The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 – TV Review

TVD Stefan dying dead Promised Land

And having your heart ripped out is absolutely no excuse.

Typical Stefan. Way to check out just as you’re needed.

Why don’t you go lie in a safe at the bottom of a river for another 3 months.

At least you’ll be dead this time, so you won’t have to bore us with your post-drowning whingeing.

TL;DR Stefan dies; Marcos successfully activates his spell, the effects of which causes all witch magic to diffuse; Bonnie fails to do anything to save the day; Elena still has the hots for Damon.

Of course.

So I’m finally up to speed with Marcos’ plan (I had no idea what was going on), and the completion of the spell takes up most of the episode’s plot. The spell will not only diffuse witch magic of a designated target, but all witch magic ever. Which is bad news when most of your cast are only alive due to said magic. Having captured Stefan and Elena last episode, Marcos gets all the doppelganger blood he needs. A kindly Traveller named Maria (the one who tried to rape Tyler. I think?) busts them outta there and joins them to reunite with her husband, Julian (Tyler’s new headmate). Liv and Luke try to kill Stefan and/or Elena in a final attempt to thwart Marcos’ spell, but fail. Maria dies, though. Meanwhile, Damon steals all the Travellers’ real bodies in an effort to hold Marcos to ransom. Marcos DGAF, though, and the spell goes off without a hitch. Our main characters all flee Mystic Falls, which is the epicentre of the magic nullification, and hide out at Whitmore for the moment. Then Julian flies into a rage and snatches Stefan’s heart out, killing him. That oughtta ruin the spell, at least. And in other news, Bonnie and Enzo team up to find a way to magically fix everything, but their plan is spoiled when Maria gets sucked into oblivion on the Other Side.

If there’s one thing the Travellers are good at, it’s dying.

I don’t think I have any major complaints for this episode. There’s a handful of nitpicky, little things that I’ll get to, but it’s pretty hard to argue with an episode that kills Stefan.

If only he could act like any other vampire on this show and actually stay dead. Yeah, right. If Bonnie doesn’t find a way to bring him back immediately next episode, then I’ll give him 2 episodes into season 6 before he rears his pretty head again.


Why I hate this episode:

I kept trying to figure out if “Maria” was actually Maria. As in, her actual body. As far as I was aware, all the Travellers except Marcos were in Passenger mode inside Mystic Falls residents. But when Maria dies, she retains the same body for the Other Side. Which means she wasn’t in Passenger mode?

The scene where Liv and Luke try to kill Stefan and/or Elena is fucking pathetic. Firstly, they make a big show about using witchy woo and crappy CGI to magic smash the car they’re in. Then, instead of staking or burning or literally anything that would be quicker and guaranteed to kill them, they instead choose to use some palm-out magic force to slowly kill them. Then uh oh, the Traveller spell flares up and they have no magic and Elena and Stefan get away.

Double demerit points for Liv and Luke then disappearing from the episode. Instead of, you know, following them and killing them.

Triple demerit points because Stefan and Elena had already started burning from the sun (the daylight rings had been nullified). Literally all Liv and Luke had to do was keep them outside for about 10 more seconds.

Way to drop the fucking ball, Bonnie. Firstly, she gets some hair-brained idea for Maria to help them use the same spell Marcos used to escape the Other Side. If she planned to save multiple people, she’d need 24 Travellers per person for it to work. Okay, good luck, BonBon.

Then Maria gets sucked into oblivion and Bonnie is like “Oh well. That was all the plan I had.” Isn’t it inconvenient that useful, non-main characters are the first to get sucked away? Enzo was standing right there, and he’s been dead longer. Why not him?

I don’t know how Marcos transfusing his own blood for doppelganger blood makes him Superman, but we’re just gonna roll with that, I guess?

Elena and Damon are all but official again. After their escape from the Travellers, Stefan advises Elena to get back together with Damon because it’s good for both of them (really, Stefan? I could have sworn it was abhorrently toxic?). Then when the gang flee to Whitmore, Elena pashes Damon when he arrives. Ugh.

Luke has apparently developed a fondness for the Mystic Falls gang. When did that happen? Also, he hasn’t mouth-jumped any of the boys yet. So he’s still irrelevant.

One of the Passengers gets a couple of spotlight scenes for seemingly no reason. They’re riding inside this middle-aged black woman, and they cruelly and arbitrarily kill her non-Passenger husband. Is this important?

Marcos claims there are Travellers everywhere. Just like werewolves, huh? Of course there are.

Marcos is pretty sloppy with extracting Stefan and Elena’s blood. He just slits their wrists and hopes for the best. At least Klaus had the decency to use an IV on Elena. God, Marcos. Get your shit together.

Oh, and I know Tyler is rubbish, but Julian is not stellar in the replacement department.


But it’s not all bad:

With the lives of every main character except Matt (and Jeremy?) at stake, there is no way whatsoever that Marcos will prevail. At least not with the effects of the spell as we know them. And there’s absolutely no chance that witch magic will be obliterated. How would they handle Deus Ex Machinas without it?

So what I’m saying is, at least we know Caroline will survive. The only character who matters.

The OMG moment of the episode is, of course, Stefan’s death. A nice parallel to Enzo’s, so I’m satisfied that justice is served. After hearing that his wife is dead, Julian starts freaking out. Caroline tries to neck snap him, but he fights back. Stefan steps in, and Julian tears his heart out in the scuffle. If Stefan had to die protecting someone, I coudln’t be any more pleased that it was Caroline, not Elena.

Suck. Shit. Elena.

Julian claims that Stefan’s death should cancel out the power in his doppelganger blood, which should make the Travellers’ spell moot. Good work, then.

When the witch magic starts evaporating, Stefan and Elena not only lose their daylight rings, but their death-inducing injuries surface on them. For Stefan, it’s getting shot. And for Elena, it’s drowning. I loved it. Damon and Tyler also get the mortality pains.

Bonnie is forced to admit that she lied about Liv concocting a spell to save her when everyone just assumes Bonnie/Liv’s spell can magically fix every problem they have. See, Bonnie. You’re such a joke, even the other characters simply expect you to get to work on a quick fix. She bravely bucks the trend, though, and fails miserably. Which is much more Bonnie-esque.

Caroline’s idea to fix Tyler is to kill Julian, and then have Bonnie or Liv use magic to something something Tyler back into his body. Oh, Caroline. You just wanted an excuse to kill Tyler. Admit it.

Best line of the episode goes to Damon, who hits the Tyler nail on the head: “I mean, aren’t we all just a little sick of Tyler?” Yes.

Elena pops some cleavage when she is trying to flag down a motorist to hitchhike. She gets it.

Marcos is a bit of a Bad Boss when he proves his apathy towards Damon’s body-snatching scheme by stabbing one of the dormant Traveller bodies in the neck. Hey, any Traveller death is a death I can approve of.

Caroline’s anguish and shock at Stefan’s death is affecting and real. Thank God it wasn’t Elena in her place. That wouldn’t have felt genuine for a single, love-triangular second.

Will the magic short circuit be around long enough for it to reach New Orleans?

Oh, and Enzo does his best to help Bonnie with her “let’s get Maria” plan. But a whirlwind of doom is a hard stone to bleed.

TVD Maria Other Side sucked into oblivion Enzo Promised Land

Say hi to Vicki for us. Not.

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8 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    OMF. That last picture.
    You can’t do that! Make me laugh like that when I’m at work! XD XD XD XD XD

  2. Alisha says :

    Stefan dying was not as fun as I would have hoped. It just confirms that Bonnie isn’t going anywhere. So fucking depressing……

  3. Trish says :

    Why are making fun of every character? I don’t understand. If you don’t like the show, why watch it?

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