Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 6 – TV Review

Bates Motel Emma almost drowns Norman shirtless Freddie Highmore

I’m sensing a running theme.

Emma almost dies.

Cody’s dad does die.

It’s always life-or-death in White Pine Bay.

Mostly death, though. Right, Councillor Berman?

TL;DR Norma struggles futilely against falling further into the town’s underbelly; Dylan plays houseguest to Kathleen “I’m your boss and also smoking hot and let’s bang” Robertson; Norman shows himself to care too much about Emma when she almost dies; Cody spills the beans about Norman having blackouts; Norman kills Cody’s dad in a rage.

As long as he’s taking out abusive parents and paedophiles, I don’t see the problem.

The major plot revolves around Norman’s diminshing harem. Despite some strong words from Norma, Cody takes Norman out for a riverside drink. Emma and Weedy (her weed dealer boytoy. I still can’t remember his name) awkwardly show up, but they decide to be a happy group. Until Emma tries, at Cody’s encouragement, a rope swing into the freezing water and nearly drowns. Norman explodes at Cody and makes his caring for Emma a little too noticeable. Cody later confides in Emma about Norman’s blackouts (including another one this episode), and Emma passes it onto Norma. Norma takes the precaution of nipping Norman’s driving test in the bud, so Norman rages at Cody. When her drunk, violent dad attacks, Norman throws him down some neck-snapping stairs. Meanwhile, Norma is pretty fuckin’ freaked out about Councillor Berman’s death. She finds Nick to be slimy and menacing when she tries to get out from under him. Christine and George help her run for the now-vacant council seat, though. And although her recent connections with them and Nick are what seem to get her the spot, she’s happy enough. And Dylan gets a distant C-Plot as Kathleen takes him to her house 2 towns away to recuperate. His treatment involves sex.

Twist: Kathleen’s actually his sister.

Not really, but with Dylan’s luck, keep it in the “possible” pile.

Episode 7 last season was when we hit our soap operatic bump in the road, so I’m anxious about that happening again next week.

But for now, it’s still solid. Norman takes another(?) life. Norma’s making things happen. Dylan beds down with a hot, older woman who is also his boss.

It’s a Bates trifecta.


Why I hate this episode:

Cody gets a few demerit points for circumventing Norman’s “Don’t tell mum about my blackouts” pledge. She just tells Emma, and encourages Emma to tell Norma. Slippery bitch.

Yes, she could have died, but Emma overreacted to jumping into the river. She’s pretty much broken and bawling the second she gets out of the water. Just suck up some oxygen and get over it. Crybaby.

Norma has a huge shit at Norman after she sees a single bottlecap fall out of his pocket. Yes, Norma, he had 1 beer. Am I just a huge bogan, or is that not a big deal?

Norma’s joy at getting the coucil seat is too earnest when you remember that she knows the reason she got it was because she’s connected to Nick, Christine and George (mostly Nick). You’d think she’d be a little more wary of it. And ordinarily I would approve of reckless selfishness, but not when Norma clearly showed earlier that she was frightened.

George says he originally wanted to be an idealistic lawyer, but then got swept up by the financial incentives of being a corporate schill. He got out because he couldn’t take the sliminess anymore. And then you came to live in White Pine Bay? Smooth move, Ferguson.

Norma chooses the least delicate way possible to screw over Norman’s driving test. Rude.

Norman looks rubbish while shirtless and next to Weedy.

Oh, and Kathleen is lucky that Dylan’s into her, otherwise mouth breathing into his ear while he’s in bed and then jumping him would be pretty awkward. And by “awkward,” I mean “sexual assault.”


But it’s not all bad:

I’m glad they are into each other, because they make for some pretty hot sex.

Kathleen Robertson is still as radiant as ever. She is a treasure, and I hope she doesn’t get wasted as Dylan’s love interest.

The highlight of the episode is Norman’s killing of Papa Cody. He’s in a kind of half trance (more just really, single-mindedly angry) and noisily confronts Cody about her blabbing of his secret to Emma. This wakes mean old dad, who turns out to be more than just a boogeyman from Cody’s stories. He physically attacks Cody for being the cause of the noise, and Norman defends her by throwing him down some stairs. He’s dead. Norman’s kill count grows.

Earlier, Cody and Norman had stopped by Cody’s place to pick up some booze to take to the river. She hides herself and Norman in the closet when Papa unexpectedly comes home briefly. While they’re in there, Norman has flashbacks of Norma doing the same thing with him when he was younger and his own dad was on a rampage. This sends him into a full trance, and to her credit, Cody is properly worried this time.

Norma has a short sitdown with Cody about how she shouldn’t give Norman any alcohol. The trip home immediately succeeds this conversation. Oh, Cody. I’m glad you’re tempting fate. It’ll be all the more satisfying when Norma finally comes down on you.

Norman’s rage at the river is pretty shocking. For everyone. Even Weedy is like “Woah.”

Norma tries to get out of her arrangement with Nick. While he doesn’t agree or disagree, it’s pretty clear that he’s a bad dude. Later, when she’s having her meeting with the mayor about the council seat, Mr Mayor makes it obvious that Nick’s reach extends to him, and his office. Norma appears to be worried about just what reach Nick has. Even though she still accepts being appointed the next councillor.

The implication that Christine and George might be as nefariously connected as Nick is picking up steam. I’m intrigued.

Norma has some minor flirtation with Romero. He uncomfortably informs her that, at night, her bedroom’s curtains are transparent and people down at the motel (meaning him) can see everything. Norma only has one course of action to take: show that shit off and snag yourself that sheriff, honey.

Best line of the episode goes to Norman, following his intercepted driving test. He forces Norma to pull the car over, then starts walking home. You know, “Since I can’t drive, I’m walking.” Our pouty goddess.

Kathleen admits to Dylan that she should have never given Zane Gil’s job. Instead of firing him, she tasks Dylan with watching over him and steering his decisions in the right direction.

She also explains how she came to be in possession of the business: her dad started it, and she inherited it whether she wanted it or not. What is it with reluctant, female drug lords?

Oh, and would you refuse Kathleen Robertson in the night?

Bates Motel Dylan Kathleen Robertson kiss

Show us the way, Dylan.

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