Revenge Season 3 Episode 18 – TV Review

Revenge Mason Treadwell season 3 prison

Things just got middle-aged sassy.

God, when was the last time we saw Mason? Almost 18 months ago?

Oh no. Season 2 is seeping back in.

Please, no.

TL;DR Mason’s back, but doesn’t contribute much; Emily and Aiden dredge up the truth about his dead dad and sister for his mother to hear; Margot continues to seek Pascal’s approval; Nolan and Javier have business dramz; Daniel continues to be smug and schemingly successful; Conrad continues to be smug and schemingly successful; Stevie gets drunk.

It is her destiny.

We’ll get Emily and Aiden’s plot out of the way first. They fly over to England to see if Aiden’s mum can provide any link between Pascal and Aiden’s dad. All they end up with is a clue about a supposedly dead journalist named Oscar Chapman who used to work for Pascal’s company (more on him later). Aiden does tell his mum the truth about his dad and sister’s deaths, though. What a waste of time. Meanwhile, Victoria goes to Mason Treadwell to discuss her suspicions of Emily. Mason uses this to force Emily to bust him out of prison, which Nolan facillitates. And now the Emily Revenge Squadron has another eccentric gay guy to add to their ranks. Meanwhile, Margot is incensed when she finds out Pascal is grooming her brother to take over the company. She proves her worth to him, and they add some fortitude to their relationship. Meanwhile, Pascal also manages to offend Conrad (which is an odd move by Pascal, who owes Conrad for his reunion with Victoria. Ungrateful), who responds by fucking up Pascal’s company. Meanwhile, Javier chucks a hissy fit at Nolan for not giving him what he wants in the business plan for that retarded avatar app. Meanwhile, Daniel seems to be getting closer to Margot. Meanwhile, Jack doesn’t like that. And Victoria makes Stevie upset enough over Mason’s supposed death (it’s a long story. I’ll get there) to hit the bottle harder than Chris Brown hits a tired joke about spousal abuse.

It’s less glamorous than I had hoped.

The ghosts of season 2 coming out to play continue to worry me. I’ll take consolation in Aiden’s visit being mostly about tying up the threads about Colleen and daddy. But I’m keeping my stress ball close in constant fear of the Initiative showing up on our doorstep.

Seriously, Revenge. Please. No.


Why I hate this episode:

Way to waste Emily and Aiden’s entire episode with old drama wangst. The only useful thing about their trip to England is that Aiden stumbles upon Oscar Chapman’s name written on a table he had made together with his dad. Otherwise, it’s a total wank. Let that be the end of it.

Margot is becoming an erratic liability. Last episode she was all “Fuck off, dad. I don’t need you. #grrlpower.” Then this episode, she lets her entire world crumble apart because Pascal is planning to give her brother Gideon the company when he retires soon. She just wants her indignation and to eat it, too.

She is also allowing herself to fall closer and closer to Daniel’s lecherous clutches. Yuck. How could you ever go for Daniel when you’ve got Jack at home?

Part of her motivation for distancing herself from Jack is because Pascal disapproves of her reducing herself to a girlfriend and stepmother. The man is a jerk, Margot. Stop caring what he thinks.

Jack makes the exact same conclusion jump that Margot stupidly did last episode when he sees Daniel touching her hand out of context. The difference is that Daniel is actively pursuing her, but for fuck’s sake, people. Just get the facts first. And stop spying through windows.

Stevie’s reaction to the news of Mason’s death is bizarre. All Stevie did was see Mason for 2 seconds as a representative of Emily’s interests. Then she blames herself for his supposed murder? Get some perspective, baby.

I seriously cannot understand why Pascal is so antagonistic towards Conrad this episode. The Grayson Manor deed was what got Victoria into bed. Is Pascal really that much of a rude Frenchman?

I’m also a bit confused as to what exactly Conrad meant he was going to do to Pascal’s company. He sours one deal (albeit a large one), and then tells Pascal that he’s going to takeover his company? Did I get that right?

Charlotte still has no place in this show. She has a minor bitch at Daniel for using her to turn Margot against Jack with the Emily thing. Daniel responds with “But Emily is evil, tho,” and that is all Charlotte needs to continue being deceived by him. Pathetic.

The app thing is shit. It is. Javier is also uncompromising. Which, given that he’s interested in fucking Charlotte, is surprising.

Oh, and I’ll gift Margot with a worst line, which she says to Jack: “I don’t like jealous men.” She must be a huge fan of hypocrisy, then.


But it’s not all bad:

Althought it’s Charlotte (Charlotte? Really?), someone is starting to catch onto Emily’s shit. Charlotte overhears Jack and Nolan talking to her about what’s happening with Mason. And Javier nonchalantly blabs to her about how he helped Jack infiltrate Stevie’s old law firm. Maybe Charlotte will rub together her 2 brain cells in just the right way to actually have a thought about it.

I’m glad the stuff with Aiden’s mum seems to be sorted so neatly. Aiden tells her that his dad was blackmailed into doing the bombing, and that Colleen was kidnapped as part of it. When he tells her he murdered her kidnappers, Mama is satisfied with that.

Mason hasn’t lost his ability to peacock. Even in an orange jumpsuit. He forces Emily to get him freed from prison under threat of spilling the beans to Victoria. To achieve the escape, they poison his face cream (without his knowledge) with a herb that simulates death temporarily. I lol’d.

He comes to when Nolan takes his supposedly dead body away. Emily has set him up with a haven in the Maldives, and Mason is grateful enough to want to join the team. He also knows that Oscar Chapman faked his death, and may be able to help find him. Just don’t get too weasely, Mason. Prison is only another murder framing away.

Conrad is as ruthless as ever. He also gets best line when Victoria brings some of her suspicions about Mason/Emily to him: “As long as Emily is your enemy, she’s an ally to me.” Dream. Team.

Pascal admits he was too young when he had Margot and sincerely apologises for being a rubbish dad. Aww.

Victoria is the one who plonks the bottle of booze in Stevie’s room when she teases her about Mason’s death. Cold, cruel, and not directed at Emily? I can dig it.

Stevie tells Jack she knows he loves Emily.

Aiden appreciates Emily putting her plans on hold to go to England and help him with his mum.

Aiden and Emily have sex.

Oh, and glamorous it may not have been, but Stevie is flying the flag for all us wonderful lushes. She might want to avoid letting her son see her next time. Hiding your problem is paramount.

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