Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 – TV Review

Arrow Thea Oliver's secret Deathstroke

“I was unprepared!”

Well, after being rock steady yet unambitious for a while, Arrow was due to have a useful depisode.

That time has come.

TL;DR Slade kidnaps Thea and reveals her paternity to her; he humiliates the Super Friends in the process; Roy loses his cool; Oliver is emotionally gangbanged by Slade, Thea (having been disappointed in his deception) and a traitorous Isabel; Quentin is arrested for working with the Hood; Slade reveals Oliver’s superhero identity to Laurel.

Honestly, though, is it that surprising?

Slade runs the show this episode. He blatantly kidnaps Thea and sends Starling City and the Super Friends into a panic to find her. Roy lets it be known that he blames Oliver for everything, but it’s totes not the Mirakuru messing with his emotion, guise. In his haste to find Thea, Oliver continues to shirk Queen Consolidated business, and gives temporary CEO status to Isabel so he doesn’t have to think about that shit. Isabel turns out to be working with/for Slade, and has the board give her the company. Thea is eventually released by Slade, but not before he can reveal to her that she is Malcolm Merlyn’s son, and that Oliver kept it from her. She’s not happy. Thea’s kidnapping also keeps Oliver busy while Slade hijacks a prison transport bus to recruit some new minions. The kidnapping also has the side effect of giving Moira a huge boost in voter popularity, which Sebastian isn’t too happy about (but Slade is a Bad Boss, so he DGAF). Meanwhile, Quentin gets pinned for assisting the Vigilante/Hood/Arrow/Whatever the episode decides to call him (despite his assertion that Slade was the kidnapper being confirmed by Thea). And in island flashback, Slade trades Oliver (and Ivo?) for Henrich, despite an attempt at sabotage from Sarah.

I guess she didn’t count on Slade being able to literally sniff out a bomb. Rookie mistake.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect to get this much progress condensed into a single episode of Arrow. I am genuinely impressed.

My favourite development would have to be Isabel’s betrayal. With her and Sebastian by his side, Slade might soon be contending on equal numbers with the Super Friends.

Let’s just hope one of the sides doesn’t call in the Suicide Squad for backup. We don’t need any more of that rubbish.


Why I hate this episode:

Isabel was a little too obviously shady, though. As soon as Oliver brought up the idea of making her the temporary CEO, I could see the betrayal coming.

And it was nice of Arrow to remember that she exists, huh?

Roy is such a whingey bitch this episode. Blah blah blah angst angst angst. “I love Thea but Big Bad Oliver made me give her up waaahhh. If I’d been around she wouldn’t have been kidnapped waaahhhh. I’m gonna go drive angry now waaahhhh.” Unless he’s punching something or cutting someone with his cheekbones, I don’t want to hear from him.

As Quentin is getting arrested, he rightly reminds his boss that his tip about Slade being the kidnapper was fucking correct. There better be an explanation for his arrest (ie. Slade is forcing it), or else the Starling City PD is well and truly beyond all help.

Laurel meets with Sebastian before the campaign debate begins and apologises to him for all that “I think you’re evil” stuff. Goddammit.

Slade claims to have simply swam from the island to his freedom. I’m pretty sure not even Mirakuru would make that anything less than fucking retarded.

I’ll admit that I’m not that best at paying attention, but it seemed to me that Ivo just randomly turned up in the flashback handover scene. Why was he there?

Would the Queen Consolidated board members really be so disrespectful as to make a non-Queen owner of the company, without even telling Oliver? I know they probably haven’t got a lot of faith in him at the moment, but really?

I hope the prisoners Slade recruits turn out to be a targeted group. Because all this kidnapping and corporate espionage drama would be a pretty big wank if it was only to round up some average joe crooks to be goon fodder.

Slade is shown to be a slave to an apparition of a bitchy Shadow who is telling him to give Oliver and Sarah hell. For fuck’s sake, Shadow. Just be fucking dead for 5 minutes, would you? Fuck off.

Oh, and personally, I don’t give a shit about Thea’s freak out at Oliver for being just as bad as Moira or whatever. You’re 19, honey. Grow up a bit. At least you’re not an incest baby.


But it’s not all bad:

Any secret divulged is a good time at this point. I’m still surprised that Quentin hasn’t caught onto the fact that Oliver is the Hood yet.

But maybe Laurel will tell him, because Slade ends the episode by showing up at her door and telling her the truth. You really should have put this together yourself by now, honey.

With the exception of Roy, the Super Friends stay resolute in their support of Oliver. A heartwarming moment occurs near the end of the episode when Oliver returns to the base, utterly crushed with the failure of everything, and Felicity and Diggle are there to console him. Aww.

Roy drives angrily away from town after being looked down upon by the Super Friends for his lack of support for Oliver. And Thea blanks him when she comes out of the police station after the kindapping ordeal. Maybe stay away? Please?

Slade is talented at causing turmoil when he wants to. And he gets to wear a shiny mask, too. Much better than Brother Blood’s knock-off Scarecrow hood.

Slade gets best line of the episode when Oliver confronts him while he’s under arrest for suspicion of kidnapping Thea:
Oliver: “They’re calling you Deathstroke.”
Slade: “It’s a bit flamboyant. I like it.”
Yeah you do, betch. Mmm hmm.

Sebastian cracks the shits at Slade after the polls completely tip in Moira’s favour (which Slade isn’t surprised by). Oh, honey. This is what happens when you’re the runt in your League of Villains.

Flashback Sarah turns out to be less wishy-washy than I thought. She rigs Henrich with a bomb to blow up Slade when he comes to make the handover. That’s fucking callous, babe. It works for you.

She may not blow up Slade, but she does get Oliver (and Ivo?) back. So it’s not all for nothing.

Moira and Oliver find some common ground over Thea’s kidnapping.

Isabel has Queen Consolidated working on synthesising Mirakuru from a sample of Slade’s blood.

Oh, and Oliver seriously threatens Isabel with death to get information about Thea. That’s some sexy Papa Wolf (Brother Wolf?) action Oliver’s got going on there.

Arrow Oliver Isabel fight pin down


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7 responses to “Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I have to agree that this episode was a bit above average. Now, I actually haven’t had an episode that I hated/disliked, mind you, but this one was just extra good. 😛

    Also, I lol’d ad Slade’s comment about the flamboyant name too. Best ever, haha.

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