Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 – TV Review

Revenge opera Emily Daniel Charlotte Victoria

At the opera tonight.

Another episode, another Victoria victory that isn’t really because Emily engineered it and Victoria is an in-the-dark fool.

But you can’t beat an opera smack down.

TL;DR Emily is getting divorced; Pascal (Margot’s dad, Olivier Martinez) is in town; he wants Victoria; he may also have created the bomb that blew up Flight 197; Stevie wants to help Emily take down the Graysons; Conrad’s true intentions regarding Voulez are revealed; Nolan has an old prison buddy move in.

They haven’t banged. Yet.

The major Emily sitch this week is the ongoing struggle for Daniel to try and divorce her. Now that he has proof she was hooking up with Aiden, he wants to go ahead and kick her to the curb. Victoria gets in on it, and they unsuccessfully attempt to pay her off so she will fuck off. Later, at the opera, Emily’s medical records get leaked that confirm she wasn’t pregnant, and Victoria and David finally dump the shit out of her. But twist, Emily leaked them herself. Meanwhile, Pascal arrives in town and spends some time palling around with Conrad. Conrad reveals Pascal has been fudging the books on Voulez to coddle Margot, and it’s actually losing money. He tries to blackmail Pascal into letting him become a part of his otherwise profitable media empire, and offers Victoria to sweeten the deal (Pascal and Victoria have some sexual past, I think?). Meanwhile, Jack finds out that Stevie had some evidence put away before she got her DUI and was unable to help David Clarke. Jack gets Nolan to help him infiltrate her old firm’s records room, and with a little help from Javier (Nolan’s prison acquaintance), they get their hands on it. Emily finds within it a note about the Flight 197 bomb. In Pascal’s handwriting.


God, it’s endlessly gratifying to watch Daniel and Victoria smugly chuck Emily out, not knowing that it’s exactly what she wanted. Those fucking dipshits.

To their credit, thought, Victoria seems to be catching onto the fact that Emily doesn’t appear to be interested in digging the gold. She and Daniel agree that if Emily still stays in the Hamptons and still meddles, then she is indeed up to something more sinister.

Baby steps, Victoria.


Why I hate this episode:

When did Olivier Martinez become a shrivelled, old man. Is Halle Berry sucking the youth out of him? I know he’s 48, but good grief, man. My Conrad/Pascal ship has been sunk before it even began.

Charlotte continues to be despairingly peripheral. Revenge tries its best to give her a semblance of agency by having her randomly become Voulez’s gossip correspondent or something. So when the tip about Emily’s medical files comes out, Charlotte gets to be the one to pass it onto Victoria. Just get rid of her, Revenge. She won’t be missed.

Margot gets shat on by both Conrad and her father. Pascal treats her like she’s a baby, and Conrad just plain doesn’t give a shit about her at all. She deserves better. Thank God she has Jack.

Does Conrad have anything over Victoria that would be enough to get her to become Pascal’s lover under duress?

There is no sexual tension between Nolan and Javier. Really? They were in prison together, right?

Margot asks Daniel to help her take down their fathers. No! He’s a douche. Go to Emily.

Oh, and I think I might have been spelling Margot’s name wrong all this time (it should be Margaux, no?). I don’t care. I like it like this.


But it’s not all bad:

Margot is such a sweetheart. She even gets Stevie a ticket for the opera because she thinks she might want to come. And she’s hot and she’s a schemer without being a total idiot or a totally corrupt, poisonous blight. She’s a dear.

Emily’s very successful con of Victoria and Daniel was a joy to watch. Fuck you, Daniel. Fuck you.

Pascal may be a sexless prune, but he’s injecting some good drama into things. The possiblity of him being the bomb supplier is one thing, but his tense relationship with Victoria should spell some promising friction in episodes to come. And at least his voice is still sexy.

He tries to charm Victoria by bringing her a delicious Dolce & Gabbanna dress to wear to the opera. She pretty much tells him to shelf a cactus, but she takes the dress. Good priorities, I believe.

Stevie wants to get in on whatever Emily’s doing to take down the Graysons. Jack tries to veto it, but then he turns around and offers himself to Emily to get the job done. Let’s do it.

Javier breaks into Nolan’s place and then asks to crash. Then, while NolanĀ  is out, he has his house nominated as the residence for his house arrest so he can stay on. Slick as hell.

Pascal is the one who introduced Victoria and Conrad to each other. Thank you.

Best line of the episode goes to Emily after the first ambush from Victoria and Daniel: “He shot me.” She’s got you there, bitches.

She alsot gets second best line during the same conversation. She goes on about how she forgave Daniel all his shit with Sarah (and shooting her), then follows it up with: “Consider that a preview to my testimony.” All she does is win win win.

Nolan gets an honourable mention. He’s fake meeting with some lawyers as part of a diversion so Jack can sneak into the firm’s file room, and they mention how his recent history is concerning. I choose to believe that Nolan is talking about season 2 when he says: “Last year was fraught with unforeseeable obstacles.” Yes. It was.

Conrad apparently set up the DUI that got Stevie in trouble all those years ago. I lol’d.

Oh, and watching Jack and Nolan play Spy Hard was adorable.

Revenge Nolan Jack gay ship

“I don’t have a problem with that.” -Nolan

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  1. Steph says :

    “When did Olivier Martinez become a shrivelled, old man.” This, seriously. I actually thought it can’t be him because he looked so old and small.

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