Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 – TV Review

Arrow Roy unconscious Oliver Felicity Sarah Diggle

“Well, he is more attractive when he’s not saying or doing anything stupid.”

With Roy out of the doing-everything-as-stupidly-as-possible picture, it’s somebody else’s turn to carry the idiot ball.

Thea, you’re up.

TL;DR Thea doesn’t give a fuck about the Queens losing their entire fortune; Slade creates a small army of Mirakuru soldiers (including Isabel); Laurel pussyfoots around telling Oliver that she knows he’s the Hood/Arrow/Vigilante; Quentin gets out of prison; Flashback Oliver kills Ivo.

Dude was begging for it. No, really.

So following on from last episode’s rise to action from Slade, the Super Friends blow up the Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences building to prevent him from manufacturing more Mirakuru. Luckily, The Flash spin-off has some minor characters to introduce, so Slade raids Star Labs for some similar equipment. Oops. The Super Friends rush to stop Slade from making his super soldiers, but are too late, and find Roy (who got outta town last episode) hooked up to the machine. Oliver manages to rescue him, but Slade’s plan is fulfilled (he also Mirakuru revives Isabel, who Diggle shot the shit out of). Meanwhile, Moira scrambles to save her family from financial ruin thanks to Isabel’s company takeover. All she and Oliver have to do is get Thea to sign some form, but Thea is too much of a bratty cunt to do it. Meanwhile, Laurel forces the DA to release Quentin from prison after he’s attacked by a disgruntled inmate. It’s a shame she’s not as handy at having a simple conversation with Oliver about his identity. And in the island flashback, Ivo tells our heroes about a reversal process for Mirakuru that is on the freighter. He begs Sarah for death, but Oliver steps in to do the honours.

A consummate gentleman.

I must give Slade the respect he deserves for so simply pulling his plan off. “Oh, what’s that? Oliver blew up the lab I needed? Pfft, I’ll just go to the next one.” Like, duh.


Why I hate this episode:

Oh, Thea. It’s gonna be hard to keep up your air of haughty, better-than-thou-bitches superiority when you’re broke as fuck. Your entire life is supported by being the richest poor little rich girl in existence. All you have to do is sign one fucking contract.

And I know your mum and brother lied to you about your father, but for fuck’s sake, cunt, you did love them for 19 years up until now. Do you have that little concern in your heart for them? Fuck off, you little shit.

The ladies of Arrow are having a collective bad time this episode, it seems. Laurel squanders multiple opportunities to confront Oliver about his secret identity. She instead opts for giving him a hug and a vague statement about how she cares about him. Screw that, I’d need to dish that shit immediately.

One of the opportunities fails because of an interrupting phone call. Later, Oliver’s conciliatory meeting with Thea is spoiled by another interrupting phone call. Do you people not have voicemail?

If the Super Friends were serious enough about stopping Slade’s plan that they’d explode Queen Consolidated, you’d think they might have had a go at predicting Slade’s next target would be the equally esteemed mad scientist playground of Star Labs. Get it together, team.

Oliver’s dad used to bang Isabel when she was an intern. Isabel is a cookie cutter other woman who believes he was her soulmate and they were going to run away together. And she would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddling actual family. I suppose being evil must negate your sense of reality.

Laurel also figures out that Sarah is Black Canary, and similarly doesn’t confront her about it, either.

Slade breaks into the Super Friends’ base like it ain’t no thang. Security, anyone?

Felicity gets a lame scene where she is jealous of Iris, a woman who apparently visits a recovering Barry Allen regularly (as does Felicity). Just give us a full-fledged backdoor pilot if you’re going to do it, Arrow. Don’t shoehorn us around like this.

In a final bid to get Thea back on side, Oliver tells her (and Moira) that their dad knew that Thea wasn’t his, but chose to love her anyway. Thea chooses to ignore the lesson about family and stomps away. I can’t wait for her to come crawling back.

Oh, and Laurel offers to tell Quentin who the Hood/Arrow/Vigilante is, but he refuses because if he knew that he was a real person with a real life and family and friends and emotions, then he couldn’t rely on him as a weapon anymore. No, Quentin. Gossip is more important. Stahp.


But it’s not all bad:

On the other hand, he does make a good point, and it is indeed that point that motivates Laurel not to confront Oliver. I believe she wants to spare Oliver the burden of knowing she knows, so that he can keep doing the good work he’s been doing.

I’m also glad that she wasn’t a huge bitch about it. It was definitely 50/50 which way she would go.

She figures out Sarah is Black Canary after she sees scars on her similar to the ones Oliver has, and a doctor tells her about the trauma Sarah’s body has suffered in the past. It took almost 2 whole seasons, but Laurel is finally in the loop.

Sarah is impressed with Laurel’s pressuring of the DA to bust Quentin out of prison. As was I. Blackmailing the DA is kind of her new hobby.

I was right about the prisoners Slade picked up being nobodies, but he has proven their worth by successfully injecting them all with Mirakuru from Roy’s blood. Oliver and co better pick up the pace on developing that antidote.

Oliver fails to stop the process, but he does rescue Roy. He also subdues a feisty Isabel and blows some holes in Slade’s chest. Oliver isn’t the only one to get in on the chest-hole-blowing action, though. Isabel regroups and tries to shoot Oliver, but Diggle snipes that bitch mercilessly. We later see her reanimating after Slade has given her a dose of Mirakuru. Given her lack of success in fist fights with Oliver thus far, I’d say she needed it.

Best line of the episode goes to Felicity, who wants to be clear on where she stands with Isabel: “For the record, I hated her before we found out she was a super villain.” Mah hipster bitch.

The Super Friends use the Clock King’s (Robert Knepper) skeleton key to break into the Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences building. Nice callback.

Ivo finally dies.

Oliver reveals to the Super Friends that back on the island he had the choice between curing Slade of the Mirakuru, or killing him. And, although now ashamed, he chose to kill him. Juicy.

Thea is grossed out that she once tried to kiss Tommy, who she now knows was her half brother.

Danielle Panabaker is one of the Flash fodder inroduced characters. She and her colleague manage to stun Deathstroke (Slade goes full uniform) with one of the experimental equipment guns and flee.

Oh, and speaking of Deathstroke’s costume…

Arrow Deathstroke jack-o'-lantern

Don’t forget that he’s also disabled. #oppressionpoints

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17 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I did wondered a bit why Oli didn’t finally kill Slade after the shot appeared to well did stun him. @.@;

    Probably he just refused to do so to keep the plot a bit more exciting.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      They should at least try cutting Slade’s head off. Mirakuru is miraculous, but I don’t think you could find a way to come back from that.

      • Teylen says :

        They could have done a head chopping round around the table of inmates. ^.^

        I am also wondering why they didn’t mention the option to build a cure earlier. They could have gotten some Mirakuru out of Roy. And while at it downgrade him to normal, fixing his love life and superiority complex. @.@;

        At the other hand Oli could have tried to upgrade himself to be a better match,..

  2. Lydia says :

    Holy fucking shit, did Thea ever annoy me this episode. She reminded me of a little twelve-year-old, snot-nosed brat who’s daddy didn’t give her a life-size barbie dream-house for Christmas or some shit. For. Fucks. Sake. Just kill her. I mean, she’s not really a Queen, as she keeps going on and on about, so there’s no reason for her to be alive now, right?

    Slade should just spray-paint #LikeABoss across his costume.

  3. AlternativeDude says :

    You are absolutly right. I fucking hate Thea! In fact, I really hate the shittard that wrote that shit carracter. There are many things really cool about this show, but this crap is so fucked up.

  4. Debbie says :

    I luv oliver and felicity 2gether

  5. Diesel says :

    Lol this is an d blog appropriate named “ijusthateeverything” but I have to state I HATE Thea. Terrible writing. To create character arch and drama, she does something no human would EVER do. Everyone and I mean every person alive would sign the papers, take their wealth, and walk away. Or even better idea, stop being such a bitch over things that dead people did in a distant past. I like arrow I just got into it and I’ve watched like 43 episodes in 3 days but it’s filled with terrible storytelling. To fill up time with “problems” we have countless situations where All of the characters choose not to say the right words that would easily fix the situation. Mrs. Queen when she’s on trial acting like a dumb bitch. Roy, hot headed can’t be reasoned with. Even Slade who I really enjoy, completely annoying in his pursuit. Thea is the worst however. Truly. She never stops throwing cry baby tantrums to fill up her worthless screen time.
    Also, how did they find two actresses with that little lip bump thing in the exact same spot? Weird, I’d get that shit removed especially if I made my living from a pretty face and had millions of spare capital.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Arrow is peak “conflict in soap operas only exists because characters won’t talk to each other.” And baby, if you think things are bad now, wait until you get into Season 4. You’re in for a treat.

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