Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24 – TV Review

PLL A is for Answers Hanna gun

Hanna knows her way around small arms.

Hanna Fashionistard Counter:
No amount of gun violence can get Hanna out of that boring ensemble.
Our count closes even for the season. 12 horrendous, 12 not-horrendous. I was out of word play.

Well, the episode is titled “A is for Answers.”

And yes, we get them.

But not the one we really want.

TL;DR We still don’t know who A is. But Alison does help us tie up a lot of other loose threads we’d forgotten about yonks ago. Isn’t that nice?

Alison is nothing if not generous and truthful.

There’ll be no Liar-by-Liar plot breakdown. It’s all the Alison Flashback Show. Following on from last episode, the girls do meet with Alison, and she is going to tell them everything so they can try to figure out who A is. We get a lot of things filled in (which I’ll get to below), but the main point is that Alison was under threat from A since the first Halloween episode. She spent much of the weekend and night she disappeared crossing people off her suspects list (Jenna, Toby, the other Liars, Ezra, Ian, Melissa). Coming up short, she ends up fighting with a drug-addled Spencer, but she didn’t do it. A mystery assailant struck Alison from behind, and Jessica buried her in the gazebo site. It’s not clear whether Jessica really thought she was dead or not, though. And Jessica was apparently covering for the assailant. The Liars’ dish sesh is interrupted when A attacks. Ezra tries to fend them off, but they get away, and Ezra seemingly dies of a gunshot. The episode closes out with A burying Jessica. Alive or not is uncertain.

The B plot occurs at Rosewood Police Station. Cute Cop hauls in Cece (who is under arrest for Wilden’s murder, don’cha know), Peter, Veronica, and Melissa for questioning. Cece says she knows who killed the girl who is actually in Alison’s grave. The Hastings family seems to be under the impression that it was Spencer, but Melissa seems to know something else.

At least we didn’t get a bullshit, off-camera jump scare to end the episode. Thanks for nothing, season 3 finale.

I’ve got to say, I am impressed with PLL. A lot of the “answers”  were not particularly illuminating for the problems at hand, but for continuity whores (or attempted continuity whores, like myself), they were gratifying.

If there’s one thing PLL is yet to totally fuck up on, it’s a season finale.


Why I hate this episode:

The one answer I wanted most of all was to find out why A went after Alison in the first place. What did she do that is worth all of this? I didn’t expect to get it, because this isn’t the final season of PLL. But yeah, that’s what I wanted.

And if all these suspects are apparently crossed off the list (including poor Jessica), who the fuck is left that could be A?

Ezra turns out to be (at least according to Alison) not A. He was actually a spurned lover, because Alison faked that she was 21 and he grew to love her. And his investigative journalism appears to be legit, then. Really? Because all that base/lair/crazy eyes stuff looks pretty silly if that’s the case.

He was still looking for Alison in the hopes of impressing Aria if he could save her. Let it go, man.

Aria’s wailing at his death is like ear poison to me. Gallons of it.

When Melissa and Peter are talking about how they think Spencer must be guilty of killing the other girl, Melissa whispers something in Peter’s ear that gives him an extremely shocked look on his face. Dammit, I want to know.

Toby apparently flew to London to bring Melissa home to support Spencer through her relapse? Lol, what?

Noel is the one who Spencer was surprised to see at the end of last episode. He’s been helping Alison, even procuring her cash, a passport, and a plane ticket to flee town if she needs it. She says she can trust him because “he has secrets, too.” Pretty fuckin’  random, though.

Mona picked Alison up after she left the hospital on the night she disappeared. Instead of, like, going to the police or anything, Alison decides Mona’s idea of changing her identity and disappearing overnight to be an excellent option. Yes, Mona was getting what she wanted, but Alison just got bashed in the back of the head and buried alive. I think it’s time to go to the police, baby. Jesus.

Alison’s revelations about the night she disappeared don’t include the scuffle she had with Jenna and Garrett. Curious.

Oh, and when Alison found out about Spencer’s amphetamine problem the night she disappeared, she was really cool and understanding about it. What happened to the vicious bitch we know she was back then? How ridiculous.


But it’s not all bad:

Ezra dies. Which means he and Aria can never get back together. Victory at last.

So here are some of the answers, if you were wondering:

  • Jenna was Alison’s original prime A suspect. After finding the NAT Club videos on Ian’s computer, she blackmailed Jenna to back off. But Jenna wasn’t A.
  • A meeting with Ezra on the night she disappeared shows that Ezra was merely in love-ish with Alison and angry that she lied about her age. So she doesn’t believe he was A.
  • She drugged the Liars on that night in the barn to rule them out. And they were, because she still got threats when they were asleep.
  • She didn’t suspect Toby. She met him that night, and he said he was grateful to go to juvie for the Jenna fire because it meant he could spend some time apart from his lecherous step-sister.
  • She met Ian for a goodbye kiss at the Kissing Rock and used the videos to blackmail him and the NAT Club into silence if indeed they were A.
  • Druggo Spencer confronted Alison at the barn after. She did threaten her with a shovel (Spencer was mad at Alison for trying to force her to tell Melissa about the thing with Ian. Alison was doing this because she wanted Melissa to break up with Ian so she herself could have him), but stumbled and dropped her pill bottle. Alison was cool about it and sent her back to bed, so she knows Spencer didn’t attack her.
  • Alison did go to see Byron, but that wasn’t A related. She just wanted to antagonise him.
  • Then when she went home, she saw Jessica in the window, and someone hit her with a rock from behind.
  • After Jessica buried her, she was saved by Grunwald. She left the hospital and Mona happened upon her. She took Alison to the Lost Woods Resort to clean her up. It was there Mona suggested disappearing.
  • Mona is shown to have her Alison fetish/stalker setup in the room next door already at this point.
  • Alison decided to come back to Rosewood after Mona ran Hanna over with her car.
  • Alison is the one who hanged Ian in the clock tower.
  • Alison only pulled Hanna and Mona from the lodge fire. Someone else saved Aria and Emily.

Alison was semi-conscious while Jessica was burying her. Jessica seemed to be happy that Alison was (supposedly?) dead. She was also hysterically saying to someone else “What have you done?” That must be the real assailant.

Cece claims to Cute Cop that she knows who that is, too.

Alison hugs everyone but Spencer when they’re reunited at the start of the episode. I lol’d.

Cute Cop has now informed pretty much everyone that Alison is alive.

A made Alison wear the yellow top the night she disappeared. Which means the doppelganger theory is still credible.

Jessica was agitated about something urgent that night.

When Jessica and Peter run into each other at the station, they mention their “agreement” about something.

The Liars and Alison deduce Jessica can’t be A because Jessica hasn’t really got the “jumping rooftops” spring in her step.

Oh, and I love how Hanna was the one who got to pull the gun on A. I just wish she could have looked a bit more fabulous doing it.

PLL Hanna A is for Answers crying

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I have no idea what I want.

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  1. Dave says :

    I love your posts! They’re always on point, especially your PLL posts. Ezra may be alive as Ian Harding has signed on for another season, I know it sucks.

  2. Amadan says :

    at the very end i’m afraid A is dan from gossip girl

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