The Originals Season 1 Episode 20 – TV Review

The Originals Elijah Hayley kiss finally

Mission accomplished. You can all go home now.

Who knew it would take Keiran’s death to achieve so much good in The Originals?

Hayley and Elijah finally kiss.

Francesca becomes more prominent.

Even Genevieve makes the leap from lingering plot tumour to tolerable supporting character.

I thank you for your sacrifice, Keiran.

TL;DR Mikael takes advantage of a crumbling Other Side to dream-menace his sons, and try to kill Hayley; he also tasks Davina with resurrecting him; Genevieve proves herself helpful and human; Klaus deals with his daddy issues both with his dad, and with his surrogate son (Marcel); Camille finds a weapon to use against the supernatural.

In an entirely convoluted way, of course.

The rampant scheming slows down a bit in the wake of Keiran’s demise. Instead, it’s time for Mikael to make his return by reigniting his sons’ (particularly Klaus’) daddy issues by appearing in their dreams thanks to the Other Side getting all messed up. He knocks things up a notch when he takes advantage of Hayley’s temporary death (Monique voodoo dolls her. It’s silly) to try and kill her Other Side self. With the surprising intervention of a magnanimous Genevieve, Hayley comes back okay. Klaus also struggles with his own failure as a father to Marcel, who is intent on fighting Klaus until his death if need be. Meanwhile, Camille and Marcel use that key of Keiran’s to find a weapon hidden in Sean’s tomb. Meanwhile, Genevieve unsuccessfully pleads with the ancestors not to make her kill a baby. Meanwhile, Hayley goes after Francesca for the suicide bombing last episode. Francesca denies it. And Hayley and Elijah finally mash their fucking faces together.

Oh, it only took 20 episodes? I had no idea. Who’s counting?

I’ve got to say, though, what most impressed me about this episode wasn’t that kiss. It was Genevieve.

I know I’ll regret it, but I’m extremely grateful that she was able to be helpful when Hayley was dying, and showed some humanity when she begged the ancestors not to turn her into a monster (her own word) by killing a baby.

Thank you, Genevieve. I expect you will die very shortly, though.


Why I hate this episode:

While Francesca is given slightly more time to shine, she hasn’t actually done much. She gets a scene where she asks Camille for Keiran’s key. Then Hayley confronts Francesca later and accuses her of the suicide bombing, which Francesca denies. You’ve got, what, 2 episodes left? Make your move, sweetie.

I’m still not a huge fan of Camille and Marcel as a couple, or even as friends. They’re both beautiful, but they’re also both way too serious and focused. They’re just not fun. Camille also betrays him by hiding the weapon from him. But then again, he betrayed her by having Josh steal the key to the weapon’s box from her dying uncle’s body. Just break up, is what I’m saying.

The weapon also turns out to be just an inscription inside a box, in the code that only Camille and Sean know. Pfft.

The ancestors are jerks. Genevieve is like “Plz don’t make me kill babby,” and they make her eyes bleed and throw her around the graveyard a bit. Fuck, if they have that much power, why don’t they just chuck Hayley down a flight of stairs? Lazy bitches.

Also, why doesn’t Monique just chuck Hayley down a flight of stairs? She instead opts for a voodoo doll that kills Hayley, but oddly, not the baby. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, Monique. Stairs. Now. Go.

Monique is just a cunt, isn’t she?

Token whinge about Klaus’ daddy issues.

The flashbacks to Marcel as a slave don’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. The only relevant one is where Klaus reluctantly vampirises Marcel because he’s dying. We didn’t need a flashback for that, guys. Some dialogue would have saved us all some time (and you some money, CW).

Hayley accepts Klaus and Elijah’s request to live at the compound with them again. So she’s just abandoning the werewolves to Oliver’s bad leadership?

I don’t want Mikael back. All he does is remind me of the Rebekah ordeal, which makes me sad.

Oh, and Marcel uses daddy issues as an excuse for why he’s a stubborn, prideful dope (the “you made me that way” card. You know the one). Ew.


But it’s not all bad:

He does affirm that he is willing to fight Klaus until he dies. And given how much easier Marcel can die than Klaus, Klaus should win. Which would wipe that smugness right off Marcel’s face. Because Marcel would be dead. It would be a waste of beauty, but a necessary one if he keeps up with this attitude.

Again, I’ve got to give Genevieve points for trying to find a way out of becoming a baby murderer. She also gives Monique some bull about how because the baby is part witch (thanks, Esther, I guess?) that they need to wait for it to be born before killing it. So they have a body to consecrate and add ancestral power to New Orleans. It’s total garbage, but Monique seems to accept the explanation. Keep fighting, Genevieve.

She also genuinely helps Hayley after her voodoo death.

Hayley doesn’t do too bad herself when she’s dead. Mikael tries to kill her, which I think means it would ensure her death in real life. She fights that bitch off and stakes him.

She gets best line of the episode during the killing blow: “My daughter has an advantage Klaus never had: she will never, ever know you.” Hmm. I smell some Klaus/Hayley ship teasing in the air.

And there’s more. Hayley also gets second best line of the episode after she’s back alive. Mikael talked some mad smack to her about Klaus, but Hayley believes in something better:
Klaus: “What did he say to you?”
Hayley: “Nothing true.”

Of course, she can’t leave Elijah out in the cold. He comes to her near the end of the episode and expresses how he felt real, raw fear when she was dead. Hayley’s response is to pash the fuck out of him. Nice.

Francesca denies organising the suicide bombing. Her reasoning being that if she was going to target the werewolves, she would have targeted Hayley specifically. And Francesca claims to never miss her target. Take a shot then, baby.

Camille is grateful to Klaus for saving her life.

Klaus’ original solution to his haunting daddy dreams is to binge drink. It’s the vampire cure-all.

Mikael appears to Davina twice. Once during a failed séance to contact Tim. And in the episode’s final scene, he requests her help in resurrecting him. If you must.

Elijah manages to secure Genevieve’s help in creating those magic, anti-turning rings for the werewolves. He’ll give her access to Esther’s grimoire to do it, so Genevieve is happy.

Hayley asks Camille’s opinion on Francesca, and Camille says she’s a bitch. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Other Side’s disintegration is a nice nod to TVD without overtaking the whole plot.

Oh, and Klaus proves his intention of raising the baby alongside Hayley (as opposed to killing her immediately after the birth. Which is a genuine concern), and also with Elijah living with them. 3 parents are better than 2, right?

The Originals Hayley Klaus

Hayley has other ideas.

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6 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Kae says :

    This episode didn’t make sense on few stuff like. When Kieran died he was a vampire and during the funeral his body looked normal. Shouldn’t his body look degrading like a dead vampire. And I really can’t stand Monique , some should already kill her off.

  2. Lydia says :

    I was just about to comment on the same thing Kae did.

    Also, It annoyed me that it took all fucking episode for the funeral processes to get over with. Holy crap.
    And lol about them bitching at Klaus about drinking at a Wake. That’s what you’re supposed to do, dummies! And also, at least he was up front about his worries, instead of being all moody without explanation. Moves the plot along faster.

    I honestly went, “Awwwww!” When Klaus revealed he had a baby-room all done up. Oh my gosh. ^o^
    …But the baby’s family will be messed up enough for it’s own reality TV show. Which I’d so watch.

  3. HM says :

    I fucking hate Monique. I hate her stupid face, I hate her voice, I hate her damn hair. I wish her a slow and painful death. Soon.

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