The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20 – TV Review

TVD Caroline drinking cabin What Lies Beneath

Or, as I like to call it, “Monday.”

Sadly, Caroline, it’s not.

It’s “watch Elena and Damon remember how to be terrible at being broken up time.”

Or, as I like to call it, “Inevitable.”

TL;DR Most of the gang hide out at a cabin to avoid the Travellers; Enzo’s ghost attacks instead; melodrama ensues; the other half of the gang try to pry the Passenger out of Tyler, with deathly bad results; Luke sucks at doing magic.

And after waiting all this time to show off his skills, he completely fails. Eh. He’s still better than Bonnie.

Yeah, so after a single episode’s reprieve, Damon and Elena are back to their dumb game of “Do We Still Love Each Other?” It flares up when they, Stefan, Caroline, and Luke hide out at a cabin because the Travellers want that sweet, doppelganger blood. That bullshit is punctuated by the interference of Enzo, who takes advantage of the collapsing Other Side to try to kill Stefan and Damon (and Elena. Ish). Stefan and Elena are forced to spill about Enzo’s death, and Damon manages to placate the unfriendly ghost with a pledge to restore him to life. Then the Travellers show up and grab Elena and Stefan, anyway. Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Jeremy are called in by Matt to help de-Passenger Tyler, who managed to wolf out and evade the Travellers. Julian, the Passenger, does an admirable job at helping them, but Marcos and his crew are a step ahead of them, too, and do what Katherine did to Elena and make Julian the permanent resident of Tyler’s body.

And with the Traveller knife gone, there shouldn’t be any hope of getting him back. I’m okay with that.

This episode is another entry in the tiresome line of Damon/Elena post-breakup bullshit instalments. And yet again, even though they do their best to stay apart, they end up making another “you’re bad for me but we love each other” speech and kissing.

Just fucking get back together, then. Just shut up and do it.

I don’t even care anymore as long as it stops all this tedious back-and-forth.


Why I hate this episode:

The entire trip to the cabin is moot. Luke is the least competent witch ever, made even worse when Ghost Enzo takes him out, which knocks down the apparently paltry cloaking spell he was doing to keep Marcos and the Travellers away. It’s all just an excuse to shove Elena and Damon under the same roof. Yuck.

TVD also touches on Caroline’s fleeting attraction to Stefan. There is ship teasing later when Caroline admits she was jealous that Stefan went to Elena with the dead Enzo secret rather than her. Then he’s all like “But I tell you things I don’t tell Elena har har.” Good God, no. They are friends. Leave it.

I don’t know why Enzo drowns Elena as a diversion so he can take out Luke. Luke is outside by himself for most of the time at the cabin, anyway, and not a single character pays attention to him.

There’s some double standard rape allusions. Tyler wakes up all chained down, and Julian’s wife is molesting him while he’s sleeping. If the genders were reversed, you know that this would be the most horrible, unforgivable situation ever. But since Tyler’s a male and the aggressor is a female, all we get is Tyler looking mildly confused and the situation getting brushed off. Gross.

Tyler also turns into a werewolf to escape the Travellers, yet he doesn’t kill a single one of them on the way out. I know they’re all just Passengers inside the bodies of Mystic Falls residents, but come on, man. Give it a try, at least.

Bonnie is still withholding the truth about her impending death from Jeremy.

The cabin crew manage to make drinking games boring and shortlived. I’m not shocked.

Elena decides that because she’s got a nice buzz going, that it’s clearly time for bed. Bitch, do you even drink? Like, at all? I can party harder than that by myself.

Bonnie and Jeremy comment on how going body-hunting (they’re looking for Julian’s real body so Marcos and the Travellers can’t make him permanent inside Tyler) is the worst date night ever lolz. Oh, shoosh. It’s season 5, and you’re still trying to push this relationship? Just give up, TVD.

I don’t believe for a second that Julian will remain permanently inside Tyler. If fucking Katherine couldn’t keep that shit together for more than a few episodes, Julian won’t.

Oh, and Damon tells Elena that the reason he isn’t freaking out and going ballistic over news of Enzo’s death is because he wants to stay level-headed to prove to her that he’s a good guy yada yada yada. If Elena’s stuck with you over the countless murderous rampages you’ve performed so far, I don’t think she’s gonna ever run for the hills, honey. Do what you want.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other side of that coin, Stefan admits to Caroline that the reason he hid Enzo’s death from her is because he didn’t want her to think less of him. Aww.

And while their ship tease is pure blasphemy, if they’re gonna do it, just get it done, already. Make it hot, make it quick, and get rid of it.

The standout moment of the episode is undeniably Tyler’s “death.” Despite some seemingly earnest assistance from Julian, Bonnie and Jeremy are outgunned when the Travellers show up to claim Julian’s body. They return to a chained-up Tyler and, along with Matt, are forced to watch Tyler disappear as the Travellers burn Julian’s body up. They’re powerless to help him. Which is a nice change of pace for our resident Bonnie Ex Machina.

The Travellers have hidden their piles and piles of real bodies in the caves under Mystic Falls. Bonnie and Jeremy are a little unnerved by it. As you would be.

Enzo manages to pull off a few good pranks. First, he tries to drown Elena while she’s taking a bath. Then he ties Luke up in the barn, dowses it with petrol, lights it on fire when Damon and Stefan come calling, and stabs the Salvatore brothers so they’re immobile. His plan would have worked, too, if it weren’t for Damon’s meddling pledge for new life.

He hasn’t figured out exactly how he’s going to resurrect Enzo yet, but Damon is confident that something will come along. Hey, it always does.

The best line of the episode goes to Elena after Damon gives her that kind of confusing speech about being good at the end of the episode: “Okay, now I’m really confused.” As are we all.

Caroline mistakes Elena and Stefan being secretive about Enzo’s death for them getting back together on the DL. A reasonable assumption.

Shortlived it may be, but the cabin crew’s game of Never Have I Ever (we Aussies just call it I’ve Never) gets a few bitchy little digs in. Mostly at Elena’s expense.

Oh, and despite the danger being minimal (because Elena is a vampire, remember?), any time Elena gets drowned is worth a look. Stefan did it for months on end. Elena can bear it just this once, I think.

TVD Enzo drown Elena in bathtub What Lies Beneath

“Also, nice womanscaping.”

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8 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. HM says :

    Of course the Travellers got to Julian’s body first, Bonnie and Tyler spent the whole time bitching about it being a bad date or whatever. Your friends is about to die, fucking get the task done. Why couldn’t Matt go instead of Bonnie?

    So Enzo basically killed himself… and now he pulls the plug on his evil plan to be brought back to life? WTF

    And am I the only one that got a certain vibe from that short scene between Luke and Stefan? Am I reading too much into it? I’m boarding that ship anyways, although it’s never going to happen.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I saw the moment between Stefan and Luke. But I ws trying not to be one of those pathetic shippers who takes any politeness from one male character towards a gay male character to be sexual.

      But yes, I am boarding that ship now, too. Damon had his chance. It’s Stefan’s turn.

  2. Lydia says :

    Mystic Falls finally gets a character who’s homosexual, and they basically shove him to the side. WTF guys. At least the Originals is trying to make Josh relevant, and I have to agree with your recent review that heh, he deserves a slight nod in the least.

    I want Caroline and Stefan to JUST. STAY. FRIENDS. It IS possible for a guy and a girl to JUST be friends, TVD! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again!

    Also, the fact that Enzo is sticking around makes me happy. We need more characters who don’t have any regards for Elena’s life, now that Kat is gone.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      If Luke sticks around for next season, I would expect they’d bother to give him a romantic subplot. I think we’re too late into this season now to either a) introduce a new character just to be his love interest. Or b) make one of the existing male characters bisexual so they could flirt or whatever.

      But you never know. Anything is possible in Mystic Falls. Except Elena’s death.

  3. Lydia says :

    I have one more thing to add! When Caroline said, “Never have I ever kissed a Salvatore brother,” if she didn’t add that “…today,” she’d be lying. Am I the only one who remembers season 1? Because I don’t think the writers do.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I hate people who break the I’ve Never rules and say things that they have done just so they can drink.

      Leave the alcoholism to the professionals. Like the season 1 writers. Who have forgotten everything.

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