Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 – TV Review

Arrow Thea selfish brat City of Blood

Don’t worry, Thea. You’re not alone.

Well, I was wrong: Moira’s death hasn’t given Thea any perspective or empathy for Oliver.

She just finds new ways to be selfish and bratty.

At least they catch up with her.

TL;DR The Super Friends (+ Laurel. She reveals to Oliver that she knows who he is) are unable to halt the advance of Slade’s plot to wreck Starling City; Sebastian remains oblivious to the fact that he’s a disposable pawn; Thea loses everything and decides to leave town; flashbacks show us nothing exciting.

Unless you count the death of a minor character who I don’t care about as exciting.

Things kick off at Moira’s funeral, where Oliver is absent. Thea’s all whingey because not only is he MIA, but she blames him for Slade’s actions. Obviously. Later, Isabel shows up at Verdant and tells Thea to get the fuck out, because it’s an asset that she’s taking because Thea didn’t sign that thing to prevent it. Thea whinges some more, and decides to leave Starling City for a clean slate. Meanwhile, Laurel’s suspicions about Sebastian flare up again, and along with Quentin, they discover that he knew Moira was going to be killed the day before it happened. She brings this info to Oliver, revealing her knowledge of his secret, and the Super Friends scramble to put a stop to Sebastian (who they now know is Mr Skull Mask aka Brother Blood) and Slade’s shit. Before all this, Diggle and Felicity have to call on Amanda Waller to help them find Oliver, who is in a grief rut. He tries to offer himself to Slade to be killed, but they, along with Laurel, put a stop to it. Oliver unsuccessfully attempts to convince Sebastian that Slade will ruin Starling City beyond recognition. The episode ends as Laurel and Oliver are besieged by Mirakuru goons in the sewers, Diggle is attacked by Isabel, Felicity gets an urgent call from Star Labs, Quentin is attacked by a Mirakuru goon at the police station, and Thea finds herself in the middle of a goon assault on the train station. The Mirakuru army descends upon the city.

This feels more like a second-to-last episode than a third-to-last episode. In any case, shit’s poppin’ off.

After the typical CW middle-season slump, I couldn’t be happier that Arrow has been ramping up the action so quickly over the last few weeks.

I just wish Thea would shut her fucking brat mouth and try, just try, to have some empathy for her brother. Because, and I know it’s a shock, having a superhumanly strong mega villain stalking you isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, let alone inform your family about.


Why I hate this episode:

Oh my fucking God, Thea. She even chucks a shitfit when Isabel repossesses Verdant. You knew it was a Queen Consolidated asset. You knew. You should have signed the goddamn papers, and then at least you’d still have your job that was apparently so precious to you. But not precious enough to take 2 seconds to sign your name to a piece of paper.

Oliver’s martyrdom isn’t unbearable. But it wasn’t far from it. And it should be clear to anyone that Slade’s mention of “one more person to die” isn’t referring to Oliver. You don’t completely trash somebody’s life, then kill them so they don’t have to endure the fallout. My money’s on Sarah, but Thea or Laurel are also in the running.

Sebastian’s level of denial is spectacular. He’s also lost some serious badass points for his gradual transformation from Dr Hell Mask into a well-intentioned extremist. He honestly believes that Slade’s army of roid-raging freaks will only do, like, a little bit of damage to the city. We saw what Roy was capable of, and he was just one guy. Who wasn’t already a convicted, violent criminal. Wake up, Sebastian.

The flashback stuff was all kind of bleh to me. All it really showed was Oliver, Sarah, that Russian prisoner and some other prisoner (I don’t remember which one. The preacher?) getting the WWII submarine ready for action so they can get off the island. They need to dislodge it from where it is, which requires them to shoot it with it’s own torpedo. That’s already pretty ridiculous, but then it turns out Japanese submarines were as fond of suicide as Japanese kamikaze pilots, because the torpedoes have to be controlled from within by a human. The guy I don’t remember chooses to do it, because Ivo had experimented on him with fatal levels of radiation, anyway. Thanks, buddy. I won’t remember you for this. Because I won’t remember you at all.

Amanda Waller is unnecessarily obstructive (until they tell her Slade has an army of Mirakuru goons, anyway). This would be fun if she wasn’t so fiercely uncharismatic. She’s a block of wood with a face, really.

Oh, and Isabel’s Deathstroke-lite costume looks terrible on her. I thought she had more fashion sense than that.


But it’s not all bad:

She is more competent at combat now, though. She needed to be.

Oliver pulls off “extremely hot, broken man” very, very well. His tearful speech to Thea about how she should follow her instinct to leave town and live a happy life was pure swoon material. And for once, Thea actually listens to him and values what he has to say. He’s beautiful.

Laurel finally got around to spitting out that she’s in the loop on Oliver’s secret identity. And with Sarah out of the picture, I think their relationship could be on the mend. Which is how things should be.

Walter comes to the funeral to support Thea. He later tries to convince her to stay in Starling City. He’s a good step-dad.

Amanda puts her cuntishness aside when things become serious. That must have been tough for her. She helps Felicity and Diggle trace Oliver to some second base he has. Which is basically a man cave that he goes to when he wants to think.

Laurel rightly gets her Sebastian suspicions back. She distracts him with some BS about a do-gooder case so she can bug his computer. Smooth bitch.

And while she doesn’t bring any particular skill to the Super Friends, she does help Oliver overcome a Mirakuru goon. Now, can Sarah let her borrow one of those cleavage suits?

If Isabel is repossessing Verdant, then she’ll be getting the base, won’t she? Interesting.

Diggle kidnaps some suit to interrogate. Felicity carries out the interrogation by using computer magic to drain his bank accounts. It was a nice change from the punch ‘n question tactic.

Slade clearly didn’t fill in Sebastian as to the Hood/Arrow/Vigilante’s identity, because Sebastian is shocked when Oliver tells him. I lol’d.

Sebastian is sworn in as mayor concurrently with Moira’s funeral. He’s a cold bitch.

Oh, and Isabel seems handy with a blade. It’s a shame about the outfit.

Arrow Isabel Mirakuru Deathstroke costume City of Blood

No-one should have to live like this.

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4 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 21 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I lol’d too, about how he just sits down and is like, “I’m the Arrow.” Like, dude! You’re in a PUBLIC place! Who can say the person sitting like a METER away form you didn’t overhear that?!

    And hopefully Thea really is leaving. My God, she’s just so awful.

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