The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 – TV Review

The Originals Death With Benefits Elijah explosion wolf camp

I think Elijah’s just mad because his suit got ruined.

If you like werewolves getting exploded and priests receiving electric shock therapy, then New Orleans is the place to be.

TL;DR The werewolf camp gets blown up; Camille desperately tries to cure Keiran of his hex, but even electrick shock therapy and vampirism don’t do the trick and Klaus puts him down; Hayley goes after Marcel for the bombing, but he didn’t do it; Oliver uses the bombing to seize leadership of the werewolves away from Jackson and Hayley.

He is also a murderer. But it’s for a good cause, k?

The major plot sees Camille in her last, ragged attempts to save Keiran from death-by-hex. She has Josh compel a doctor to provide supplies for electric shock therapy. Klaus joins the gang as moral support, and is disturbed by Camille’s zeal. Keiran eventually succumbs to the strain of the therapy, and Klaus gives him some vampire blood as a final measure. Keiran reawakes in transition, and decides to die gracefully and say goodbye to Camille. Unfortunately, the hex kicks back in and he tries to murder her. Klaus returns in time to neck snap and stake him. As a token of humanity, Klaus allows Marcel temporary relief from exile so he can comfort Camille. Meanwhile, the werewolf camp gets suicide bombed by a compelled human. Elijah sticks around with Jackson and Oliver to help the wounded while Hayley goes to find the most likely suspect: Marcel. Then the camp gets bombed again. It’s revealed that Oliver organised the bombing (though, he didn’t anticipate how drastic it would be) with an as yet unknown party to rile the werewolves into rebellion against the treaty. Hayley, meanwhile, finds Marcel, who proclaims his innocence. Hayley returns to the camp in time for her and Jackson to watch Oliver snatch leadership away from them.

Elijah and Klaus also reconcile and decide to look out for themselves. Expect this to be overturned next episode.

I haven’t really got much bad to say about this one, to be honest. The bombings get action happening, the Keiran subplot comes to a satisfyingly bleak end, and Genevieve gets relegated to a single scene.

And there’s no Monique in sight.

Praise the elders.


Why I hate this episode:

The only part I found bizarre was Josh’s inclusion in Marcel’s League of Doom at the end. He sips scotch with Marcel and Diego, revealing that he was part of Marcel’s plan to steal a key that Keiran wore around his neck. It is apparently of great importance/danger. Marcel kind of sells it like he’s trying to spare Camille whatever danger it would invoke, but whatever. Josh is still a shifty cunt. I’m a bit proud.

Oliver is a total shifty cunt, and I am not at all proud of him. I wouldn’t have minded that he blew up his own people to motivate them, but then he had to go and kill Evie, the kind, blonde werewolf chick who was a shipper on deck for Elijah and Hayley. And it’s so arbitrary, too. He reveals his secret to her about organising the bombings, and then kills her because she knows. Bitch, why didn’t you just not tell her?

I don’t know if I missed this during all my TVD and The Originals watching, but I didn’t know that vampire blood didn’t heal werewolves? When Elijah was going around helping the wounded, I was like why not just give them some blood? When he gets to Evie, they make a point about how she never triggered her werewolf curse by murdering someone, so Elijah’s blood would work on healing her. Which implies that it doesn’t work on werewolves. Is there a keener lore sleuth out there who could tell me what the rules are?

Oh, and Evie is unconscious when Elijah offers to blood her up, and Oliver is all Jehovah’s Witness and is like “Vampire blood? Ew, no. She wouldn’t want that.” So Oliver kind of killed Evie twice. Douche.

Also, I’m pretty sure Evie wouldn’t mind fucking living. And she seems to be okay with Elijah. So fuck you, Oliver.

Keiran is manipulated by visions of Sean and Bastardiana into going after Camille. God, will that old bitch just bloody die?

Genevieve continues to act jealous of Camille. This time, right to Klaus’ face. Have some self-respect, baby.

The Originals is pushing us hard on Camille and Marcel being a thing. Yeah, I can see her fucking him. But we all know she really wants Klaus.

Hayley has an opportunity to properly stake Diego, but she doesn’t. Damn.

The werewolves go on about how they despise vampires, but nobody bats a singed eyelash about Elijah chilling with them all day.

Marcel gives Hayley some spiel about how he knew her parents and they had lots of enemies back in the day. He saved her from her crib after their murder. Who cares?

The werewolves fall for Oliver’s shit. No shocks there.

Oh, and Klaus plunges his hand into Keiran’s chest to hand massage his heart to keep him alive. But the giant hole in his chest is what kills him? Okie dokie.


But it’s not all bad:

Keiran is dead. So we can stop listening to Genevieve be a cunt about not wanting to help him.

After some taxing rounds of electric shock therapy, his progress is disappointing. During a fury, he bites off his own thumb to try to escape his bonds. It’s beautiful.

Once he’s in transition, he decides to die off. Much like Alaric before him, that gets interrupted by witch shit, and he goes back on the rampage. His death may have only temporarily cured the hex, but it did cure the barrier spell that was keeping him locked up. He slashes at Camille with a knife and tastes her blood so he can become a vampire. To her credit, she does jump over a balcony to try to escape him, but he catches up and throws her around. Before he can finish her, Klaus shows up and puts him to bed.

Camille calls out Marcel’s name in her grief stupor, so Klaus allows him 24 hours leave from exile to come and be with her. Aww.

The explosions at the werewolf camp are good quality. And they kill a whole bunch of werewolves. I may not like Oliver, but I have to admit that he got the job done.

He doesn’t reveal the identity of his co-conspirator for the bombings. Given the compelled suicide bomber and the unexpected scope of the bombing, it’s got to be a vampire, right?

I’ll believe that Marcel didn’t do it. He does mention that the suicide bomber owed gambling debts to the human casinos. And Francesca runs those. I can see her being the one. But why?

Elijah is appalled at Jackson and Oliver’s earlier flippance towards the peace treaty. Me, too.

Elijah starts the episode by hiding Esther’s grimoire from Klaus so he can’t bargain it to the werewolves. Elijah ends the episode by returning it to Klaus and claiming that the rifts in New Orleans are truly too deep to mend, and they can only look out for each other. With Klaus and Elijah actually working together, they just might be able to accomplish something, huh?

Best line of the episode goes to Hayley, who finds Marcel’s suggestion to flee New Orleans a bit hypocritical: “So why don’t you leave? Follow your own advice?” Pretty much.

Oh, and Keiran licks Camille’s blood off of his knife to complete his transition. It’s titillating.

The Originals Keiran licks knife Death With Benefits

I might Photoshop that for later.

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5 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 19 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I may be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure only Klaus’ blood can heal them? Wait, no, only his blood can cure a vampire from a werewolf bite. Shit. IDK.

    I’m so happy Keiran is finally dead.

  2. Alisha says :

    I seem to remember an episode where her baby’s vamp blood was able to heal Hayley. Lovely, beautiful Hayley. *sigh*

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