The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 – TV Review

The Originals flashback young Rebekah sword

Resistance is futile.

And so comes episode 3 in the Klaus Gets (And Stays) Unreasonably Angry Over Something That Happened A Century Ago And Is Now Moot Anyway trilogy.

Thankfully, it’s the concluding chapter.

TL;DR Klaus doesn’t kill Rebekah; or Elijah; Davina is traumatised by her pseudo death; Marcel is a little bitch; Rebekah leaves town.

For good? What the fuck?

The plot picks up where we left off last time: the Originals’ showdown while spell-trapped in the cemetery. Elijah and Rebekah manage to word-assault Klaus long enough into explaining that “Hey, you’re being cuntish like Mikael was.” Klaus listens to absolutely none of it, but is eventually satisfied when he knows he’s given Rebekah a good scare. Then he forgives her, and tells her to fuck off outta town. Which she apparently does. Okay. During this, Marcel tries to get a revived Davina to work on a way to remove Celeste’s barrier spell. She’s still a bit shaken up from being fucking dead. Even Camille’s psycho babble doesn’t snap her out of it. In desperation, Marcel strikes a deal with Genevieve to give her Davina in exchange for lifting the spell. Elsewhere, Keiran (who is being officially name upgraded from Priest) is still all hexed up, and it’s incurable. And Klaus also tells Marcel to fuck off outta town (or at least the French Quarter).

Soon he’ll have nobody to whine to about his daddy issues. Whatever will he do?

The best thing about this episode is Klaus finally getting past his absurd rampage of revenge against Rebekah.

The worst thing about this episode is the episode-long rampage of revenge against Rebekah.

For the third episode in a row: grow the fuck up, dick. Just fucking get over it.

Oh my God.


Why I hate this episode:

Worse, he doesn’t even complete his mission of killing her. What a goddamn wank.

He even has the perfect opportunity. He bloody stakes her, but he simply makes sure to miss her heart. Jesus Christ. What a fucking suckwad.

Apparently just scaring her was all he wanted to do. Were there not any quicker ways to do that?

Demerit points to Rebekah for allowing him to get close enough to easily flip the invinci-stake (she’s got it at this point) and plunge it right into her. Idiot, Rebekah.

If Davina wasn’t at risk of being a whingey teenager before, she is now. The spirits of her ancestors terrorised her while she was in the void of death, so now she’s all messed up. Ugh. If you can’t even be the Deus Ex Machina Bonnie expie you were designed to be, I sure as hell don’t want to put up with your “issues.” Sling some spells again and then you can start being relevant.

There is another onslaught of flashbacks. Including some groaning scenes of very young versions of the Originals as kids. Ugh. Yes, Mikael was a bad dad. This has been sufficiently established. Moving on, please.

Genevieve has taken leadership of the witches of New Orleans. I honestly thought she was gonna be a 1 or 2 episode thing, like Mr Hat. But nope, this bitch is staying on. My only consolation is that one of the Harvest girls is still waiting to be resurrected, so if anyone has any sense, they’ll stomp down Genevieve so everything can be put right.

Rebekah has been taking debate lessons from Serena Van Der Woodsen, because her counter to most of Klaus’ claims of subversion are “But I loved Marcel, tho.” Klaus is also wrong for being utterly obsessed with coddling Rebekah, but Rebekah, baby? Love doesn’t conquer all. 1000 years of being single should have taught you that by now.

Rebekah defiantly claims that if she could have her time again, she would still summon Mikael to New Orleans. I doubt that.

Klaus offloads the blame for his evilness on Mikael ruining him. And you know how much I love the offloading of responsibility.

Rebekah joins in by saying Mikael ruined all his children. Oh, shut up.

Marcel decides he’ll be defying Klaus’ order of exile, and staying in New Orleans. Just kill him, Klaus. I’m over it.

Claire Holt’s Australian accent slips in pretty noticeably during her more anguished yelling scenes.

Oh, and is Rebekah seriously leaving? What?


But it’s not all bad:

Hayley gets her only look-in this episode when Rebekah visits her at the werewolf caravan park to say goodbye. Rebekah laments that she won’t get to be an aunt. And she tells Hayley that the baby might be the only thing left in the world that could bring out the good in Klaus. She warns Hayley that Klaus will likely turn on her one day, too. It’s pretty dark.

Rebekah agrees to leaving because she realises she and Klaus are both too broken to stay together.

And she resigns herself to the fact that Elijah will always stay and try to fix things. This poor family, you know?

Elijah brings up a few flashbacks to try and persuade Klaus that Rebekah wasn’t always a betrayer. She pulled a sword on Mikael one time when they were young (pictured above) to stop him beating Klaus. And another time she almost knifed Mikael in his sleep, but Elijah stopped her. More fool you, Elijah.

Klaus and Rebekah’s tearful end to their standoff in the cemetery was heartfelt. I just don’t know how Klaus will ever be fixed.

Camille might be the one, but her progress with Davina is adorably disappointing. She even suggests to Marcel that Davina should be institutionalised.

Marcel isn’t down for that, so he does the next best thing: give her to the witches. Bonus points for Davina being terrified of going near the witches, because they kind of want to fuck her up for having allied with vampires.

Best line of the episode goes to Klaus, when he’s made his resolution with Rebekah: “You are free.” Finally.

Genevieve says that Keiran is too far gone to save from the hex. Here’s hoping he at least gets to go on a murder spree. I wouldn’t want to see him robbed of his time to shine.

During his defence of Rebekah, Elijah correctly points out that Rebekah was the one who stayed with Klaus the longest. Nice to see he’s keeping up.

Davina also correctly points out that everyone is using her. Because everyone is totally using her (Marcel to lift the barrier spell, Camille to lift her uncle’s hex).

Oh, and although I’d miss her, I’d like to believe that Rebekah is off to find happiness for once. Nadia’s dead, so Matt’s unattached again. Just a thought.

The Originals Rebekah driving away

Clueless is cool again, right?

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 1 Episode 16 – TV Review”

  1. Lydia says :

    I like the flashbacks. ^^;

    Also, yeah, Rebekah is leaving the show for good, I’m pretty sure. Several news blogs have said she is.
    Oh, and I didn’t know she was Australian! That’s cool~!
    (Why are there never any Canadian actors, though? 😛 )

    My personal favourite line was, “We are the definition of cursed. Always, and forever.” A different light on that ‘always and forever’ reoccurring theme.

    I also really liked when Klaus was like “You can dress up in your fancy suits and pretend to be all civilized, but you’re just as much an abomination as I am.” Paraphrasing, but damn. It’s true. And at the end of the episode, when Elijah “banishes” (Lol, he even uses the word banishes) Marcel, Klaus as like, “Not bad.” I think Elijah might be slowly turning evilicious.

  2. Alisha says :

    The only thing I still enjoy about the flashbacks is Claire Holt’s astonishing beauty in any century. The writers didn’t make much use of her character tho which was infuriating. If it wasn’t for Hayley’s perfect face, I would consider protesting this show.

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