Revenge Season 3 Episode 19 – TV Review

Revenge Pascal shoots Oscar Chapman Allegiance

“Including the badass muder spree-ing.”

Brace yourselves: Pascal actually does something other than fuck around with his business portfolio this episode.

It looks like shooting people is another thing he and Victoria have in common.

TL;DR Nolan and Aiden find Oscar Chapman; Pascal murders Oscar Chapman; Victoria successfully runs a scheme to prove Emily is trying to avenge David Clarke; that scheme involves Emily taking down a dude Revenge style, which was all a set up by Victoria; Margot and Jack pretty much call things off; Javier banks his retarded app with Daniel and Margot, offending Nolan.

Hell hath no fury like a computer nerd scorned. Especially in a primetime soap opera, where computers are magic.

The episode spends most of its time playing like a season 1 episode. Emily spies a new mark when some guy called Luke Gilliam turns up in town. Not only is he a former Grayson Global employee, but she overhears him threatening Victoria with some evidence he has of the Graysons’ involvement in the Flight 197 conspiracy. Emily goes by the book and takes him down with aplomb, though his evidence proves only that Conrad is guilty, not that David is innocent. It was all put in motion by Victoria, though, and now she is certain that Emily is trying to get… revenge for David Clarke. Meanwhile, Jack and Margot face relationship turbulence because she’s too focused on her career. Which mostly revolves around her and Daniel’s ridiculous bidding to get Javier’s dumb app signed onto the business (apparently it would impress Pascal or something). Although Javier tries his best to remain loyal to Nolan, he eventually sells out. Nolan doesn’t take it well. And meanwhile, Nolan and Aiden track down Oscar Chapman, who tells them that Aiden’s dad didn’t even know he was planting a bomb on Flight 197, and that Pascal silenced the story when Oscar took it to him (and Pascal murdered Aiden’s dad). Pascal later shows up and offs Oscar.

Sadly, he does not beat him to death with a baguette. I suppose Revenge just isn’t that brave with its physical comedy.

Until we hit the season finale and they haven’t shown up, I’m still going to live in constant fear of the Initiative poking their disgusting heads back into Revenge.

This episode focuses a lot on the Flight 197 bombing and Aiden’s dad and all that jazz, and those are all gateway mentions for the Initiative to resurface.

My poor, cholesterol-clogged heart can’t take this kind of anxiety.


Why I hate this episode:

On the flip side of that, Revenge seems to be palming everything the Initiative was supposedly doing onto Pascal’s plate. It’s a little bit ludicrous that the actions we thought were committed by an an international ring of super criminals is actually the doing of one French media mogul. He does look good with a gun, though.

Emily needs to pick up her fucking game. She falls right into Victoria’s trap, despite knowing that Victoria is still on the warpath of trying to trap her. Victoria is onto you now, baby. Time to get serious.

Jack’s offence at Margot’s airheadedness is petty. She kind of absently asks him how his trip to LA was (to return a no-longer-sober Stevie home) and he blows his lid like Krakatoa. When he later makes his point about distrusting her entanglement with the Graysons, it makes sense. But she’s like “Hi honey, how was your trip,” and he’s like “OMG FUCK YOU.”

There is way too much time devoted to Javier and his stupid little app. Revenge is clearly aiming for an older, non-tech savvy audience. Both because the app is so unbelievable (it talks and moves like it’s been filmed. They didn’t even bother trying to make it look realistic), and because who the fuck cares if you have an app that is basically Siri with your friend’s face? It’s not going to be able to say or do anything that you couldn’t get from glancing at their Facebook profile. It’s, like, a step above those stupid cartoon dog apps that speak back what you say to them in a squeaky voice.

I’m even more confused as to what is going on with Conrad and Pascal’s relationship. Conrad goes to Victoria and baits her into asking Pascal what he knows about the David Clarke conspiracy, which could have massively damaged their romance (Pascal lies it off, so it doesn’t). But later in the episode, Conrad is the one who tips Pascal off to Oscar Chapman’s whereabouts. And then after that, Conrad goes to Aiden to try and strike an alliance against Pascal. I suspect Chapman’s death would also be useful to Conrad, but then why wouldn’t Pascal have been suspicious of such a tip when he knew Conrad earlier tried to ruin his relationship with Victoria?

In fact, Pascal does display to Conrad how much he is against him when he shows Conrad that he has audio tapes of them discussing the David Clarke conspiracy from back in the day. This is before Conrad’s tip off about Chapman. Pascal really shouldn’t have trusted that.

Victoria’s dress at the races is shit.

Charlotte and Javier have sex. Ew.

Victoria’s buys Pascal bullshit excuse about burying the David Clarke true story to protect her. She’s just believing what she wants to believe these days.

Javier has a terminal case of Little Man Syndrome.

Oh, and Daniel and Margot get closer to hooking up. Really, bitch? When you’ve got Jack waiting at home? Stop it.


But it’s not all bad:

If Jack and Margot’s relationship does faulter, then he and Emily are definitely going to get it on. She, in contrast to Margot, shows a lot of compassion for Stevie’s situation. Would Emily be agreeable to a threesome with Jack and Aiden? That she doesn’t attend?

The highlight of the episode is Oscar Chapman’s revelations about the truth behind Aiden’s dad and Pascal. Aiden’s dad didn’t even know he was planting a bomb on Flight 197. He was told it was diamonds. And he didn’t kill himself. He came to Chapman with his story and Chapman told Pascal about it. Soon after, Aiden’s dad “committed suicide,” but Chapman knew Pascal had him killed.

Actually, given Pascal’s penchant for murder that Chapman later experiences, he probably offed daddy-o himself.

The other major step forward is Victoria’s confirmation that Emily is not only out for Grayson blood, but she’s doing it to get… revenge for David Clarke. Now you just need to figure out why, Viccy. But if she does, where do we go for season 4?

She also name drops the word “revenge,” which is cute.

I very much hope that Aiden (and, by extension, Emily and Nolan) takes up Conrad’s proposal of an alliance. Can you fucking imagine?

Emily and Margot’s outfits at the races are divine.

Incensed at Victoria’s attack on Stevie, Jack lets Emily know he’s ready to participate in her plans. She starts him off by having him pose as an eco freak to distract Luke while Emily steals from him. Fingers crossed for a little sexual espionage on his next assignment. Pascal is European, after all.

Luke “proves” the innocuous nature of his company’s chemicals by drinking a vial of it to silence eco crusaders. Emily defeats him by replacing the tube he drinks at his awards ceremony with the real deal. He almost dies. It’s sweet.

Luke was nothing but an unwitting pawn to Victoria. Ice Queen she is.

Luke was also the original patsy for the Flight 197 conspiracy, but Conrad had to switch to David Clarke after Luke left the company.

Best line of the episode goes to Nolan, who makes this adorable half-threat, half-commiseration to Javier after he’s confirmed he’s signed with Daniel/Margot: “You will regret this.” Classic.

The Javier car crash of a detour produces a couple of good things. Firstly is Javier’s difficult-to-waver devotion to Nolan. Despite their fight last episode, Javier rebuffs most of Daniel, Charlotte, and Margot’s attempts to sign with them. It can only last so long against the incessant assault of riches, though. But I’ll forgive him for that. Daniel buys him a fucking car just to land his stupid app. I’d flog an app for a car, a technically hot girlfriend, and buckets of cash.

Oh, and Nolan doesn’t take their manipulation of his little buddy lightly. He ends the episode by declaring war on Daniel (and Charlotte. Ish). Daniel better buh-ring it. Because computer magic is a difficult opponent.

Revenge Allegiance Nolan attacks Daniel and Charlotte

“Y2K is real!”

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    You are so right about everything, this is hilarious! Love your revenge reviews, read them every week.

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