Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 8 – TV Review

Bates Motel Norma George kiss make out Meltdown

“Also, legally change your name to Norman and become 17 years old.”

For an episode titled “Meltdown,” things are surprisingly low key.

If we’re going by Norman’s behaviour, I think “Hissy Fit” would have been more appropriate.

TL;DR Norman is still mad at Norma for keeping secrets from him; Dylan and Kathleen wonder what to do about Zane being out of control; Nick wants to reign hell upon his opposition, and menaces Norma and Norman to get to Dylan; Norma hooks up with George; Romero sweeps Norman’s cum from inside Miss Watson’s genitals under the rug.

It can only mean he wants to get closer to Norma. What other reason could there be? #OTP

The drug stuff takes on an increased role this episode. Following Zane’s foolish assault on Nick’s warehouse, all of our main characters become affected. Nick comes to Norma no longer as the friend he was and puts her under pressure to arrange a meeting for him with Dylan. After some trepidation, Dylan agrees to the meeting, and Nick demands they either both agree to kill off Zane, or Nick will put Dylan’s family in danger. Which he does, by kidnapping Norman at the end of the episode. Kathleen, meanwhile, doesn’t like the idea of bumping off her brother, but she gives Dylan a vague go-ahead to do what’s necessary. Meanwhile, Norman is still a cold bitch to Norma. She almost spoils a date with George because she’s worried about Norman, but when Norman takes the brattiness up to Thea Queen levels, Norma goes and jumps on George’s dick in retaliation. Meanwhile, Romero is not at all pleased with the escalating drug war. He puts most of his effort into trying to get Norman to tell him the truth about his relationship with Miss Watson, but Norman won’t give it up. With Miss Watson’s killer convicted, though, Romero buries the DNA.

Just like Norman buried it. Inside Miss Watson. It’s a sex joke.

Well, my fears of the drug stuff taking over the plot have been confirmed. Not that it isn’t good drama, but when you’ve got turbulent drug wars going on, all of the Bates family moping kind of seems less relevant.

Which is a shame, because what we do get of it is golden. Nobody plays a better martyr than a willowy, 17 year old boy.


Why I hate this episode:

Norman is being a huge downer to my Norma, though. And I cannot stand for that. Slaps for you, Norman.

Kathleen has gone from being badass bitch boss to snivelling little sister in the space of an episode. This week she’s all hippie dippy and seems to have no business sense. I wanted a corporate ball buster, not Mary Jane of the Botany Club. Fucking Zane even calls her out on it. I never want to agree with Zane again.

Zane doesn’t get to be sensible all around, though. He is completely self-righteous about his actions. His plan is to wear Nick down until he agrees to be bought out. Something tells me that Zane is nowhere near as resilient and stoic as Nick.

Dylan didn’t get found while he was lying in the bushes 2cm from where the cop cars pull up at the warehouse aftermath. What?

Kathleen tells Dylan at the end of the episode that she’s okay with him handling Zane, with the clear implication being that she will accept that he needs to be murdered. Maybe you could try, oh, I don’t know, any other course of action first? They had a single argument over the warehouse thing, and now she’s ready to lie down and let Nick’s demands come to pass?

Norman puts some taxidermied birds on display in the Bates house to piss off Norma. Ew.

The mystery of the man Miss Watson was arguing with on the phone before she died turns out to be a fizzer: Nick says it was his business manager. Nick was cutting her off financially to try to force a reconciliation. Pfft. Lame.

I honestly don’t understand why Romero is so keen to keep Norman’s DNA being found inside Miss Watson a secret. The supposed killer has been convicted, but surely, if only has a matter of thoroughness, Romero should be properly investigating this development. He must have an ulterior motive for helping Norman.

Norma massively puts herself down when she freaks out during her date with George. She rants about how she didn’t go to college and she doesn’t come from a stable, prestigious family. No, baby. You’re perfect just the way you are. Don’t talk like that.

Oh, and George doesn’t try to talk her down with a “It’s okay, I’m not a snob.” He’s obv a snob.


But it’s not all bad:

Thankfully, he’s not averse to having sex with a commoner like Norma. Norma was in need of some action. I’m glad she got it.

When Norma first runs home from the date, she tries to have a talk with Norman to get their relationship back on good terms. He is having none of that, though, and unleashes on her the full fury of a teenager scorned. He questions whether any of their past wasn’t just Norma playing games (and with Norma, you never know) and declares that he can no longer trust her and they’re different people now. Poor Norma screams and bangs on the door after him. Oh, the heartbreak.

Things get better when she’s like “Fine. You wanna be alone? Imma go get some dick from someone who appreciates me.” And she does.

Conversely to Norman, Norma appears to be mending things with Dylan. When she comes to see him at work, she is impressed with how he has his own, big office. She earns herself best line of the episode when complimenting him on it: “It’s nice, Dylan. I mean, I don’t like the marijuana part, but I’m glad you’re doing so well.” Typical proud mum.

Additionally, Dylan tells her to look after herself and be wary of Nick. Dylan gets second best line of the episode during his meeting with Nick later: “Stay the hell away from my mother. Or I will kill you.” Do it.

Nick plays the literal genie card and obeys this order. He instead kidnaps Norman.

Death threats are all over the place this episode. Romero wants his deputies to find Zane, but not to arrest him. I presume he intends to kill him. To further his pursuit of Zane, Romero pulls over Dylan and threatens him with death if he doesn’t divulge Zane’s whereabouts. With only 2 episodes left, it’s time for someone to die.

Hopefully, Zane.

Emma is the one who shows Norma where Dylan works. My goodness, she’s useful. Except in cold water.

Dylan’s Partner is actually a bit excited to meet Norma. After confronting her with an assault rifle before he realised who she was.

Norma stands up to Nick and tells him to fuck off outta her house. He claims she’s making a huge mistake. Bitch, are you ready to mess with the homicidal force of the Bates family?

On the other hand, Nick does seem almost genuinely concerned about Norma being estranged from Dylan, as he was estranged from his daughter (Miss Blair Watson, if you’re keeping up).

The bypass has been temporarily halted while an evironmental investigation is performed. The using-drug-lords-as-leverage system works.

Norman is kidnapped while he’s clutching Miss Watson’s pearls in his hand (speaking to Romero had stressed him out, and I suppose they’re like a safety blanket type thing?). He better hope Nick doesn’t see them.

Oh, and I love how terrible Romero’s attempt to be subtle about asking Norman if he banged his teacher is.

Bates Motel Romero Norman


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  1. HM says :

    What if Norman actually didn’t kill Miss Watson? PLOT TWIST!
    (I”l have to rewatch that ep to see if this is possible)

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