who is demanding Hope’s blood, and the ancestors start killing her again for it. All Genevieve wanted was to live.

Which she can’t do anymore, because Hayley guts her. Fair enough.

Monique gets killed by some magic throwing star that gives you 1000 cuts. Camille’s secret weapon actually was a full arsenal (that’s what all the junk in the closet was). Marcel took the throwing star to bleed Klaus for blood to heal the poisoned vampires, but he puts it to much better use when he shuts that little shitcunt down.

I’ll give Monique some points for secretly telling Blondie that she hopes Genevieve is unable to go through with the sacrifice so the ancestors will kill her and allow the other Harvest girl to come back to life. You sneaky little rascal.

Speaking of the other Harvest girl, she does return from the grave at the end of the episode. She’s met by some random black guy, and we find out she is actually Esther. The guy also calls her “mother.” I assume that means he’s being inhabited by Finn. Because Finn is a pussy-whipped little Mama’s boy. And nobody trusts Kol.

Also, can you imagine Esther and Mikael facing off against each other, or teaming up as part of season 2?

Hayley is a hybrid now. So she can contribute more to fights in the future.

Mikael eats Diego.

Elijah and Hayley publicly attend a memorial to the victims of the previous night’s gang violence (the baby is included in the memorial) to fool their enemies into thinking the baby died. Marcel sures this up by dumping a baby corpse on Oliver (a stillborn from a hospital), claiming that when Klaus finds it on him, he’ll think Oliver killed it, and his roaring rampage of revenge would be fierce. This is to motivate the werewolves to fuck off. I hope it does.

Marcel volunteers to have his memory of Hope’s survival compelled away to keep the plan on track. That’s commitment.

Camille runs to Klaus when she thinks the baby is dead and offers her heartfelt condolences. She’s such a sweetie.

Oh, and she might have left us suddenly, but I’m glad Rebekah knows when it’s important to come back: when you’re getting a baby.

The Originals Rebekah baby season finale

“But I’ll be back to catfight Camille at some point, probably.”

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24 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Alisha says :

    I am demanding another spin off, 1 and a half originals. right? Seriously, I just need more Rebekah.

    Also, I feel your pain, Hayley never acknowledges my advances. Those two really only have eyes for each other.

  2. HM says :

    Monique dying…. that was the sweetest moment for me. I hated that bitch and I hope she manages to stay dead.

  3. Lydia says :

    Finally watched the episode, so I finally read this. :O

    I was so convinced they were going to kill the baby. I mean, the episode was called, “From a Cradle to a Grave.” But no, they only faked it. Whew! 😛

    Seriously though. Now all of the Originals are back to life except Kol. WTF! Bring him back, douches! I thought that maybe when he made a cameo in TVD, he’d somehow get resurrected and hop down to New Orleans, but no! 😦

  4. Catherine Dream says :

    Oh shitfuck.

    I missed the finale. I’m not reading this. I’m running to watch. I think I fell into a time continuum chasm and thought this wasn’t aired yet.

  5. Catherine Dream says :

    ‘when you’re getting a baby’ – oh, how I love thee.

    Yeah, this finale was awesome. While I gave up on TVD a while ago, since it became boring and repetitive and nothing would REALLY happen, this spin-off? So good.

    Also, usually I find scenes like this cheesy (to a point of telling the screen: cheesy.) Klaus handing his daughter (I’m not saying Hope. Cheesy.) to Rebekah was beautiful. I’m ACTUALLY glad she might get her happy, white picket fence ending after all.

    Unlikely. But for the moment.

    Also, lots of blood, you can also count on the originals to give us lots of blood.

    Haha, so delightfully random, but in the first show Phoebe Tonkin appeared in, in probably the 2nd or 3rd episode, she’s yelled at by another main character that all she does is ‘whinge, whinge, whinge’ : D ALSO, the third character in that scene, also whining is Claire Holt’s.
    Talk about small world.

    : )

  6. Morgan says :

    Not Oliver…HIS PACK is what Marcel says killed the baby.

  7. ed says :

    I fucking hate that Francesca bitch she’s so fucking ugly. Like in the previous episodes when Diego and oliver are about to fight at the party Elijah hosts, she says something like wouldn’t it be better to fight over something important maybe like me? Like bitch you ugly ass fuck. And when she says to Elijah I know I look amazing in this dress thanks for saying so. Like wtf Elijah ain’t say shit cause you a big nose ugly deformed face. She so fugly I can’t get over it I hate watching her like she makes me skip the parts shes in. Saying to Haley like you should mind your manners cause if I go after somebody I don’t miss. Stfu you dumbass ugly fucking cuntalicious fagbag of a shitty existence. Jeez it pisses me off. Oh and same for Monique so glad she died. Acting like she’s so tough. She ain’t shit. Got 1000 cuts boo yah bitch. Big face big head ugly bitch.

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