The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 – TV Review

TVD Kol Resident Evil Other Side

“They made me be a shallow love interest for Spencer, but I’m a a Hanna fan. The horror!”

Who knew Kol had emotions?

Also, the Travellers’ plan becomes even more convoluted.

As you’d expect.

TL;DR Marcos was indeed Mr Shadow, and he wants to undo some curse/spell that the witches placed on the Travellers as part of some infighting or something; Elena and Stefan have visions of an alternate reality where they would have been perfect together; Damon and Elena still struggle to find the definition of “breaking up” anywhere; the Travellers have taken over Mystic Falls.

And Tyler. But nobody cares about that.

The plot centres on some mysterious visions that Elena and Stefan are both experiencing wherein they see a happy life they could have been leading had all this vampire stuff never encountered them. This turns out to be an element of the Travellers’ design so that they will be drawn to Marcos or something, because their last-surviving-doppelganger blood is powerful. Marcos is confronted by Damon and Enzo, and explains that the witches (the normal kind) have been at war with the Travellers, and they put a spell on the Travellers that would prevent them from ever living in a community together. They circumvent this by all becoming Passengers in other people’s bodies, and they’re doing that with Mystic Falls atm. I presume Marcos wants to use the power of Stefan and Elena’s blood to undo it? Meanwhile, Liv and Luke try their best to out the Travellers, but are foiled when Tyler drops the ball and gets Passenger impregnated and loses the only knife capable of exposing the Passengers. Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena enjoy their happy fantasies. Which is in contrast to her situation with Damon, which entails some gentle cock-teasing (say no to cock-teasing, everyone) and a well-earned smackdown from Damon. Meanwhile, Matt gets killed and spends temporary time on the Other Side, but he’s not alone. Both Kol and Vicki beg him to return to the land of the living and warn everyone of some nebulous evil that’s coming.

Katherine? Please?

I must say, I’m pretty disappointed in Marcos. After the deformed, superpowered Silas, I expected more from a back-from-the-Other-Side mega witch. Marcos is, like, an ordinary guy who seems no more powerful than your garden variety, chanting Traveller drone.

And what is up with that motive? “We just want to live together in harmony.” It doesn’t really do justice to all this endless garbage you’ve been putting everyone through.

It better become more sinister than that, baby.


Why I hate this episode:

The Stefan/Elena visions are absolutely insufferable. Not only as something simply to watch, but they also bring Stefan and Elena closer. Which is kind of fucking infuriating when you consider that Elena is doing everything she can to get back in Damon’s pants.

And when she’s not on the verge of squirting from sheer anticipation, she’s spending the rest of the time wanting to be “just friends” from now on. She tells Damon that she can’t bear the thought of living a life without him in it. She really, really doesn’t know how to appropriately handle a breakup, especially one of this magnitude, does she? Like, fuck you, bitch.

We get some more passive aggression from Bonnie, our favourite jealous girlfriend. Jeremy doesn’t help things by being secretive and dismissive. But who gives a shit about these two? Their relationship has never been anything other than tenuous. Jeremy probably should be going after Liv, instead. At least there’s still a chance that she isn’t a psycho clinger. Unlike BonBon.

Liv uses the same knife (because it’s the only one) to test Tyler and Matt for Passengers, but merely wipes the blood off with a cloth between stabbings. Bitch, that’s just as bad as sharing a syringe. Get some fuckin’ hygiene up in here. Shit.

You’d think Matt’s moping over Vicki would have dissipated, oh, I don’t know, 4 fucking seasons ago, but no. He finds her in the Other Side, then has a gargantuan sulk after the mysterious force rips her away from him. Take that rubbish back to season 1 where it belongs and stop.

Damon is jealous of the fact that alternate reality daydream Stefan and Elena are happy. Because being jealous of real life isn’t pathetic enough.

Marcos says that he cast a spell 1500 years ago to draw dopplegangers together via Super Fun Happy Visions so that they’d be available for the Travellers to use in blood magic. That sounds like a decent explanation, until the part where Elena only found out where Marcos was because in a vision she noticed a single document that had an exact address on it. So what were the other dozen visions for? Just stamp the address on the back of their eyelids and be done with it, Marcos.

Vision Stefan and Vision Elena are very happy, which makes me very unhappy.

Oh, and I’ll be awaiting its explanation, but for now it’s a huge plot hole: how did Matt remember his time on the Other Side? Kol is just like “Plz remember so you can save us, bro,” so Matt wakes up alive and is like “Lolz I remember everything because the plot needs me to.” Jesus.


But it’s not all bad:

I don’t mind all the witchy civil war stuff. We’re yet to really hear what the story’s about. All we’ve got to go on is Marcos’ tale of oppression, and Liv’s explanation that her coven has been doing everything in their power to prevent whatever the Travellers are planning. Who is the real enemy?

Marcos also says the immortality spell that Qetsiyah and Silas pulled off is what caused the unrest among the witch communities. Oh, you rascally kids.

The most relevant action takes place with Matty Moo on the Other Side. For some reason, Marcos’ escape is causing some seriously bad stuff to go down, and even fucking Kol has to break out the waterworks to convince Matt to help stop it. Vicki gets some points when she implores Matt to leave her and flee back to life, and Matt is punished for his attempt to save her when he has to watch her get sucked away. Everybody wins.

Liv’s plan is simple: stab every person in town with the Traveller knife to sniff out the Passengers. It’s a shame Tyler lost the knife almost immediately, but I’ll give the girl some respect for the ambition it takes to want to stab an entire town.

Liz gets implanted with a Passenger, and when Matt meets her, she stabs him in the neck (which is why he dies and goes to the Other Side). I lol’d.

The mass Traveller suicide last episode turns out to not be so wasteful. It served 2 purposes: 1) to overwhelm Bonnie Miss Anchor so Marcos could slip out of the Other Side; and 2) all those dead Travellers can now be shoved into the Mystic Falls townsfolk. I wouldn’t mind rolling around Tyler’s insides, either.

The episode’s title is “Resident Evil

Enzo and Caroline are still minorly flirty. But Enzo does seem intent on finding Maggie, which Marcos promises to help him do.

Best line of the episode goes to Damon, who is surprised, but not that surprised, to meet Luke: “Liv has a twin? Is it possible for there to just be one of somebody around here.” Ikr.

Tyler tests Liz to see if she has a Passenger by saying that his mum says “Hi,” and she fails when she returns the greeting. Smart.

Damon telling Elena to fuck off felt good.

Oh, and the real highlight of the episode is the moment when Marcos ceases the Stefan/Elena visions, and their happiness is torn away from them. I know they deserve to endure more pain than having a dream interrupted, but it’s a step in the right direction.

TVD Stefan Elena Resident Evil

If the only place you can be content is in an alternate universe, it’s probably a sign.

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9 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 18 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    Elena needs to get off her high horse.

    Also, I was wondering if you noticed this or not… Vicki got pulled away in the same fashion that Kathrine did. Coincidence? Or perhaps Kathrine really still be in play?

  2. Alisha says :

    Dream Stefan was even gayer than actual Stefan in this episode. I did not think that was possible.

    You are so right about Marcos being unimpressive. This man is supposed to represent the universe, an amazing body/face is the least they could have given us.

    I love when “friends” is referred to as the “f” world. it truly is the most offensive thing you can say to someone who is in love with you. not to mention when Elena says,”I still need you in my life,” she means,”I still need to string you along like a rag doll.” selfish bitch, but we expect no less from her.

  3. HM says :

    I wonder if the chick that plays Vicki is just always waiting by the phone every time they call when they need her to drop by and be on the show for, like, three minutes…

    And I can totally see Kol being brought to life so he can cross over to The Originals. Now that Rebecca is gone, that show is in serious need of some sass.

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