Revenge Season 3 Episode 22 – TV Review

Revenge Victoria murders Aiden Execution

But did it have to be Aiden?

Revenge is this year’s most improved show.

And what better way to improve on last year’s Declan-killing finale than by killing off 2 main characters?

And even reviving a 3rd.

So sudsy. So chic.

TL;DR David Clarke gets pardoned; Victoria murders Aiden in retribution for Pascal’s death; Jack gets arrested for kidnapping Charlotte; Conrad is legally fucked, but escapes from prison; only to be murdered by a totally-not-dead David Clarke; Margot’s brother Gideon puts a dead hooker in Daniel’s bed; Emily has Victoria committed to a mental hospital to discredit her discovery of Emily’s true identity.

It’s not a soap opera until someone is forcibly committed to a mental hospital to cover up an identity switcharoo.

The episode kicks off with Emily and the team (Nolan, Aiden, Jack) celebrating their victory over Conrad, who is totally boned for everything he pinned on David Clarke. Not only that, but he is also under investigation for Pascal’s murder. And David Clarke is given an official, posthumous pardon for being a terrorist. Emily’s victory is shortlived, however, when Victoria murders Aiden while he’s visiting Emily’s childhood psychiatrist Michelle Banks (for evidence that Victoria was involved in the conspiracy. You know the deal) as revenge for Emily causing Pascal’s death. Emily doesn’t take it well, and blackmails Banks into helping her get Victoria committed to a mental hospital. Victoria’s screams that Emily is Amanda Clarke are written off as psychosis. Superb. Meanwhile, Charlotte is still a little upset about being kidnapped. When Jack touches her, she realises he was the one who did it, and has him arrested. Meanwhile, Nolan makes friends with Gideon. Gideon says to Margot that he’s fine with her stealing CEO out from under him, but he schemes with Nolan to take down Margot by attacking Daniel. Nolan wasn’t exactly shooting for “dead hooker in the bed,” but Gideon went there. And Conrad, realising his legal situation is hopeless, escapes from prison. He’s taking his victory walk when David Clarke pulls up and stabs him to death.

I’m not sure if I want to live in a Conrad-free world. Who will tell Victoria to shut her cunt mouth all the time?

Don’t let my detachment fool you: this episode is fucking insane. It makes last season’s finale look like shit. This is the kind of skyscraping superdrama that Revenge is made out of.

I just so want to believe that season 4 won’t crap out.


Why I hate this episode:

Victoria’s motivation for killing Aiden is a little sketchy. She knows for a fact that Conrad killed Pascal. Why not attack him? Yes, Emily was involved, but she didn’t shove your lover into a helicopter.

Also, Victoria has always hated Conrad for being a conspiratorial, murderous bastard. But apparently Pascal being a conspiratorial, murderous bastard was no biggie?

And it’s pretty sick that she props Aiden’s body up on Emily’s lounge so she is horrified when she comes home. That’s pretty sick, Viccy. And not even the cool kind of sick. Just the mean, “fuck you I hope you die” sick.

And way to have no sympathy for Emily once you know she’s Amanda Clarke. God, Victoria.

Javier comes and apologises to Nolan for the whole My Clone app debacle. Nolan apparently still has plans to reacquire it. Gideon and Nolan even discuss how it’s a multi-trillion-gazillion dollar property. This shit better not be an integral part of season 4. Stop it, already.

Gideon isn’t hot. Including having no French accent. What a waste.

Mystery Man’s cabin actually belonged to David Clarke’s family. Was that part of Victoria’s design? Was the ring? I’m not clear on that. If someone could help me out in the comments, I’d be grateful. I still don’t know the extent of Victoria’s input on the whole deal.

Charlotte going nuclear on Jack is pretty infuriating. How many allies do you have left, bitch? Jack’s all you’ve got. And you know he’s the one who set you free. Hell, if you think he’s the kidnapper, then you should be happy he showed you the truth about your evil parents. She should be thankful. Or at least have a talk with Jack about it before running to the police. But no. This is Charlotte. And out of all the characters that have died, she still isn’t one of them.

After Aiden’s found dead, Jack worries that Emily will lose herself if she aggresively pursues Victoria for revenge. Oh, shut up. Really, the smartest thing Emily could have done was walk right in the Grayson Manor front door and shoot Victoria’s frozen fucking face off. David Clarke has already been pardoned, Conrad is in jail for life. She could whack Victoria and sail off into the sunset. Trapping Victoria in a mental hospital isn’t a bad second choice, but either way, enough with the pacifism. Victoria killed Aiden. Revenge is the only option.

Aiden chokes Victoria before succumbing to the drug she slipped him. She begs him to “do it.” As in kill her. If only.

Perd from Parks and Recreation gets a tiny scene as the newsreader that delivers the update on David Clarke’s pardon. Very bizarre.

Oh, and as delicious as David’s reveal was, what a fucking ass-pull, right?


But it’s not all bad:

David Clarke is alive. And has a pretty strong stabbing arm. Conrad, I think in a mixture of shock and grim resignation, doesn’t even defend himself when David sticks it to him. Classy until the end, baby.

Victoria shares David’s determination when she cruelly smothers the life out of Aiden. She commends him on his loyalty to Emily, though. And a single tear rolls down his face when she removes the pillow. If he had to have a death, thank goodness it was noble and beautiful.

Emily is none too pleased with Banks’ involvement in the murder. Though Banks claims she didn’t know Victoria was going to do that, Emily isn’t satisfied, and gets an honourable mention for best line of the episode: “Sorry’s not enough.” Emily forces Banks to watch footage of her sessions with young Amanda. It’s not stated, but I’m pretty sure Emily was letting Banks know exactly who she  is.

And although it’s through blackmail, Banks seems to take joy in being one of the 2 doctors to sign off on Victoria’s commitment to the mental hospital. She provides therapy notes (forged?) that detail Victoria’s obsession with Emily. Savour it.

Best line of the episode, naturally, goes to Emily. Victoria tries to remain stalwart, even in a hospital gown and restraints, but Emily is so fucking done with her shit:
Victoria: “You won’t get away with this.”
Emily: “Watch me.”

Gideon may not be a looker, but he knows how to get a job done. He forms an alliance with Nolan (Nolan wants My Clone, Gideon wants his company back), and they both decide that wrecking Daniel should be enough to rattle Margot and destabilise the company. So Gideon takes Daniel out for drinks, gets him blackout drunk, then gives a hooker purposely too much cocaine so she’ll overdose while in Daniel’s bed. Some candid snapshots seal the scheme. Nolan is like whoa, but he can’t argue with the results.

Conrad’s ploy to escape prison involves a bribed guard taking a disliking to him and attacking him. This is so nobody suspects he’d be involved with an escape plan for Conrad. He dresses Conrad up in a reverend costume and Conrad walks out the gates, whistling a tune. I’ll miss Conrad’s efficiency.

Another facet of Emily’s plan to have Victoria committed is to dig up Amanda’s grave and say Victoria did it. Ruthless. I am a little hazy on this part, though: Emily goes to Charlotte prior and gives her the DC ring. She claims that a graverobber might have gotten it out of David’s grave, and suggests Charlotte move the body. Charlotte vehemently disagrees, but she does tell Victoria about the exchange. So I guess that was just bait to get Victoria to come out to the cemetery? If that’s correct, then that’s amazing.

Emily hits Victoria in the head with a shovel. Also amazing.

Javier admits his stupidity to Nolan. Good.

Oh, and David may be above terrorism, but I appreciate that he’s not above good old fashioned murder. He’ll fit in well here.

Revenge David Clarke alive Execution

If he gets his own revenge, what will Emily have left to do?

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13 responses to “Revenge Season 3 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Wait, you seriously didn’t give credits for Emily beating the crap out of Mistery Man at the cabin like it was nothing? That was pretty amazing. Although she do have smashed several men now, and it was no surprise…

  2. Steph says :

    (This is a bit late but I only just watched the last 4 eps last night.)

    I’m not 100% clear on the whole cabin deal, but I guess Victoria knew about the cabin, had David’s ring (or a replica made?), got the letter in David’s handwriting sent to Charlotte knowing she would talk to Jack and Team Emily would figure out where the letters were being sent from, go to the cabin, find the ring, then Emily would eventually go, and Victoria’s henchman was supposed to kill (or kidnap) Emily?

    Haha, I THOUGHT that was Perd from Parks & Rec!

    I’ll miss Conrad – probably the only Grayson who wasn’t annoying.

    Gideon went a bit OTT re: Daniel, but I guess he deserves it for being such a dick to Emily (e.g. gloating about how she’s infertile) and just generally being cowardly evil now.

    Looking forward to next season with David Clarke’s return (though I do hope they wrap up the show in another 1-2 seasons). Didn’t Victoria hint to Emily (real Amanda) that David wasn’t the nice guy Emily thought he was? Also, the scene where he stabs Conrad seems to further hint at his dark side. Makes me wonder if he’s been in cahoots with Victoria this whole time, using his daughter to get his name ‘posthumously’ cleared before he can reveal himself to be alive…

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      David can replace Conrad as our resident amoral bastard. Victoria always uses “protectin’ mah family” to excuse her bad behaviour, whereas Conrad was more of the “because I wanna” type of villain.

      Which is the best kind of villain. And can you imagine Victoria and Emily teaming up to take down David? That would be incredible.

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