Revenge Season 3 Episode 20 – TV Review

Revenge Pascal helicopter death Revolution

“Thank goodness this helicopter is here to blow it around so I can blame it on that.”

Pascal kills someone by shooting them, Conrad kills someone by pushing them into a helicopter rotor blade.

All’s fair in love and soap opera.

TL;DR Conrad kills Pascal because Pascal is under duress from Emily to record a confession from him; Pascal earlier proposes to Victoria; Charlotte is menaced by some new mystery guy sending letters from “David Clarke”; Nolan sabotages Javier’s app launch.

Because the app being insane computer magic isn’t enough to discredit it.

The meat of the episode sees Emily kidnapping Pascal and pretending to be a Homeland Security agent. She forces him to wear a wire to record a confession from Conrad about all that Flight 197 business. Pascal reluctantly goes along with it, but Conrad gets the drop on him and shoves him into the tail rotor blade of a helicopter. Victoria, who had earlier accepted Pascal’s marriage proposal, is devastated. Emily is also a bit shocked (and, I’d like to believe, impressed). This goes down at the launch party for My Clone, Javier’s app. Nolan cheats the databases it draws on to greatly insult the party guests and ruin the launch, which makes Daniel and Margot pretty angry. Luckily for Margot, she got Pascal to secure her succession as CEO, so at least she has that to fall back on now that he’s dead. Meanwhile, Charlotte gets letters from “David Clarke.” She goes to Jack for help, and they try to track where they’re coming from. The search proves fruitless, but a Mystery Man stalks them from afar. I presume her chloroform and kidnapping at the end of the episode is due to him.

Stop copying Norman Bates, Charlotte. Just give up.

While Pascal’s motivation frustratingly flip flops between being evil and being in love, I gotta say, any episode of Revenge that has Conrad murdering someone, let alone doing it so deliciously, is special.

I knew he still had it in him.


Why I hate this episode:

Pascal turns out to be all about the love. He did everything he did to protect Victoria and only ever wanted to be with her yada yada yada. He even succumbs to the Homeland Security ruse because he wants to protect Victoria from incrimination by going solely for a confession from Conrad. What happened to you, Pascal? You used to be cool.

He also cops out on any evildoing whatsoever when he ends up being sincere in his promise of succession to Margot. Things look iffy when he keeps putting it off, but all she has to do is ask him directly for it and he agrees.

Nolan claimed last episode that his war on Daniel would be on, well, Daniel. But the major casualty of his app sabotage is Javier, who Daniel cuts out of the deal in retaliation for the failed presentation. Get it together, Nolan.

Isn’t it a little late in the season to be introducing some new, mystery threat? Also, it’s a Charlotte-heavy subplot, so fuck that.

Daniel and Margot continue to inch closer and closer. Ew. Jack mournfully packs by himself in preparation for the move to the new house, now that Margot is out. Open your eyes, Margot.

I didn’t realise the Conrad/Victoria divorce had been finalised?

Daniel is indirectly responsible for Pascal’s death. Victoria tells Daniel her concerns about Pascal when she finds out Homeland Security is on his case. Daniel then tells Conrad about it, and then Conrad kills Pascal thanks to the tip-off. When Victoria accuses Daniel of his loose-lipped indiscretion later, Daniel indignantly denies it. You fucking coward.

Victoria has crap hair at the launch party.

Oh, and the app is still retarded.


But it’s not all bad:

At least everyone hates the app, now. The presentation failure at the launch party is absolutely divine. Nolan had rigged the database searches it would access with unflattering/painful information about every single attendee at the party so that when Javier tested it out on them, it would backfire.

He starts off with Charlotte, whose avatar is a drug-addled party girl.

He quickly moves onto a random woman in the audience, and the My Clone avatar says she’d love to go to Sarajevo. When Javier is smugly like “Shall we book,” the woman is like “My family was massacred there when I was 9, cunt.” Cue Margot and Daniel for some hurried damage control.

Daniel is quick to realise that Nolan is behind it. Clever boy.

Pascal falls utterly for Emily’s Homeland Security story. I suppose getting brutally backhanded in the face by her helped sell things. I loved it.

When Daniel spills the deets to Conrad, he suggets getting his Interpol friend to arrest Pascal for cooking his books, and that would clean the mess up. Conrad has other, juicier ideas. Which I am thankful for.

Conrad’s murder of Pascal is the highlight of the episode, and possibly the season. When they were up there on the rooftop, I thought to myself “I’ve seen enough Gossip Girl to know where this is going.” When the helicopter became apparent, I didn’t think Revenge would be brave enough to go there. But they were, and they did. It’s brilliant. Victoria’s anguished screams over Pascal’s dead body is the icing on the red velvet cake.

Victoria realises what Emily’s plan was on the honeymoon boat.

Mystery Man has a good crazy face going on. I wonder what he wants with a kidnapped Charlotte?

Nolan wears another fabulous jacket.

Jack finds a ring in the letter writer’s cabin that has “DC” inscribed on it.

Oh, and Javier tries to be bitchy by leaving Nolan off the launch party’s guest list. But Nolan DGAF.

Revenge Revolution Emily Nolan party

“We can’t sit with him? More like he can’t sit with us.”

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