Revenge Season 3 Episode 17 – TV Review

Revenge Emily Nolan Monte Carlo Addiction fabulous fashion

It’s an everyday struggle for her.

Everybody break out your Grace Kelly impressions, because we’re going to Monte Carlo night.

But nobody invite Nicole Kidman. Please.

TL;DR Emily finds Pascal slightly more formidable than anticipated; Margot and Daniel manage to oust Pascal from Voulez; but he seems to be getting back into Victoria’s heart (and pants); Stevie contends with her addiction demons and a conciliatory Conrad; Jack and Margot work to find relationship bliss.

Naturally, she is jealous of Emily. And so she should be. Emily has long hair.

Emily’s major mission this episode is to press Pascal for details about that bomb note she found in Stevie’s files last episode. She coaxes him into attending a Monte Carlo themed charity night, but when she goes in for the kill, she realises he and Victoria are working together against her, so she backs off. Meanwhile, Jack is lending her a sympathetic ear, which Margot, thanks to Daniel’s meddling, interprets as rampant sexual tension (which, to be fair, it kind of is). So she joins Daniel and their scheme to fuck Pascal off outta Voulez works. So now the magazine and Jack are all hers, mon ami. Meanwhile, Conrad comes to Stevie to go over their old wounds. He seems genuine in his admitting of them both being at fault for their marriage’s failure. But after she gives him the deed to Grayson Manor in peace, he immediately passes it onto Pascal, who gives it to Victoria to secure her trust. And Pascal and Victoria seem to definitely be back on (they actually dated before she met Conrad. Oh mon dieu). Meanwhile, Javier is shaping up as Charlotte’s new love interest. And Aiden overcomes his bitchiness towards Emily to reinvigorate her and Nolan’s plans.

It’s about fucking time. What happened to British stoicism?

I’ve got to say, I’m not liking this newfound success that Victoria and Daniel are doing on the scheming front. While I don’t want to see Emily steamroll them unopposed, I don’t want to see Daniel messing with Emily’s personal affairs on a misunderstanding. And Victoria’s “victory” against Emily seems more coincidental than anything. All she knew was that Emily wanted to talk to Pascal for some reason.

Then she struts around and pretends like she’s some master manipulator. Bitch, an obvious bug is so season 1. Your tricks are old.


Why I hate this episode:

Emily’s not much better. Her plan for the last 2 episodes has been “someone new is in town. I will just talk to them and hope something useful comes up.”

And at the end of this episode, having had her meeting with Pascal fail, she and Nolan are at an absolute loss as to what to do next. They have to wait until Aiden unexpectedly shows up and provides them with a new angle. Pick it up, guys.

Javier is just a Charlotte love interest? Yuck. What a waste. Whatever happened to Regina? That could have worked.

Stevie is a fucking idiot for giving Conrad the Grayson Manor deed. Have you no self respect?

The key thing Emily wanted to get out of Pascal was a 3 letter acronym from the bomb letter that she and Nolan couldn’t figure out. When Aiden shows up at the end, he reveals it’s his father’s initials. You’d think that Emily, knowing that Aiden’s dad was the bomber, would have been able to put that together with a letter about the fucking bomb. Dumbass.

Margot gets a job offer from a ritzy Italian magazine. When Jack encourages her to go for it (including a move to Rome), she sees this as a reason to suspect he and Emily have something going on. This is “confirmed” for her when she sees Jack sympathetically touching Emily’s hand. I’d expect someone who runs a magazine to be a little more interested in getting some context before jumping to assumptions.

Morgan Fairchild appears in one scene as a friend of Victoria’s. She looks worse than ever. Still better than Meg Ryan, though.

Javier is developing some unrealistic app that lets you create a moving, talking avatar of someone by using their social media information. It’s absurd, and totally out of place.

Javier kisses Charlotte. Nobody cares.

Stevie goes to slam some booze after all the stuff with Conrad, but she throws it away. Dammit. I wanted to see a drunk, rich bitch come to town.

Oh, and Victoria’s dress and styling for the Monte Carlo event are uncharacteristically trashy. They don’t suit her, and they look like shit. Which I suppose puts her on par looks-wise with Pascal. Maybe that was the plan all along.


But it’s not all bad:

Nolan and Emily, contrary to Victoria, look absolutely stunning at the Monte Carlo event. Nolan comes out on top, obviously. Which must be a nice change of pace for him.

While I can’t support Margot’s jealous little alliance with Daniel, I will congratulate her on smacking Pascal out of Voulez. And she earns herself the episode’s best line by doing it:
Pascal: “I just spent 2 hours with an Interpol agent. He received an anonymous tip that I was using Voulez as a tax shelter.”
Margot: “I can see how that might be a problem, since it’s illegal.”
Her delivery is flatly unsubtle. Delicious.

She then tells him that the agent is a buddy of Daniel’s, and if he takes himself and Conrad out of Voulez, she’ll get Daniel to call him off. Snap snap, done.

Daniel and Margot do manage to make an efficient team. It’s a shame I hate them so much.

Charlotte is Daniel’s tech support, as she agrees to his proposal of going after Emily and her friends. As long as Jack is off the table. I wish I had the kind of free time these people did. Oh, to be the idle rich.

I’m an unashamed Conrad fan, and I’d like to think that he was being honest when he had his vulnerable reminiscence with Stevie. I want to believe.

He says that now he knows Jack was conceived during their marriage, that he’s deeply hurt. But he and Stevie both acknowledge their own hands in the demise of their marriage. Maybe you guys should put things back together now?

Before all this, Stevie does serve the Graysons an eviction notice. So close.

Javier looks okay shirtless. He’s no Jack, but he is a step up from Nolan.

Victoria dated Pascal when she went to study in Paris when she was on that scholarship. Continuity matters.

Emily and Victoria play some poker. Victoria folds a winning hand to make sure Emily would have her private-but-not meeting with Pascal. Sneaky bitch. Emily is angry at herself later for not realising it at the time.

Oh, and this is almost Hanna Marin level stuff, Victoria. What were you thinking?

Revenge Victoria cleavage Monte Carlo dress Pascal

Absurd necklines are a young woman’s game, Victoria.

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