The Originals Season 1 Episode 18 – TV Review

The Originals Genevieve Klaus The Big Uneasy

“And it’s been cancelled. They still have that zombie show, though. If you can stand that kind of glacial pacing and disappointment.”

Gosh, has it been a month, already?

And Genevieve is still around?


TL;DR Everyone schemes against everyone; Genevieve tries to hold a witch feast/festival thing; Elijah supports it, but nobody else does; Marcel crashes it and ruins everything; Elijah and Hayley are secretly scheming against Klaus’ secret scheming with Oliver and Jackson against them; Camille is still floundering to find a cure for Keiran; Thierry gets killed.

I hope that doesn’t mean that Diego is going to get more screen time.

The plot this episode revolves around a witch feast/festival thing that Genevieve insists on throwing to show that the witches aren’t getting shafted in the treaty. Elijah condones it, and forces representatives from all the other factions to participate. Marcel sees this as a chance to stomp on the already fragile alliances, and turns the party into violent mayhem, which earns him the allegiance of Diego and the vampires, but the ire and retribution (poor Thierry) of Elijah. Meanwhile, Klaus’ little plan to win over Oliver and Jackson with promises of werewolf magic rings is still going strong, but Hayley and Elijah do their own scheming to uncover their alliance. After the collapse of the treaty thanks to the party, Hayley decides to side with the shady werewolves, anyway. Elijah is hurt but only wants Hayley to be safe and happy. Meanwhile, Camille appeals to Genevieve and Klaus for help in curing Keiran of his hex, but a falling out between G and K leaves her with nothing. Meanwhile, Monique gets a message from the ancestors to kill Genevieve so the other Harvest girl can be revived and the Reaping can be completed. Unluckily, just as she’s about to gut the bitch, the ancestors pop back in with a new directive: kill Hayley’s baby.

Come on, Hayley’s made it 8 months with that little fucker. Don’t coathanger her right as she’s at the finish line.

While a sustained peace treaty wouldn’t have made for much drama, it’s disappointing that it’s already been snuffed out so early. Not because I want to see harmony in the Quarter, but because it makes all the effort and bickering to achieve it now useless.

It was all for nothing.

And all it took was Marcel being a douche and a few vampires with ineffective impulse control.

What a joke.


Why I hate this episode:

Marcel also takes a pretty ridiculous risk in his plan. He hopes that Diego and his crew will see Elijah’s loyalty to Hayley, and that will be enough to set them off against the Originals. They do, and it is. Fuck off.

Klaus shows an unnecessarily soft side when he gifts Davina the daylight ring spell to make one for Josh. He only presents her the gift and makes a big deal of forgiving Josh so that Davina will be guilted into being cordial to him in front of everyone. He didn’t need to actually give her something useful. I expect there will be some deluded shippers out there who will see this generosity from Klaus to Josh to be romantic fodder, but for me to support that in any way, Josh would be required to not be a disposable, nothing nobody character. And poor Joshy isn’t up to the task.

Francesca fulfills her obligation to represent the human faction, but gets absolutely no action all episode. Wasteful. She can be here full time now, too. Let her soar.

Genevieve and Klaus’ back and forth over a cure for Keiran is tedious. She wants to get her hands on Esther’s grimoire, he wants to help Camille. Neither of them want to budge, and in the end, neither do. Camille, meanwhile, is trying everything she can to help her uncle and it’s getting shit on by Klaus and his dick cozy.

I still don’t really get Genevieve’s attraction to Klaus. She cares about him enough to be jealous of Camille. Arbitrary. Bizarre.

Klaus is jealous when he finds out Camille and Marcel banged (thanks, Genevieve). Ugh. Get over it. If any of these characters were actually honest to anybody, New Orleans would suddenly evaporate.

I want Genevieve dead, please.

Monique is jealous as fuck of Davina. Shut up.

No main characters are harmed in the party massacre. Predictably.

Oh, and Hayley decides to join Jackson and Oliver in their plan to get that magic ring stuff from Klaus. But they all agree that Klaus totes isn’t trustworthy. Then you probably should be trusting this either, you fucking idiots.


But it’s not all bad:

The under-the-radar scheming is all pretty exciting. Firstly is Klaus’ previously established plan with Jackson and Oliver. Hayley and Elijah secretly bait them into proving it by observing how easily they agree to attend the witch feast (which they wouldn’t have done if they hadn’t had an ulterior motive). Any excuse to have Hayley and Elijah working together is good. And they make a very handsome team.

Klaus almost makes enough progress with Genevieve to get a cure for Keiran. He just can’t let his pride go, though, and sours their alliance by presenting her with a gift, as is custom, at the party: a box with her lackey’s severed hands in it (Genevieve had sent a lackey to steal Esther’s grimoire. Klaus anticipated him).

The highlight of the episode comes near the end when Klaus and Elijah get into a huge fight, which starts out about Klaus’ wolf alliance, but obviously devolves into being about Hayley. Elijah finally mans up and declares he will no longer contain himself out of loyalty to Klaus, and will now be open about his feelings for Hayley. Good. Get on it.

Best line of the episode comes shortly after. Elijah is watching Hayley from afar at the werewolf camp, and Hayley looks like she’s happy and fitting in well. A werewolf friend asks him if he wants to join the group, but Elijah is far more masochistic than that: “What I want is for that girl to be happy.” I wish I was that girl.

Second best line of the episode goes to Francesca, who is impressed by Elijah’s ability to give incentive to attend the witch party: “You make even strong-arming seem noble.” No bull.

I’ll give Marcel points for managing to pull his gambit off. It ends in Elijah slaughtering Thierry as punishment, which is good enough for me.

Monique comes close to killing Genevieve. I could taste the satisfaction. Also, baby murder is cool.

Hordes of werewolves are pouring into the bayou to gawk at Hayley. I lol’d.

One of them is a wolf from Klaus’ clan, and he tasks him with finding out what stone used to be in the werewolf magic ring that the clan has been handing down.

To his credit, Klaus glumly admits his failure to hustle a cure from Genevieve to a forlorn Camille. Sadly, he ruins the moment by bitching her out for fucking Marcel, and proclaims that if he sees Marcel again, he’ll kill him. No! He’s too beautiful.

Genevieve mentions to Monique that she has a plan to put Davina in her place. I will lol.

When Elijah attacks Marcel following the party massacre, Marcel tries to leverage info on Klaus’ wolf dealings. Elijah already knew, bitch.

Oh, and the Harvest girls do some witchy woo to impress the tourists at the feast/festival/party/whatever. If they were gonna come dressed as Earth, Wind and Fire, though, they could have at least belted out some September.

The Originals Harvest Girls parade The Big Uneasy

You only get one chance at early instalment weirdness. Take it.

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5 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 18 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    First: Walking Dead is master-class television, bro! :O 😉

    “Everyone schemes against everyone” – Isn’t that basically the plot of every episode of this show, ever?

    Monique is REALLY annoying. I can’t wait for her to die, possibly even more than Genevieve. She reminds me of a crazy bible-thumper, the way she’s always going on about the ancestors.

    Oh, and that plan about putting Davina in her place… Yeah. I’m pretty sure that was when she didn’t receive any gifts at the harvest thing. Hayley was about to give one to her when that witch chick guarding them instructed her to give it to Monique.

    On the plus side, I’m pretty sure Elijah just gets better and better every episode.
    I found out he’s Canadian IRL. That’s probably why. =3=

    On an unrelated note, I can’t wait for you to rip apart last night’s Glee episode, too. I think I’ve become addicted to your reviews, because I found myself thinking of all the possible comments you were going to make while I was watching it.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      A master class in drip-feeding, maybe.

      I just don’t know where The Originals is going to keep going from this point. Nobody should trust anybody by now. They had their peace treaty dissolved within a single episode of it being formed.

      Someone just needs to nuke the Quarter and start all over again.

  2. Alisha says :

    walking dead makes me care about the characters. this show made me stop caring a good 6 episodes into its debut season. I miss Rebekkah. 😦

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