The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 – TV Review

The Originals Josh Davina daylight ring The Battle of New Orleans

“What? It’s the second last episode of the season? Good God, nobody is safe!”

Lock up your Deus Ex Machina witches and get out your wolf’s bane, it’s The Battle of New Orleans.

Or, more accurately, The Battle of Klaus’ Courtyard.

Still plenty of carnage, though.

TL;DR The werewolf rings get made, but Francesca turns out to be a werewolf and steals them all for herself and her bros (and for Oliver); Genevieve and the witches take Hayley hostage just as she goes into labour; Mikael continues to pressure Davina to resurrect him; Klaus and Elijah spend pretty much the entire episode fighting everyone.

The episode is called The Battle of New Orleans (if you hadn’t picked that up already). It comes with the territory.

The plot mostly concerns those pesky werewolf magic rings (henceforth known as moonlight rings). Oliver and Jackson get hijacked by Marcel’s crew while they’re bringing the stones to be embedded in them to Klaus. Marcel tortures them for info on what Klaus wanted them for while Klaus and Elijah search for them. When Marcel finds out it’s for moonlight rings, he rallies Diego and the vampires to make a final assault on Klaus’ compound to stop Genevieve from performing the spell. Meanwhile, after rescuing Jackson (Oliver was let go), Elijah and Hayley have some sexual tension. As do Genevieve and Klaus (as well as “I won’t kill you if you do what I say” tension for those two). Klaus calls in Francesca to bring some replacement stones, and she and her brothers hole up in the compound with Genevieve, Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah while the spell is performed. Marcel launches his attack, but it’s foiled when Francesca surprises everyone (except a studious Camille, who has spent her episode doing family tree research on Francesca) by revealing she and her brothers are werewolves. She made a backdoor deal with Genevieve to hand over the spelled stones, and Francesca and her crew get bitey on the legion of vampires that Elijah hasn’t killed yet. Marcel, meanwhile, lures Klaus out of the compound for a 1-on-1 battle. Klaus bites him, but the fight ends when Klaus becomes riddled with injuries thanks to a caveat in the moonlight ring spell. The episode ends as Hayley goes into premature labour while with the witches (Francesca gave her to them); Francesca and Oliver’s secret alliance gets revealed (she was also his partner in the bombing); Marcel, Elijah, and Camille agree to put their differences aside to find Hayley; and Davina gets pestered by Mikael to revive him (Klaus had earlier bitten Josh to get info out of Davina, and Mikael offers to kill Klaus and get some sweet hybrid blood to save her friend).

Oh, Josh. Go away.

Well, it’s nice to see The Originals justifying its position on my Top 5 TV Shows list. Though, it’s a CW penultimate episode for the season, so it’s guaranteed to not be garbage.

Francesca being a werewolf, though? Didn’t see that coming.


Why I hate this episode:

I was also a little unclear on exactly what she and her brothers were doing killing all their human henchmen at the compound. I think they were activating their werwolf genes by murdering someone, and, having the spelled stones, getting the benefit of being strong and venom-y without the consequence of turning on the currently shining full moon. But I find it very hard to believe that all those members of an organised crime family have never killed anyone before.

Also, did we need any more fucking werewolves? Remember, in the beginning of TVD, werewolves were so rare that Stefan and Damon thought they were fairytales. Now they are literally everywhere.

Klaus’ motive in getting the moonlight rings whipped up is to create a werewolf army. Ugh, seriously? This again?

The vampires fail pathetically in their raid on the compound. Elijah single-handedly puts them all down. You guys suck.

Then Francesca and her bros come along to bite all the stragglers. Are there going to be any vampires left in New Orleans after this? They’re so disposable.

Klaus bites Josh so Davina will tell him where Marcel is (so he can find Oliver and Jackson). He is, shockingly, at the place he always is: his base where Thierry used to live. Probably should have checked there first, K. Pretty fucking obvious.

Genevieve is both disappointed that Klaus never loved her, but she also pre-empts this by going behind his back to deal with Francesca, anyway. Stop being so goddamn hypocritical.

Camille still hasn’t found the weapon that the key was supposed to lead to. Unless the weapon is the werewolf lineage, which would technically be a weapon against vampires? Lame.

The witches plan to offer Hayley’s baby as a sacrifice to the ancestors in exchange for power, I think. Rude. Those ancestors are stingey bitches. At least Genevieve appears to be conflicted about it, still.

Klaus is surprised that the sketchy witch whose allegiance is flaky doing the crazy moonlight ring spell would trick him into using his blood for the spell which results in him getting fucked up by said spell. Doesn’t he watch his own show/s?

Oh, and I still can’t believe that Oliver is smart enough to be Francesca’s partner in this. Or maybe Jackson being superbly stupid just makes Oliver the smart one by comparison?


But it’s not all bad:

Diego calls Oliver “Nirvana” during the torture sesh. Oh, Diego. That makes me a little bit sad that you’re going to die from your werewolf bites. But not that sad.

Pretty much everyone gets infected by a werewolf bite: Josh, Diego, Marcel, all the vampires Elijah didn’t kill, and Elijah himself. Elijah won’t die from it, so I hope he at least goes loopy and starts confessing his love for Hayley to anyone who will listen. Not that it’s a secret.

He and Hayley kiss again this episode. That’s 2 in a row. They may be onto something.

Francesca’s truth may have come out of nowhere, but bitch knows how to do a dramatic reveal. She kills her own henchmen, kills a bunch of vampires, reveals she was responsible for the bombing on the werewolf camp, steals all the spelled stone, and hands Hayley over to the homicidal witches. She’s in the game.

She also buys Rousseau’s, which Camille isn’t very happy about.

Francesca nabs herself the episode’s second best line during that scene, too: “I’m a legitimate businesswoman.” Does she also have a social club?

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus, who isn’t too happy about Jackson losing their shipment of special ring stones:
Hayley (to Jackson): “No-one’s blaming you.”
Klaus: “I’m blaming you.”

Josh might die. Nice.

Diego will probably die. Double nice.

Klaus is willing to bite Marcel. Such delicious cruelty.

Josh pervs on a hot jogger. If there’s one thing The Originals’ cast can do, it’s perv.

If the little coded inscription from Sean wasn’t leading to the closet of mystery in Keiran’s old apartment, that means whatever the weapon is must still be out there. I hope. If it is just the werewolf revelation, that’s pretty blah.

Klaus chooses not to cure Josh after Davina divulges Marcel’s whereabouts in case he needs to interrogate her about something else later. He’s a shrewd businessman. Just not so good at that “Don’t trust shady witches” thing.

Hayley tells Elijah that she’s supposed to be betrothed to Jackson, but it’s clear that she wants Elijah more. Good. Because Jackson is crap.

Jackson is also aware that both Elijah and Klaus love Hayley. Just back out of the competition now, baby. You don’t stand a chance.

Oh, and I think it’s a safe bet that this baby’s birth will be much more exciting than Once Upon a Time’s.

The Originals Hayley in labour The Battle of New Orleans

She better hope all that Original vampire cock-teasing pays off.

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