Arrow Season 2 Episode 20 – TV Review

Arrow Moira hot young Seeing Red

Moira, the Queen: A Tribute.

Wait, “remember” her?

Why would we need to remember her as something?

Uh oh.

TL;DR Slade kills Moira; Roy wakes up and causes havoc in a Mirakuru-induced psychosis; Sarah breaks up with Oliver; flashbacks reveal Moira was an astute Mama Bear.

She’s lucky young Oliver was such a turd, otherwise she wouldn’t have had anyone to save from their own stupidity. At least until Thea came along.

The plot this episode mostly tails Roy as he awakes from his massive blood loss last episode and goes on a zombified rampage around Starling City. Everyone, including Sin, gets caught in the crossfire. Roy eventually arrives back at Verdant during Moira’s campaign rally, and attacks Thea (an apparition of her instructs him to do so, not unlike Slade’s bitchy Shadow headmate). The Super Friends, having been doing their best to contain him this entire time, finally sedate him and put him away until Star Labs can craft a Mirakuru antidote. Meanwhile, Moira struggles with keeping up her campaign in the wake of Thea’s cuntery. Despite promising Sebastian that she’d concede, she decides to power on. She also informs Oliver that she totally knows he’s the Hood/Arrow/Vigilante, and she’s known since last season’s finale. Then Slade crashes the limo she, Oliver and Thea are in, and tries to force Oliver to make a similar decision to the one Ivo did, this time between Thea and Moira. But Moira is like “Fuck off, cunt. Kill me, instead,” and Slade does. Meanwhile, Sarah breaks up with Oliver and leaves Starling City because she thinks he deserves better (he does). And flashbacks take us to 7 years ago when Moira helps buy off some chick that Oliver knocked up while he was still dating Laurel.

Past Oliver is not great with the whole “don’t be a cheating scumbag” thing.

This episode really is an ode to Moira, which is fitting, considering it’s her final one.

Although, bloody Shadow is still popping up despite having died 11 episodes ago.

And it is a superhero show. Anything is possible.


Why I hate this episode:

But poor Moira.

Slade crashed into the limo just as she was about to tell Thea and Oliver that Malcolm was alive, too. Rude.

Sin gets a lot of screentime this episode, but doesn’t really do anything. She kind of justs runs around and flip flops between yelling at Roy and yelling for Sarah.

Sarah only just now decides that Oliver being with her might be too difficult to maintain? Fucking get out of the way and make room for Laurel to come back to her rightful place.

Moira probably wouldn’t have made a great politician, considering how poorly she is able to commit to a decision. She tells everyone (not just Sebastian. Her own campaign team, too) that she’ll be conceding the mayoral race to spend more time with Thea. All it takes is Oliver to give her some lukewarm pep talk about how doing something good for the city (ie. being mayor) will show Thea that she’s still a good person yada yada yada. Umm, I’m pretty sure being the goddamn mayor is going to give you zero time to spend with Thea. Way to put out the fire with a bucket of petrol, Moira.

Sarah is the only one of the Super Friends to advocate murdering Roy as a solution to his rampage. And how do you kill someone imbued with Mirakuru, Sarah? Why, shoot them in the head. It’s not like we completely had the opportunity to do that to Slade last episode at all, is it? For fuck’s sake.

Thea gets in a little bit more brattiness at Moira before her death. She tries to block a campaign event that Moira has planned at Verdant. Thea earns herself an I Just Hate Everything worst line this episode when acting like the shitty little teenage fuckshow she is:
Moira: “You signed a contract.”
Thea: “Just when I thought you couldn’t go any lower, you threaten your own daughter.”
Oh no, Moira wants you to be a responsible businesswoman. The indignation!

Thea also bitches at Oliver for knowing about Roy’s weird drug injection situation (she doesn’t know it’s Mirakuru etc). Yet another secret he was keeping from her. Oh, get over it.

Moira plays the “as a parent…” card during an interview in response to why she would be a good mayor. Shut up and take that crap back to r/askreddit.

Past Oliver is trash. Still preppy hot, though.

Laurel only gets to appear for half a second in the flashbacks.

Oh, and Roy begs for death, yet nobody gives it to him. I would gladly swap you for Moira, baby.


But it’s not all bad:

Oliver also begs for death during the Slade stand-off. Slade refuses, and I’m grateful for that decision.

I think the highlight of the episode for me would easily be the scene in the flashback where Moira first walks in (pictured above). Good God, she look fantastic. I know the hair is all fake and the lighting is Jennifer Aniston-level generous, but fuck, bitch. Wow.

Mama Bear Moira knows how to get shit done. Oliver admits to her about the pregnant mistress, so Moira sits the girl down and drops $2 million in her lap to fuck off. She does. She moves to Central City, so I have to wonder if she might be another new face for The Flash spin-off?

And to his credit, Past Oliver is genuinely upset when he hears about her “miscarriage” (that was the story Moira gave her to use). He’s sweet and cute in a mentally deficient, puppy kind of way, you know?

The post-crash sequence with the choice was a refreshing change of pace. At the very least it got Thea to shut the fuck up for the first time all episode. Moira’s sacrifice is supremely noble. She faces death with stoicism and purpose. Slade respects it, too.

Roy’s rampaging made for a fun time. Not least of all because Roy doesn’t have to speak much during it, thus saving us from whatever Thea related drivel he has to spew. He beats up a group of Sin’s friends, stomps Sarah, breaks Oliver’s leg (knee?), kills a cop, and eventually tries to kill Thea.

The reason he tries to kill Thea is because Apparition Thea is telling him to. Apparition Thea gets best line of the episode: “You should just kill me. Kill me. Kill me.” Kill her.

Sarah may not get her chance to headshot Roy, but she does shoot him through the leg. It’s juicy.

Sarah leaves Oliver because she is appalled by her inability to control her killer instinct. She tells Sin that she’s off to see an old friend. Nyssa?

Diggle spends most of his episode tailing Thea in case Roy comes after her. He and Thea manage to get along pretty well. I thought it was nice.

Moira knew Oliver’s secret identity. That’s pretty cool.

Thea jumps the podium at Moira’s campaign event, and to my suprise, do not use it as an opportunity to fuck Moira over. She only does it so Roy will see the live broadcast and be drawn to Verdant so she can see him. I’ll give Thea points for rising above my expectations.

Oh, and unlike Ivo, Slade gives Moira a flashy way to die.

Arrow Seeing Red Moira stabbed by Slade sword

“An all-the-way-through-my-flesh wound. Oh, shit.”

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10 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    If I were Oliver, I would easily choose Moira over Thea. That useless bitch is nothing but a useless bitch.

    I’m actually sad Sarah is leaving, though. But hopefully she is going back to Nyssa.

    And yet again, Slade proves just how serious business he is.

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