Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 – TV Review

Arrow Isabel kills Sebastian Streets of Fire

Also, impalement.

Oh, Sebastian. With a name like “Blood,” the spilling of yours was only inevitable.

But you died a hero’s death. By getting double penetrated by a superwoman.

You’re into pegging, right?

TL;DR Slade lays waste to Starling City; Sebastian realises the error of his ways and helps hand the Mirakuru cure over to the Super Friends; Malcolm shows up to protect Thea; Laurel and Sarah have some Sister2Sister time.

Don’t click that link. You’ll spend an hour looking at early 2000s pop videos.

So it’s nice to see Slade stop messing around. His Mirakuru-infused army causes soccer riot-level mayhem in Starling City while Sebastian intentionally delays efforts to stop things. When Slade’s goons attack the mayor’s office and murder all his staff, including the DA, Sebastian realises that Slade’s goal isn’t to injure Starling City: it’s to erase it. By this point, Slade has stolen the Mirakuru cure that Star Labs was trying to deliver to the Super Friends, so Sebastian nobly pinches it from Slade and hands it over to the good guys. Isabel kills him in response. Meanwhile, the Super Friends (Oliver, Felicity, Diggle) stumble through a chaos-stricken Starling City in pursuit of the cure. Once Sebastian’s gifted it to them, they have to put aside their reservations about its possible side-effects and test it on Roy. Meanwhile, Thea is saved by Malcolm at the train station. So she runs away from Malcolm and then shoots him when he tries to have daddy-daughter time. Meanwhile, Laurel bumps into Sarah while making her way to Quentin at the police station. She reveals she is aware of her identity, and they bond. And in flashbacks, Oliver infiltrates the freighter and frees Sarah from imprisonment. Before they can find the Mirakuru cure Ivo whipped up, Slade attacks, revealing he already possesses it.

I’m guessing he kept a better handle on that one than he does in the present.

Can I just say, thank God that Sebastian is dead. Nobody needed a single second more of that Scarecrow-wannabe, do-gooder dipshit. He even makes sure to fuck us around with some garbage about how his skull mask represents his daddy issues.

So long, Sebastian. Don’t come back.


Why I hate this episode:

If Slade really wanted to destroy the city, why doesn’t he just blow it up or something? A bunch of strong goons hardly compares to an earthquake machine. All the goons really do is flip some cars and set a couple of buildings on fire. That’s inefficient, Slade. You should be a better businessman than that.

Thea is pretty ungrateful to Malcolm. Personally, if I was in the middle of a city siege, I’d take the protection from the crazy man who wants to keep me alive. Rather than risking it out there alone with all the supersoldiers who would happily snap my neck. I mean, Malcolm didn’t even really like Tommy and managed to not kill him for his whole life. He doesn’t even know you yet, Thea, so, if you play your cards right, you can at least get through the night before he realises how insufferable you are and puts an arrow through your brain. Be smart, not brave.

There’s some time devoted to how Sarah doesn’t view herself as a hero yada yada yada (trying to kill Roy really messed her up, huh?). This is remedied when she saves a kid from a burning building and Laurel is like “Oh yeah, that’s the Canary. Everyone should totes make her a legend or something.” Nobody cares.

Oliver has to coach Laurel on how to use his bow so she can shoot an exploding arrow to clear the rubble she’s stuck under from last episode’s ending. Speaking as a former archer, she has terrible form.

EDIT: I forgot that Quentin already knows about Sarah. I’m retarded. But Laurel doesn’t know he knows, right? Whatever. Laurel does not fill Quentin in about Sarah’s identity. Yeah, I know he said he’d rather not know who the Hood/Arrow/Vigilante is, but I think he might feel differently if his own daughter was involved.

Sebastian confirms to Oliver that the “one more person to die” Slade mentioned is in fact not Oliver himself, but whoever Oliver loves the most. Well fucking duh. It’s pathetic that Oliver didn’t figure that out on his own.

Oh, and Amanda Waller has ARGUS surround Starling City and prepare to nuke it as a final option to defeat the Mirakuru goons and Slade. Or, like, you could just go in and shoot them in the head and not kill thousands of innocent people? ARGUS has the resources to covertly obliterate a city, but not a few snipers lying around? Hell, we know you have Deadshot.


But it’s not all bad:

At least Amanda does seem mildly conflicted about it. And she gives Oliver until dawn to sort things out on his own before she brings the boom. That’s pretty generous for Amanda Waller.

While the “Felicity makes emotional speech to Oliver” thing is getting pretty tired, she delivers a pretty great one this episode. Oliver again wallows in self pity by blaming himself for Starling City’s predicament, and Felicity is like “Nuh uh” and affirms her unshakeable faith that he can help pull the city out of it. They almost go for a kiss, but they wuss out and hug, instead. So close, Felicity. One day, maybe, those abs will be yours.

Speaking of Felicity, apparently Isabel isn’t her greatest fan. She tells Diggle that she wants to find Felicity and kill her, which has always been a dream of hers. Felicity promptly runs Isabel down with the van and rescues Diggle, so really it’s a winning scene all around.

Felicity gets best line of the episode with her farewell to Oliver and Diggle when they go off to meet Sebastian: “I’m just saying, if you guys don’t come back alive, I’m gonna be really pissed.” No goodbye kisses? Maybe next time.

I’ll give Sebastian a couple of points for finally doing the right thing. It took the DA’s neck getting snapped right in front of him to wake him up, but he got there. And his death scene is pretty cool.

And Isabel has taken that abhorrent mask off. Thank goodness.

Laurel is now completely in the loop and can be open about everything to the Super Friends. Here’s hoping her contribution to the team can be more substantial than “cheerleader for the Canary.”

Oliver reluctantly has to test the Mirakuru cure on Roy before he can risk using it to depower Slade. I lol’d. At Roy’s expense.

Flashback Oliver shows some nobility when he instructs the Russian guy to blow up the freighter if he can’t manage to rescue Sarah and flee within an hour. Suicide is the best revenge, anyway.

Quentin kills the goon who attacked the police station with 3 grenades. His boss reinstates him as a detective due to his usefulness. Nice.

Malcolm struggles just as much as Oliver when it comes to fighting the Mirakuru goons. I’m glad to see he doesn’t have any abitrary villain advantages.

Oh, and Thea shoots the shit out of him when he’s trying to pledge his parental support to her. That kind of coldness almost makes up for the weeks and weeks of selfish brattery.

Arrow Thea shoots Malcolm Streets of Fire

Oh, alright. If you have to.

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10 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    “Thea is pretty ungrateful to Malcolm.”
    Thea is pretty ungrateful to EVERYONE.

    That comment about Laurel’s archery lesson: OMG. Me too! I even had to pause the TV to rant, haha. She was worse than Katniss from the Hunger Games, and at least Katniss was TOLD to not do it properly, so that they could always see her face clearly.

    According to the season finale preview, Deadshot will indeed be in it. So there’s that.

    Oh, and heyyy… I hate to be a spoiler, but… I doubt Malcolm is dead. I won’t say more than that, because who knows, I may be wrong, but… Yeah.

    Oh! And it looks like Nyssa will be back for the finale as well. So here’s my theory: Sarah’s going to die. Nyssa is going to be pissed and probably want to take it out on Oliver, thus, a new villain for the next season, because I doubt Slade will make it. And also, Laurel will take Sarah’s place as Black Canary.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I’m still waiting for Ra’s to show up.

      • sarah says :

        I think that’s the big reveal for next week. The dark archer in the previews can’t possibly be Malcolm. He’s here just for Thea not to save the city he once tries to destroy. So this means that could totally be Ra’s. It might mean we don’t get to see his face…

  2. Teylen says :

    Quentin knows that Sarah is the Canary.
    She gave them the whole Assassine backstory.

    Maybe Slade counted on ARGUS love to nuke cities?
    Like ‘I do little mirakuru infused fuss, they’ll blow it. Literally.’

    About Laurels shooting.
    Well she’s holding a bow for the very first time in her life and Oli couldn’t see her to correct her stand/position/stuff.

  3. Teylen says :

    Though I got no idea about shooting.
    I was actually suprised that they made that big of a fuss about shooting an arrow for … what … 3 meters? At a surface the size of an elephant? It would be hard to miss, wouldn’t it?

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